DRAFT: 4-7-2013

i accepted this work with the expectation that i'll get constantly pissed off by people who can't even understand a simple sentence. i'm usually careful not to blog about things like this, because i didn't want to offend anyone. but seriously! some people deserve uhm, an offense. pero joke lang yon. alam ko namang deep inside mabait akong tao and the best i can do is be "impolite" without directly hitting on their lack of.. ano ba... comprehension?! osige na, kayo na ang soooobrang busy na hindi kaya magbasa ng 5 lines ng announcement. pinaganda na nga with photoshop and all, echepwera parin. my talent is insulted. arg.

no seriously. i wish i had ludie's patience, tolerance, whatever! she's the only person i can imagine who can handle ANY type of question without getting mad or judging the person overall, for life! hahaha

argh. Lord sorry. my labor of love for this project is limited only to whatever is related to the arts. anything beyond that i do with great contempt.


UPDATE: 1-20-2013

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