senti moment and the damn cheering practice

hmm... senti kasi ung music sa naruto shet... nkksenti.. wierd symbols... kya di ko alam ung title... anyways. un na un... eh eto pa... i didn'tknow na may cheering practice kami today.. so un.. i even told larz na walang dapat dalin na sports attire ksi walang cheering (that's what i knew b4)... edi un.. i'll (or we'll) have to pay 50 pesos for that.. na i don't really mind paying.. as if noh!

hehe.. un lng.. haynaku.. nakakdismaya parin ung shirt. ang laki nman kasi eh.. -_-

grr. ung cheering and init!!!!

yey! i borrowed 'the da vinci code' book by dan brown from aisha... knowing na di pa ko tapos sa harry potter 5... haha... na curious eh... what can i do...

sunday nnman...

haayy... i'm so tired... yesterday was our 3rd ga (5566 fc)... i didn't stay long.. i just got the-supposed-to-be funland kit... the shirt was ok.. it's black with the animated faces of the 5566 members.. and i'm wondering why there's only four of them when they're originally five? and goodness... it's free size!! so.. how am i going to wear that comfortably??? -_-... in the package, 2 small pins are included... nothing interesting.. just 5566 logos... SO MUCH FOR 300 BUCKS! it's not even presented well... ni-wrap lang s isang white plastic... (a palenke plastic to be exact).. yuck.. nag reklamo pa daw eh... eh hello!!! i paid 300 for that!! this is unfair... but anyway...haha. tapos ung food.. 100 per head.. ung dice game (in celebration of the mooncake festival..parang wtf! ung food na yon.. cincelbrate?) 100 pesos din.. tapos consolation price 5566 potato chips chka cotton candy? ang cheap ah...-_- but that's not the fun bit.

e yon.. dba greenhills nga un... shempre as expected derecho kami sa shopping if noh... and honestly.. it's my first tym to step there....o.O haha... pinansin ko pa ung ka-eklatan sa jeep eh... kasi nga pag jeep.. ssbihin mo sa driver 'para!' na malakas.. pero don... mahinang 'sandali lng po' ang narinig ko.. hehe.. whatever arianne.

we entered the tianggian.. tapos.. nagulat na lang... kala ko mura don.. eh di nman pla... we're looking for a gift kasi.. para sa isang one yr old girl... tapos nabili namin ung pig stufftoy sa 150... 180 dapat eh.. hehe hindi pa ko kuntento kasi nga ang mahal! pooch!

i repeat this is not yet the fun bit.

at last. napagpasyahan na rin namin na mag galle na lang... dun na lang kami kkain. and that's the fun bit! eating time!!! hehe.. grabeh ang takaw ni terai.. haha.. shempre kinain namin ni ate theresa... chicken bbq with javarice with iced tea with half cooked sitaw (grr)... tapos c terai... bopis, pork bbq, javarice, lemonade.. nag dine in pa ng potato wedges sa greenwich! haaynaku... anyway.. masaya nman.. busog eh.. edi yun.. uwi na kmi..nag bus kami papuntang fairview. and.. malas ni terai.. nasuka sha! hahaha... buti nga.. takaw kasi!

ang lakas nga ng ulan eh.. todo text c mommy ng 'dyus ko! asan na kayo!' 3 tyms yan ah.. hehe... pero with God's grace.. matiwasay naman kaming nakauwi sa bahay.



hello... haynaku.. pagod na ko.. -_-... cge nxt tym na lng.. ongap la bukas na ung ga naming sa acacia blg. greenhills... la pa ko kasama... anyway.. bblisan ko na lang... ^_^

thank GOD it's friday...

haayyy... super tiring ng araw na toh! well.. we just had 4 quizzes, health, ap, the, trigo.. tapos marami pa sa susunod... haayyy.. pagod na ko sa kakaaral... ika nga ng isang blogskin na nkita ko. "the more you study, the more you learn, the more you learn, the more yo forget, the more you forget, the less you learn.. so why study?

eto nnman... we just had another forum abt jack. i hate saying bad things about her, or rather, behind her back... i feel like a backstabber... pero hindi eh... totoo naman eh.-_-... forgive me Lord.

i borrowed the naruto soundrack from ate iori and i'm listening to it now. haha.. ganda ung ibang instrumentals... kka senti...hihi... ^__^

cge un n muna... bukas sa pla ung GA... kelangan ko nnman lumayas.

