april 23 (thursday): went to elbi with my sister to help her prepare for her gradball that afternoon. then that night i attended our org gradball, in tribute to our 36 graduating brods and sisses this year. :)

april 24 (friday): celebrated hannah's 17th bday at trinoma. ate dinner at tokyo tokyo then watched 17 again (zach efron). :) super fun! XP

april 25 (saturday): UPLB CENTENNIAL GRADUATION! :) my sister's graduation + my orgmates' and some friends' too. :)

april 25 (sunday): NOW. just came back from my sister's grad blowout with our relatives at max's. it's been a while since we ate there! :)


i already have a table at last! :)
what joooy! XP

lol. it's actually the table i brought to our apartment last year. we just took it back yesterday hehehe. :) i'll be somewhat robbing the house with stuff starting this week... see, i just took our table and 4 monobloc chairs. probably this tuesday, i'll be getting my bed. hehe [and if they don't pay early for refrigerator, i'll be sticking red notes in it soon]. LOL.


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