wait waaaiiiitt!!! bago ko makalimutan.

i had a super nice dream na mejo nagddisolve na utak ko so...

yung crush ko. :) napanaginipan ko uli! hehe twice pa lang naman, the first time was parang nagbabasa kami ng libro...di ko alam kung ano basta sweet! :) yung second time (kanina), we were with everybody, andun pa nga c july eh (sha lang naaalala ko maliban saming dalawa) and we were playing at the pool. madaming tawanan, we were throwing pillows at each other. i dunno. masaya. :) lahat ng dreams ko with him ay masaya. XP

but he doesn't know. bwahahahahaha

yesterday i came with my mom to batangas para maihatid ako sa elbi afterwards. :) she had a vip client there so sinamahan nya magpa-checkup. theeen, nag-breakfast kami sa hotel pontefino. haha ok naman, ang boring nung breakfast but the people were so nice parang naka-sampung good morning na ko sakanila. lol

anyhow. while in batangas, yndi texted me na pwede pa pala mag-appeal sa col sec regarding my admission. eh tae, nasa batangas nga ako diba???? good thing sabi nya pwede naman daw i-email. so go agad ako sa pinakamalapit na net shop.

ok lang, bumalik naman din after a short while. edi sige, sulat sulat, drama drama. i finished writing in about 45 mins. tae naman kasi. nabuhayan ako dun eh, seryoso.

hindi parin ako umaasa. >___>;

ok, after batangas. we drove to elbi to have my tcg's validated then we took home the bed na from the apt. hehe

yun lang. >___>;;

watching: special a

late night entry! :)

we went to the gym awhile ago. :)
ate very veggie plato wraps and tokyo2x's ninja wraps. haha ang takaw. XP

mejo galit ako
so it's pretty nasty and rude and judgmental right on the cut

i'm kinda pissed off with this guy
who the heck?

this guy sells fifa world cup lanyards at his multiply site and i ordered for one since the meetup places are just nearby. and also the fact (who knows, really?) that he's from UP made it more credible for me. kapwa isko/iska eh, lolokohin ka pa ba naman? (not true anymore though)... and heck, it's not even enough for a credential.

but then, the transaction was so slow. if you could even consider it 'moving' in the first place. and at the end i had to cancel my purchase and get my money back because a month of waiting for your product to arrive is already unreasonable and downright unprofessional.

i'm not saying he's a fraud or a bogus seller, maybe it's 50-50 since we weren't able to complete the transaction either, so i have no basis of accusing him of a crime. and besides, he gave my money back.

and to make him even more disgusting to deal with, he wants us to be textmates. yah, that 's tolerable cos i simply ignore such invitations but in this case, i played with it for a while for the sake of business. but then he starts asking ultra-weird-kinda rude-and-awfully-phrased questions like

what's your vital stats?
cup size mo?
virgin ka pa ba?

e sino ka ba?

and fuck, he is really insistent on knowing.
he asked me to add all of his accounts (multiply, friendster, facebook) and it only triggered my nerve. dahil sa mukha nya.

he even asked kung gwapo ba sha
well, i had to be polite diba?
so nevermind.

he also keeps repeating that he's single.
go fuck yourself

back to special a. XP


april 23 (thursday): went to elbi with my sister to help her prepare for her gradball that afternoon. then that night i attended our org gradball, in tribute to our 36 graduating brods and sisses this year. :)

april 24 (friday): celebrated hannah's 17th bday at trinoma. ate dinner at tokyo tokyo then watched 17 again (zach efron). :) super fun! XP

april 25 (saturday): UPLB CENTENNIAL GRADUATION! :) my sister's graduation + my orgmates' and some friends' too. :)

april 25 (sunday): NOW. just came back from my sister's grad blowout with our relatives at max's. it's been a while since we ate there! :)


i already have a table at last! :)
what joooy! XP

lol. it's actually the table i brought to our apartment last year. we just took it back yesterday hehehe. :) i'll be somewhat robbing the house with stuff starting this week... see, i just took our table and 4 monobloc chairs. probably this tuesday, i'll be getting my bed. hehe [and if they don't pay early for refrigerator, i'll be sticking red notes in it soon]. LOL.


this is where i work

right now i'm just working on the floor with a shelf's 2nd level as my desk. anyway, i'm still waiting for a table. :) hehe, soon.

our climate is really fucked up right now. it's raining in the middle of the summer! and it's not artificial rain! it's real rain! kuya kim says there's an ITCZ somewhere around the phils. it's weird cos it doesn't usually happen that way. diba? especially that it's mid-april.

anyway. it's earth day today right?
yah. happy earth day then.

it's not that i'm indifferent, i just don't what to do about it. it's just like any other day anyway. and if we celebrate fastidiously, we'll be spending more than we should save, and earth day is about saving whatever we could to eliminate unsolicited consumption.

i mean really, the best way to commemorate earth day is to shut down the lights and sleep the whole day. there should be a worldwide ration of sleeping pills that should be taken simultaneously all over the world.

earth day should be sleep day. :) then again, if the aliens hear about this, they'll take advantage of the moment we are all asleep and conquer the world. and when we wake up, it's either we're dead or locked somewhere in a UFO. i'll take the later, sounds cooler.