club day nnaman!!

kauuwi ko lng galing skul. club namin kanina... i thought our presentation was a disaster but... feel ko ok lng... if not for one violin who keeps on ruining the mood. oh NERO! kung ikaw lang ang kagroup ni jack cguro pinapatay mo na sha! pero good LORD at kami ang ka group nya...hindi namin sha ibeblame for a job NOT well done. haaayy... we really need more practice!!! pero MORE as in further enahncement of tming and skills rehearsed by OURSLELVES. hindi sa bahay ng kung sino, hindi sacafe, hindi sa kung saan saan. at ayoko na magpraxctice pag WEEKDAYS!!!

grabeh tlga... alam ko na hindi sha manhid.. pero sana maintindihan nya na nakakabwisit na ung pagpaplan nya para sa group. i know she's just trying to help. pero hindi eh.. hindi na sha nakakatulong. dahil sa practice namen... hindi ako nakapag-aral sa music, pinoi at chem quiz the day after. and i'll have to really budget my recess tym to finish the tesalations and music homework. see? maxadong na occupy ung study tym ko. pagdating ko sa bahay. yan.. sininat ako... i really forced myself to study pero shempre hindi ppyag si mommy chka sakit ng ulo ko grabeh.. sobrang pagod na pagod ako... -_-

haayyy.. jack i hope you'll learn ur lesson. kung mabibigyan ng tamang pagkakataon.. prangkahan na tlga toh. kung kelangan kong putulin ung beanstalk na inaakyat mo para lang maging magkalevel tayo ng pag-iisip ang comprehension sa matter na toh.. gagawin ko. stop acting like the whole world needs you. dahil wala sa US... nasa pilipinas ka... ndependent people ang kasama mo. meaning... they'll scarcely ask for YOUR help. leave them alone.

further rantings on the next post.

darn day...

now i have to suffer a triggered amount of sickness...darn tlga... i hate cheering actually.. i just can't admit it to our 'dear' cheerleaders. oh well, looks like we have to lie even once. so there, we had our cheering practice, i was soo tired my voice is really croaky now, my flu is getting worse.. and i'm still good in whistling.. ^_~

i was surprised to see how we changed seating arrangements... it's like when i was first yr. anyway... ang iksi... 2nd quarter is not yet over and they changed na kaagd. oh well.. i'll miss my seatmates...haayy... no more cheatmate...=(... haynaku... wala namang problem sa new seatmate ko ngaun c bica.. pero.. ilagay daw pa ko sa dulo?! wala na nga akong makita eh.. pero ok lng.. suffer arianne... suffer.. muahahaha.

so there. i wish i had so much inspiration right now.. but i got none. empty as in wala. grr... no motivation. i'm not even xited with the prom. what the hell r-yan.. malayo pa yan! oh well.. but reservations are really hard and uhm.. sigh.. i think i'll have to get ready with the food sale tomorrow.

LoL. i'm really really damn tired! and i drank a cold milo! waaahhh... lalo akong sispunin... i need to watch movies... as in ung magandang movies para makulayan ang aking fading world.

onga pla.. forget about south. i think we two are going well na with each other. i think. since she greeted me in a polite way. i think i'll have to forget her arrogance at times. i completely forgot to look on the bright side of her! that's what you get when you're blinded with her dark ego. oh well...

Tuck Everlasting...

i am a self-claimed writer of motivation.. so i only write good pieces when i'm really inspired and stuff.. and at this moment.. i am!


tuck everlasting.. in my own words.

by arianne ^_^

The summers have gone by so fast

Like the spinning wheel of time;

Your love for me have not yet faded away

Like a piece of plastic rose mingled with the fresh ones

You haven’t changed a bit like what I expected

And kept your promise well from the day we parted

It was many many years ago. As far as my mind could recall. I was wearing a breezy tight crosette. Locked in a castle in the middle of a forest. A princess you could consider me to be. With an uncontented feeling that must be filled urgently. Like a bird in a cage I feel lonely and blue. Wishing for an adventure beyond the ocean’s violent waves.

Time goes by, my rebellion seems to vanish. Until my keepers decided to put me into a place. A place I knew I don’t belong to. A place where my life would be spoiled to the highest level of boredom. A place I’ll never experience something I craved for so long.


