because of openrice's chinese new year promo, i got into a week long food trip adventure with my boyfriend at Maginhawa, where he lives. we're not really trying out resto after resto to review food, but yeah i was looking for cheap stuff to review kasi hahaha and then i discovered this: I HEART FROYO

i got so addicted on my first visit that i finished 3 cups of their 55 pesos serving. well, technically i only ate 2 cos i shared it with jec bwahaha. >:)

day 1

and knowing myself when i get so hooked with a type of food, i had to eat it everyday.

the next day!

and because the craving is still so strong

the following day!

we came back with our own toppings! i brought nips, jec brought gummy bears and we topped it on our froyo's like a boss! well their toppings cost 15 pesos per top eh so we had to improv and buy our own cheaper alternative! after all, we've been there for 3 days straight so i don't think the crew will be annoyed hehe.

and today, well i planned on froyoing but guess what, instead of going to i heart froyo, tita ruth (jec's mom) treated us to FRUTTI FROYO instead! it was my first time there! bwahablaaaaahhh i'm kinda sleepy and i haven't tranferred the frutti pics so imma leave this na haha

you and your little world of vanity

because of this messed up red blood cells i was semi-convinced and forced to take herbal medications for 1 month.

clustered, anemic, and dead cells.

chain of cells and an alarming streak of uric acid

cholesterol in my blood at freaking 21

talk about being healthy! now i'm taking in herbal supplements on a strict schedule, and am trying to average 3 bottles of water everyday, not exactly the recommended 8 glasses... but that's freaking progress to my usual 1 glass/day lifestyle hehehe

but then you know, i'm kindof hooked on Snyder's Jalapeno. grrrr for the junk. >XO

haynako. i wish i could tell you that you're not that pretty, not that attractive and not that smart. then again, at the cost of your usefulness i'll shut up for a few months more. i feel like a bitch but really, it takes a good (as in skilled, not goody good good) friend to translate your words into having pure unadulterated self-seeking intentions. a brewing pet peeve. 


balik loob

i overreacted. there's no conspiracy. HAHAHA i just got rehired as a student assistant back at the department of computer studies under mam samson. yey for a job! >:)

stuff i forgot i was anxious to blog about hehe

Smart bro has been incredibly messed up recently i don't know why, is it because i haven't paid my bills yet? or i'm not paying as early as usual? errr but i'm really out of cash! grarrrrr

anyhow, i was supposed to blog about wednesday because it was quite eventful!

// CBTL initial interview
i sneaked out of the house to attend coffee bean and tea leaf's recruitment caravan day 1 (or so it says at a jobstreet ad) at greenbelt 3, frakking faraway land but i thought i had to be there at the first day or else i'll lose my chance to ever get employed. forevahhh. it's so hard to get a job nowadays right? haha

i came in a bit late so i had to wait until after lunch to get accommodated. well, it sucks that there was only 1 HR representative to take care of us all but whatever haha.

result? i passed! yehey! and she invited me for a final interview the next day at their head office at libis, she said that i'll be receiving a confirmation message tonight (referring to wednesday night). and well, I HAVEN'T RECEIVED ANY until now. err that sucks. talk about how i was anticipating this job as a barista. >:( she was even giving me tips for the final interview! >XO

new friend, angel! >:)

// STIPEND finally!
still on the same day, while waiting for my turn to get interviewed, sir odie texted me that my stipend is already available for pickup! yehey! that's MONEY in return for our OJT services. yeyyyyy and that! will go to my latest internet bill hehehe plus some other stuff i ought to spend on >XD

For some reason I feel like Chuck when the CIA was preventing him from getting a job outside buy more.

