darn day...

now i have to suffer a triggered amount of sickness...darn tlga... i hate cheering actually.. i just can't admit it to our 'dear' cheerleaders. oh well, looks like we have to lie even once. so there, we had our cheering practice, i was soo tired my voice is really croaky now, my flu is getting worse.. and i'm still good in whistling.. ^_~

i was surprised to see how we changed seating arrangements... it's like when i was first yr. anyway... ang iksi... 2nd quarter is not yet over and they changed na kaagd. oh well.. i'll miss my seatmates...haayy... no more cheatmate...=(... haynaku... wala namang problem sa new seatmate ko ngaun c bica.. pero.. ilagay daw pa ko sa dulo?! wala na nga akong makita eh.. pero ok lng.. suffer arianne... suffer.. muahahaha.

so there. i wish i had so much inspiration right now.. but i got none. empty as in wala. grr... no motivation. i'm not even xited with the prom. what the hell r-yan.. malayo pa yan! oh well.. but reservations are really hard and uhm.. sigh.. i think i'll have to get ready with the food sale tomorrow.

LoL. i'm really really damn tired! and i drank a cold milo! waaahhh... lalo akong sispunin... i need to watch movies... as in ung magandang movies para makulayan ang aking fading world.

onga pla.. forget about south. i think we two are going well na with each other. i think. since she greeted me in a polite way. i think i'll have to forget her arrogance at times. i completely forgot to look on the bright side of her! that's what you get when you're blinded with her dark ego. oh well...

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