So I ran selfishly in the woods, shielding myself from the thick sharp branches on the way. Not noticing the path I ought to take awhile ago. And I was lost, trapped, between the forbidden trees. This is the first time I felt insecure with something I own.

I become tired, slowed down my pace, hearing nothing but the sound of the tattering leaves I stepped upon.

Then I found a man, refreshing himself with the water from the small spring down the big old oak tree. I felt relieved, a companion at last. I watched him take gulps of water and then took another handful of it to wash his face. He felt my presence and stood up, eyed me curiously and asked,

“What are you doing here?”

I said I was just wandering around the woods. But he replied, “Go home now, you shouldn’t be in this part of the forest.”

“I would, if only I knew the way back.” is what i said.

She offered his help, and decided to bring me back home.

----ok ok... stop that!----

look, this would really be a big stupid cliffhanger if you are, by now, interested in knowing the whole story... try searching na lng... the movie is entitled ' Tuck Everlasting' --it's a disney production and is based on a book my natalie ?? (4got the surname)- 'tuck everlasting'...

it's a really great movie! and i hereby include it to my list of favorite movies which includes just a few: harry potter123, the net and TUCK EVELASTING! ... i promise this would go fetch your tears out and well it down before you even noticed. the ending is really sad.. parang endless love! pero ok lng... though it triggered my sniff moments... oh darn.

ung ending! kasi c jessie tuck.. nakainom na sha ng water form the fountain of youth (w/c means he'll never die).. and he states that he's 104yrs old.. haha.. tapos e mron shang loved one.. c winifred foster. since kelangan nilang malayo dahil tinulungan ni winie na makatakas ung mother ni jessie sa dapat bbtayin, they promised to love each other forever. sabi ni jessie tuck, "drink from the spring, and wait for me here, i'll come back for you" tapos nung ppaalis na sila sumigaw c jessie ng


shet.. naiyak ako dyan.. *sniff*

tapos kinabukasan namatay ung lola ni winie, shempre and pinaka nalungkot ung mother dear nya. napagisip ni winie, i'f she'll drink from the spring, she'll also watch her mother die. tapos nagkakaroon ng conradiction b/w what jessie told him and the agony of watching everybody die before you while you're enjoying what seems to be eternal life. she was in the spring by then.. and decided to ----------- (malalaman nyo rin mmya!)haha... evil me!

all of the happenings ay isang malaking flashback! and here's how the modern days went:

jessie tuck, fulfilling his promise to go back for winifred foster ventured down the the forest for their house. he found it, looked around and saw a gravestone:

~in loving memory~



after all, she did wait for him, only dead and she didn't drink from the spring. -_- naku.. grabeh.. sobrang iyak na iyak ako! haay buhay! i watched it twice, during the original viewing sa disney channel chka ung replay nung sunday afternoon.

poor jessie, he'll have to carry on with his life without his beloved winie... haaayyy... movies.. yeah right.

and you know what? i just noticed jessie tuck in real life is jonathan jackson.. i reapeat jonathan JACKSON (jurassic park3, a walk to remember etc..)!!!! haha.. un kasi ung nasa graveyard eh.. so ok parin.. what a treat.


arg... ang sama parin ng pkiramdam ko.. pero di pede magabsent... madaming quizzes! haaayyy... la akong mgawa kaya eto nkaharap nnman sa computer... ^^


naku... nervousness... sana ok lang sha... sayang di ako nakasama... nilalagnat nnman ako eh... ewan ko ba.. 2 weeks before nilagnat ako tapos... ngaun din... haayyy... pero ok lng... ayun.. masaya naman ang morning ko... sermon nnman from mommy kasi l8 ako nagising... 10 na ko nag breakfast tapos 11 lunch na!.. sana lang... pero ok lng...

tapos un... nag internet na kaagad... kainis tlga pagwalang kazaa... nababaliw na ko sa kahahanap ng free mp3 dl ng angel- corrs chka pieces of me- ashlee simpson. so far may nakita na ko pero kung di putol... di mo naman masave kasi kelangan ng internet connection sa playback! leche.. i miss our kazaaa! kasi naman ung mga virus na yan eh... ong pla... haha... lapang norton antivirus tung PC... pati ung laptop! hehe... kaya bawal pa mag-internet... pero who cares? sama ko tlga... la na kong load! bigyan nyo ko!

dapat nga pala ngaun ung interview naming s journ. sa ABS kami ngaun pero di ako nakasama kasi nga i'm sick... sayang.. pero ok lng.. di ko nman gusto c john pratts eh... ^^;;

haaayyy... wala na... cge..