1. starbucks - i made the initial interview, i passed and they endorsed my application to ABS-CBN branch but until now, no one has called. i consider it a really cool experience to have passed their preliminary barista standards, we were 9 during the group interview and only 3 of us made it. the other 2 are now part of the team, working! and me? i haven't received a single call since that fateful day. >:(

2. S.A. - i passed all the necessary requirements and even stressed out that i was a former S.A. i was with the HR personnel helping to block out my free sched and she said she'll put me at the Discipline office to work under sir Pangilinan and that she'll text me. but wait, the term is running and i doubt they'll be needing any of my services soon. >:(

3. and now CBTL - argh. hahaha she said i was good, that she has no problems with my answers, that i'm a team player and that i'm invited for a final interview the next day. but where is the text message containing all the important information like the time and address? haaaay Lord.

why do i feel like there's such a conspiracy here.  i have above average communication skills (says a convergy's hr)! i have never failed any of the initial job interviews i attended (even the mock ones)! my grades are pretty colorful! AND BEST OF ALL, as a part-time applicant i have the best schedule ever, i'm free the entire week ANYTIME and it won't change for the next 6 months. isn't that what firms are looking for with part-timers? time availability? >XO am i cursed not to reach a final interview ever? it gets really frustrating when you know you're qualified enough but no one seems to want to hire you. i'm starting to think if some evil force is keeping them from reaching me. >XO

please please please. Lord. i badly need a job. Amen and Thanks! >XD

PS. then you know, yesterday i slipped on the stairs from the rooftop carrying the laptop, speakers and extension cord so my entire body is in freaking pain right now. hay, i now realized that falling off the stairs can be extremely dangerous. i always thought that telenovelas are making such a big deal out of it like it can actually kill but well! 3 steps down and i'm in frakking crap already, i couldn't imagine going all the way down. >XO

HELLO 2012

I'm in the process of summarizing my year by inspecting my monthly entries last 2011 (as if 2011 was so buried in the past bwaha) kaso tinatamad na ko, but all in all i could say it was a year full of risks! haha

God gave me so friggin much to handle this year and though it's not over yet and half the time i thought i sucked so much, i still thank Him for the experience, for the learnings, for the tears and for that ounce of maturity i think i may have gained from all that happened.

up until now i still don't think i deserve everything i have earned today, except for my grades (cos i know i bloody worked hard for them). i mean, all this leadership gigs just gave me stress and stress alone, NO FULFILLMENT whatsoever which is why i learned that i'm not and will never be leader material. i'm probably a better follower. yes. haaaay. it's too disheartening that i've never really done anything noteworthy for the two organizations i'm "handling". first of all, i hate planning and actually acting on them. i'd rather have someone tell me what to do cos i believe i can do better following orders than actually giving them, because my ideas suck. yes, because i don't think at all. haha THEN! there's my being selfish too! i'm not really that service oriented and willing to lead, i do want to help people out, even at the cost of being called a teacher's pet or a puppet of the administration (LOL)***, but not in this kind of limelight where the expectations are suffocating BUT somehow i know this will help me build up my resume (oh there, i said it!) so yes, i'm your president because i'm that selfish. and i'm not really sorry for it. errr yeah.

i dunno what's in store for me this term. it's my last term and my schedule is sooooo freaking free THAT I WANT TO WORK, outside or at school, it doesn't matter as long as i'm earning! i prefer to work at school, though i dunno if i could still get in the SA "club" or something after leaving for thesis and all. i don't have any other backups, i want to get a job. seriously! i neeeeed money! >XO

i hope this year will be nice to me!

btw, the best thing about 2011 was that i actually got a boyfriend when i thought i'd be NBSB for life, forever dark and not beautiful enough to catch someone's attention. i consider myself blessed that of all people who could possibly "act" on me, i got someone who could actually help fix my spiritual life. BWAHAHA some people may have blamed him though cos my grades dropped right when i was starting to put more attention into my love life like i have no right to cos i'm at the peak of chasing a latin honor (err people notice, yknow) ... but i don't blame him. i blame myself loooool.

btw again, i feel like a total girl because I'M NOW HOOKED TO GOSSIP GIRL.
the start of 2011 was all about downloading anime and k-dramas. by the end of the year i was actually into english speaking series like pretty little liars and now, GOSSIP GIRL. grabe sobrang sabog talaga ng blooming period ko. >X( if i had known about them at least 2 seasons earlier, i would've been uhmm more girl! err idk. hahahahaha

err ang haba haba naman nito, sige bye! >:D

*** - i simply want to be of help to everyone! to the profs, to the students... even if the most i could do is show where the clinic is or photocopy an entire book for a whole class. whatever. i enjoy menial jobs. hahaha

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