even though it was raining, we still went to the gym.

and this is how we failed the day

classic banana split from icebergs

my sister and i shared this untimely treat before we head to the gym. pare, it was heaven! actually, it's our first time to eat at icebergs, we were just lured by the ultra big menu standing at the entrance...so blame it!

okaaay, what i liked about the split is that the ice cream was so nice! :) it has 3 scoops of ice cream (vanilla, mango, strawberry), banana -duh!-, strawberry syrup, whipped cream and a cherry on top.

classic nga eh.
the ice cream is super cool cos it doesn't melt easily, it's somewhat stickier (for a lack of a better term), or probably less creamier so it's more flavorful. i like it that way! :)

the whipped cream is perfect too.
if i were to rank my favorite whipped creams in increasing preference, here's how it would be:

4. mocha blends
3. starbucks
2. blenz
1. icebergs

hehehehe :)
most whipped creams are cheats! (all purpose cream+sugar)whip=whipped cream.
well, whipped cream parin nga naman but they lack something. i dunno, they taste cheap. :P

ang arti arti ko naman! :)
but i'm a coffee freak and i enjoy my cold coffee with a nice whipped cream on top. hehe

ang arte. :P

good thing they have this on the table. hahaha

still not giving up!

these are draft plans, things i want to do in the future but haven't fully decided on them...yet.

1. i'm not gonna leave my passion for art behind. i'll probably get a certificate course in fine arts after i earn a bachelor's degree.

2. i also want to get into a decent writing workshop. i want to polish my writing because i want to get this blog into the next level.

3. i want to be a coffee conoissieur (however you spell that) and blog about coffee. :)

4. i still want to rule the world. XD


oh, btw. chocolava (ni john lloyd!) is super nice! :) heehee

no definite plans yet

i'm getting old and i'm still playing the whole UP game.
it's not too hard to accept that i'm not really cut out to carry such honor of being an iska. if, in fact, it is indeed honorable.

after failing the CFA-TDT, my life was yet again brought back to a big blur. though it was only for a short while because i immediately refocused my mind into a fail-safe. it didn't occur to me that all this time, my so called fail-safe will remain intact. of all the plans and choices i had, it has always been my last resort. and it freakin stood the test of time, for always being there, for always being present in my list of choices, even though it was never a priority.

so now, why not give it a chance?
3 years ago, i took the entrance exam at FEU-fern and passed, but i left it behind in favor of exhausting my options of getting into a UP campus.

and now, i'm seeing it as the only option that would bring me happiness.

well, at least i've still got a choice. who knows diba? :)


just got back from the gym, btw. :)

LJ Brown

i like it, somehow. :) hope you do.
this is my comeback layout...
a result of mixed emotions....depression, depression depression T___T;;



i thought this is going to be a good comeback. but nooooooo.

i went on hiatus because i was too depressed that my laptop got stolen.
since then, i only did draft entries which i have no intention of publicizing. so technically, i didn't leave blogging.

after 9 drafts, and a month or so.... i'm back...

with swollen eyes, a foul mood and a new layout.

my application for transfer got approved. which means i can now shift/transfer to diliman.
sadly, i didn't pass diliman. i fucking didn't pass the talent test.

but dammit, i really think i deserve it. i'll kill anyone who says i don't deserve to be there. i talked to my workshop teacher and she said that panel probably failed me because i am already under a bachelor's degree and now i want to downgrade to a certificate course.

but fuck! that was the only thing i was hoping for.

i have no decent fallback.
look at them:

a. go back to elbi and continue being a freakin chemical engineering student
b. apply for honorable dismissal and take computer science at FEU-fern college
c. wait for next year's talent test and while waiting, file for residency and cross register for GE subjects at diliman....then work.

i fucking don't know what to do.

pwedeng mamatay????


and now my parents want me to go back to ELBI!!!! tangina.
eh ako naman, i'm considering transferring to FEU na lang since it's nearer and i could just take computer science, at least kahit mahirap... inclined naman ako.

but my freakin parents... T_T

ayoko talaga sukuan ang fine arts but with the way things are, it would be a big waste of time (for me) and money for my parents.


alam nyo yun? gusto ko magtrabaho at magipon ng sariling education fund.

i'm already 18 pero wala pang direksyon ang putang inang buhay kong to.

ayoko na talaga bumalik sa elbi, ayoko na mag chem eng.


and on top of that, i didn't expect THIS to happen.

parang, i was so worried about the possibility na hindi ako palabasin ng CEAT after passing diliman. i never anticipated that the opposite would happen! and now what?

i fucking don't know what to do.
i could just die of depression you know.

for someone who has just realized what she truly wants to do in life, isang malaking sapaaaak ito para sakin. why is it that i always fail the most important tests of my life!

maybe i'm really not talented enough. or was the test too hard? i don't think i failed on that part.

most probably i failed the mental ability test. ako pa. -__-; 12 minutes, 100 items of abstract reasoning na increasing in difficulty. not my type. pero shet!

tang ina.
gusto ko mag-FEU!

pero wala kaming pera. =___=
i fucking can't stop swearing because feel so damn bad.

kung ttanggapin lang sana ng parents ko na mag-FEU na lang ako.
i would be happier.

then again, walang kaming PERAAAAAA!!!

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