TGIF!! naku.. kanina pa ko atat na atat umuwi! hehe... ayun... masya naman ang friday kahit pano.. naka 10/12 ako trigo quiz.. bwiset! kalimutan ko kasi na idi-divide pla ung number na yun sa tan25.. eh minultiply ko.. hehe.. stupid me.. pero ok lng. ^_^ tapos sa ap quiz one mistake lang ako! yehey! chka sa pinoi quiz... hmm... sanap pumasa ako... la kasi c seatm8 eh.. i mean cheatm8 ^^;;... anyway... haaayyy... ang sarap tlga ng cinammon roll!

kahit noon pa tlga adik na ko sa cinamon! gutom na tuloy ako.. parang gusto kong bumili ng cinamon break sticks sa fortune bakeshop w/c is 20 pesos away from me... uhmm.? bsta un... grabeh.. natutuwa ako...kahit na mejo down ang feeling ko ngaun kasi sinisipon ako at feeling ko lumalaki nnman ang lalamunan ko at feeling ko lalo akong magkakasakit sa nakakaadik na amoy ng vicks...haahhh... hehe... parehas kami ni karlita may sipon! la lng... hehe... hawaan na tooo!!

haynaku.. dapat clean-up ngaun.. pero dahil umulan at maputik sa field... postponed muna... meaning di na kami ung mag lilinis sa clasrum.. un pa naman ung gusto ko para di maxado maputik! grrr...

uhmm... tapos sa tuesday... foodsale na namin... non-food nga pla kame.. tapos un... un na un...

kararating ko lng sa skul tapos eto na kaagad ang inatupag ko! hehe... ^__^

friday naman eh..indulge~

muntik nnman akong mal8 kanina... nagsara sa ung g8 pero dhil my isang skulm8 na kinakausap ung guard habang papasara ung g8.. nakapasok ako! succesos! tapos.. kelangan pang tumigil... ok lng un.. at least di ako l8... pero nakakainis! imagine.. ang aga nila magsara ng g8 tapos bibigyan ka na ng tardy slip eh pagdating mo sa clasum di ka panaman L8 kasi di pa tapos ung morning prayer! ano ba yan! gusto ko magreklamo!!!!

3rd FC GA

haaayy... just recieved the note about the 3rd general assembly of 5566 fans club phil. this sep2 25 04- saturday... i guess i'll be so busy over the weekends... practices, interviews, assemblies.. oh well.. KARLA---> o yan.. my 3rd GA na... sama kana ha?

sana sa universal records na lng ulit pra libot libot muna ng crossing at national bukstore.. hhe.. haaayyy.. isa nnmng araw na puno ng kaboringan... lam nyo nman ako.. la akong companion...*sniff* *sniff*.. kasalanan ko ba na gusto ko si TONY SUN! at napasali ako sa fansclub na ito?... pero ok lng... proud paren nman... kasi and FC na ito ay recognised ng kanilang mga sponsors... universal records and regent... haayyy. naalala ko nnman c mr. oliver sy.. shet.. ang gwapo nya tlga.. nag speaker sha samin nung 1st ga.. he's the niece of the owner of regent phils. ^^.. sana mamigay cla ulit ng libreng 5566 potato chips lyk b4! HAHA


eto.. kararating ko lang galing skul... hehe.. if you notice.. meron na kong nilagay na comments link after each day's posts. and.. i even attached a blinkie to serve as a divider for everyday. hehe... ang cute tlga ng mga blinkies... if you want one... you can find one sa google... just key in 'blinkies'... un maraming results dun... hehe... kung gusto nyo ng sariling comments link.. you can find one at ^_^ i got mine there... duh.

awhile ago we had a speaker sa chem... chemtalk pla un... ung speaker namen ung ate ni k.a. forgot her name pero this isn't the first time we met. we met sa last year nung gumagawa kami ng rosary backdrop. hehe.. madaldal nga un eh.. never thought she's such a genius. wow. di naman sha boring.. fun nga ung mga facts na shineshare nya eh.. pero no matter how long you convince me that chemistry is fun. never nyo parin matatatak yan sa utak ko. chem is the hardest subject in 3rd yr... well for me oo... and trigo is still the best!

haayy... mejo nagtampo ako kay larz... kasi sbi nya groupm8s kami sa cl project tapos nag-individual sha.. ok so mag-isa na lng ako. buti na lng may nahanap parin ako... c mikha... ^_^... so un... di kami sabay nag recess at lunch at di rin sh sumabay kaninang uwian. pero ok lng. di nnman ako galit eh. nag cool down kung baga. haayy... feel ko lang parang ang daming quizzes tomorrow. kelangan mag-aral ng todo. mahirap na ang bumagsak sa mga quizzes ngaung second quarter... and as expected... pahirap ng phirap ang chem! grrr!!!!... hindi ko maintindihan ung mga reactions... i mean ung mga equations. and to think shsians are credited for being good balancers!!! grrr....

cge... further rantings in succeeding posts.


hey... wednesday nanaman... supposed-to-be club day and another painful shoulder to bear with the whole day. pero good Lord, la kaming club ngaun... instead we had our intrams practice and like usual, bilad nnman ako sa field as in ayaw akong tantanan ng araw. hello?! isa kang gahaman sa kaputian! wala na nga ako nun.. ako pa napagdiskitahn! grrrr... pero ok.. like... andyan naman c blutut... pero duh? wat for? bwiset.. ang inet... tapos di pa ko contented sa voice ko.. sa voice naming lahat... eto ang masaklap... ang paniniwala ko kasi.. dapat laging hapi ang mga cheerleaders namin... kasi sabi ni larz... nakaka-affect ang negative energy sa performance ng team. tama nman sha... mainit ang ulo ng mga cheerleaders namin (ate caj & ate orange).. pero may point din nman cla... pero... compare mo kaya?!?! mas malakas kami nung masaya cla... pero ngaung puno ng negative energy ang place, lahat kami super down ang feeling. brrr...

haayy... paos nnman ako... mag-e8 na... actually ginagawa ko plang ung research ko sa visual basic eklat nayan.. labo kasi ng instructions eh...

onga pla... kainis... dapat ngayong wed. morning nasa isang html contest ako sa claret (tma b?).. pero hindi natuloy kasi madami nag backout!!!! grr naman!!! html na nga lang eh (yak.. ^_-) napag-aaralan naman un ah!! todo recap tuloy ako ng mga codes na alam ko! nag-aral pa ko ng css (cascading style sheet) chaka onting javascript!! kainis tlga... sayang ang skul representation namin na magdudulot ng perfect score sa lahat ng quizzes ko! yan tuloy! 10/15 lng sa p.e.! may halo pang cheating yon! edi kung nagkataon perfect ako don!! grrr...

ok ... tapos nako magbuhos ng galit.


nxt tym na lng ulit.

onga pla, patay... ung scrapbox namin mukang 0 sa durability...nalaglag ung handle... haha.. sana napandin na nung mga 4th yr na kasama nmen... ^^;;

cleaners kami sa classrum sa cleanup! ano ba toh!grr... tinataman na ko...

cge un na nga lang... ^___^


i want to change my layout into something dark. something really dark, bloody, but not gore-ish and morbid.. something to suit the bg music ('hikari') i found... that's that bg msc. of our ppt presentation in english. anyway...

i'm xited for tomorrow monday..and wednesday! kasi clarisse and i.. being our class's rep for the scrapbox making contest (by teams) will not join our outreach tomorrow, instead.. we'll be doing the scrapbox for the WHOLE DAY. w/c means no classes for us.. anyway.. la nman tlga classes ng half day ksi outreach tapos.. c.l. and pinoi lng nman ang mamimiss ko.. tapos sa WEDNESDAY... wala ako half-day. yey! la lng.. eh kasi may html contest thing sa claret. partners kami ni ding. haha.. saya.. sna manalo. un na nga lang asset ko eh. hehe...mas masaya kung may quizzes sa morning. at least i have a chance to get perfect coz of the exemption thing. (i dun wanna sound proud.-_-)... eh yun lng naman.. hehe

haaayyy... la na kong inspirasyon... grr... sana kasi punta na ulit c tony dito.. para di na ko sad. para sundan ko ulit sha.. para makita ko ulit. para buo na ang mundo ko. hehe

wah! at last...

inaantok ako.. sobra... buti na lng tapos na ko sa house chores... it's my turn to wash the dishes today.. sunday kasi eh...-_-... haynakuuu...antok na ko.. *yawns* -_-... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


blutooth... makes me want to study break- dancing... wish ko lang.. haha... haaayyy... eto nnman ako... ang galing tlga ng mga skul idols ko... 1. c clubm8 na super galing mag guitar.. ur first yr ha. 2. c butooth... yown.. astig un... tsk. (bat kelangan pa ng codename?---> kayo kasi malisyoso kau eh! isip ng isip!... haha

divisoria madness

just awhile ago, me, larz, tsa, bica and clarisse went to divisoria (together with ate janet.. our guide!)after fetching our skull breaking report-cards...*sniff* *sniff*.. i got a 79! grrr.. which means i can never make it to the merit award. saaadddd.... pinoi pa!! grr... highest ko is trigo! of course.. my favorite.. kahit 92 lng ako ok lng... kaya lng mejo mahirap ung trigo ngayon 2nd quarter... especially with Ms Roman to burden my already burdened brain... haaayy... looki looki i bought 2 shirts and a pair of pants! ung shirts (or blouse) 2 4 150! waw.. tapos ung pants 130 lang! e la na ko 10 nun eh.. kaya 120 na lng.. haha... kung pede lang i'll haggle down the price to 100! grabe.. i want to buy this pink 'united colors of benetton' wallet! kaya lng namahalan ako.. 110! *sniff* *sniff*... gusto ko bumalik don...

tapos un na un...clarisse droped us (xept larz) at mcdo ever. tapos i went to the cr then i went out... tapos commute na lng ako pauwi. tapos.. un na un! pagdating ko may mga people sa bahay tapos. pinapapili ako ni mommy ng color na gusto ko sa curtains ng room ko. pinili ko ung mejo peach-ish pink. haha... e kasi gusto ko red buong room! -RED ROX!- kya lang mainit daw chka mukang vamp room.. hehe... pero ok pren.. monochromatic red nga eh.. hehe... ^__^


hello blog! long time no post... wat happened? tomorrow is the giving out of report cards.. and i'll be taggin along with my groupmates to divisoria to buy other merchies... heheh.. grrr to the fliers! we have the same design! the paperbag idea was original! grrr... i mean.. by us!! kainiss tlga..

kilala nyo ba c blutooth? i mean.. the one who kind of replaced blue? haha.. shampre hinde.. pero ngayon di ko na sha maxado gusto.. e wala lng.. ts tym for a 'straight' life.

tapos hmm.. di na ko mashado asar kay south.. pero ng grudge is still there.. -_-... anyway.. i'm not talking to her! onga pla.. stargazing day pla ngaun.. and i think its a bad idea... anyway.. gudluck sa kanila.. sana di umulan.. sana di sla maputikan sa nakakairitang field sa amoy ewan... amoy lupa! un! -_-

hayy... insane and desperate me... kasi one day our softball team had a game with m.c... we lost pero.. ok lng.. sports kami eh..haha... tapos un.. among the crowd downstairs.. i was looking for blutooth who happened to be out of sight.. tapos.. Good Lord.. i found.. and.. i sprinted down the stairs to meet her sa stairs near their clasrum.. ok un lang.. finally got my world complete. haha.. halatang la ng gusto noh?

joke lang.. seryoso.. wala na tlga... promise! ^__^

anyway... CHEERING ROX!
Bad things about *

10. most of her daily comrades hate her guts

9. she won't listen to your constructive criticisms

8. she thinks highly of herself when it's obvious that she can never achieve that rank

7. she walks only to draw in people's attention

6. her pride exceeds the heavens

5. her over-acting skills doesn't affect tha should-be-affected people

4. she won' say sorry when she's accidentally or interntionally bumped you

3. she resides in the 3rd house, 2nd block w/ people who would gladly throw her out of the residence

2. she lives to make people think she's a heartthrob

1. she makes annoying sounds with her ^^ and she thinks that's cool.

oh. PS. i h8 her when she talks... she's so damn arrogant! kala mo kuing cno! pucha!

GOOD THINGS ABOUT CRUBE (of course this is not *)

10. i or we don't consider her as 'crube not so almighty' now.

9. she has opened herself to repentance to those she had hurt b4 (lyk me)

8. she stopped making kadas with the bitchies

7. she's moved in to * address

6. she learned to pick her own size

5. we share the sme 'hates'

4. she doesn't know she's doing everything i want

3. she stopped bullying me

2. she lost her flirting skills

1. we're in the same tracks of killing *.




haynaku... so tired. la kasi katulong namin ngayon eh.. nag day-off.. kung pede lng wag na lng sunday ang day-off eh.. chka wag nman sna cla sabay magdedey-op! brrrr..

kanina tulooy kami ni terai naghanda ng food.. as in kami nagluto ng lhat.. nywey... cmple lng nman eh.. haha.. porkchop, friedrice, ininit ng indonesian food na pinagexperimentohan ni mommy sa super sarap na lasang gata...? hehehe... tapos.. ay bwiset tlga... nakakainis.. ntapon ko ung mangkok na puno ng ginayat na kamatis na sper sarap sawsawan kasi may luya at sbuyas... haayy... wat a ryt combi w/ prokychopey...-_-... gutom na gutom na nga ako nun eh.. tapos nagkanda leche leche pa ung pagluluto ko! harhar.. nasunog ko ung mangkok na pinaginitan ng indo food na yun... kainis... hahahahahaha.. tapos.. todo panic pa kasi may dumating ng guests!! watabout??!!!??!!

but still.. i'm happy.. coz i surived! hahahaha...


miss ko na sha...-_-.. la lng...

pare ko


pare ko

mayron akong problema

wag mo sabihin 'na naman?'

in lab ako

sa isang kolehiyala...

hindi ko maintindihan


un lng...hehe...

ano kaya kung mag bilang ulit ako ng 50 volkswagen? haha.. para makasure kung blue nga tlga...tapos kung ibang color... kung cno na lng mauna magtanong! hahaha... lol.. napaka superstitious k tlga...

naman o.. sana grumadweyt na ung seniors batch ngayon! as in now na! para.. bsta.. ccret...-_-...haha

la lang...-_-

grr.. bowring...kainis sa bordness to..

LoL.. nung chem period wala c miss t. nag experiment kami tapos pinagtripan namin ung mercury drugs plastic! haha.. la lng.. kasi dba c hermes yun? na naked? hihi.. tapos pinag tutusok namin ung mga pako sa mga 'eherm' parts! gago tlga namin... hahahaha...



hmmm... haynaku.. puro tlga junk foods laman ng tyan ko! ka-badtrip sumasakit na ulo ko... waw.. mamaya na ung 'knock first' ... ^^; hehehehe...onga pla

to: devart users... pls criticise my work 'i danced on the devil's palm' prose&poetry section... on my devart!

un lng.

onga pla... we had a new trigonometry teacher kasi mrs. pedrosa went for her maternity leave so un... another teacher to cope up with moods. -_-... anyway... i still think trigo is fun even if you change our teachers occassionaly!

un lng. ^:^

good morning! =)

last nyt i slept at 9 pm! merlin's beard.. that's too early for my regular sleeping time of 11-12! anyway... i woke up at 4.30 am and paniced! i checked my reminders ntbk if there are any assignments.. only to recall that it's bloody saturday! stupid me!.. -_-

sigh...first thing in the morning i ate junk foods.. -_-... bad me...


nakuuu!! kanina pa ko exyted umuwi! malay ko ba kung bakit... pero now that i'm home let's get over with this soon... lam nyo ba.. la lng... ang boring kasi ng araw na to.. first period pa lng gusto ko na umuwi... i really really love geom! as in! -_-.... gets nyo dba? haynaku... i think i'll have to update my brain with the new pentium 4 and of course of all the courses (cornehh...) upgrade my brain with 40 gb! sana man lang... may mailagay pa ko sa utak kong overloaded! ------ ^^ busy ako.. making layouts...i just discovered how to make a div layer semi-transparent! hehe.. it a matter of filters kasi eh... share: via css po to... filter: alpha(opacity=50); <--- there! supports internet explorer browser ONLY.. mozilla, netscape etc... codes varies don't ask me...


just how long will i surivive this kind of life? i'm always tired, lazy.. but even though i experience all those... i'm stil happy that i can get past those hitches.


oh.. we had a practice in cheering awhile ago.. it was.. hm. fun... hehe.. its my first time to cheer...but hm.. un lng...

ano ban nangyari.. i'm not so xited with my 'layout' plan.. kktamad kasi chka.. nabura nnman ung mga files ko! leche tlga! hmmph!

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