buena mano! hihi

yey! my first completed artwork using the bamboo pen and touch! >XD a 2 years overdue supposed to be wedding gift for one of our college's prof. >:P

orayt, gotta exercise! >XD


a year of gratitude!

thank you so much Lord for all the blessings you've given me and my family this entiiiiire year. we couldn't have established this much without you! i've slashed so much off my wishlist! yeheyyy!! >XD

thank you for these new babies!

1. Samsung 32" LED TV for the family

i feel fulfilled that i was able to provide something relatively big for the family. we're not really in dire need of a new TV but all the TVs in the house are CRTs and are consuming so much electricity too. haha I initially wanted to buy LG for the same specs and also because  it's 5k cheaper but when mommy saw this she instantly liked it. add to the fact that the person in charge really knows how to sales talk and even explained the differences between TV types. oh i learned so much that day hahaha LG was a close contender but the girl in charge was like wala sa sarili. sabog pa yata. anyhow. haha

2. Western Digital 1TB External Hard Drive for myself... uhm, again

oh forgive me, this is my 2nd 1TB EHD. so now i'm selling the other one for only 3,500! haha >XD i bought this mainly because... uhm... it has warranty? and even though i'm not really experiencing any problems with my other hard disk...eerrr.. WD is WD and, and... IT'S RED huhu i just can't leave that ultra tempting red hard disk alone.

3. Lenovo A60+ for my sister

i'll probably review this when i get the time but you see, i'm being drawn to lenovo more and more kasi hahaha! >XD this is like something i've wanted to give my sister for so long. a new phone! at laaaast! now she has no excuses to ignore my calls and messages. grr grr goodbye to her good ol' nokia 1280. yeheyy!! >XD

4. and of course, none of these will be possible if you didn't put me in Smart. The company has done a lot of things for me and even though majority of that lot is stress, employee benefits and incentives are way awesome! this year, we were entitled to until 18th month bonus! that's like 5 months more than the government mandated 13th month, but the company guaranteed 15 months so that's 3 months additional bonus HUHU thank you so much. haha 

i just don't understand why there are still a lot of employees complaining about the 18 months kasi dati rati umaabot ng 22 and blah. but seriously, maybe i'm just new but for me it's already a great blessing to be in a company that promises more than what you expect. it's probably just wrong to expect the bonuses, kaya nga sya tinawag na bonus. LOL

// Lord, thank you so much for all these blessings. for giving me the means to buy stuff for my family and still be able to save and tithe regularly. you really love us. >XD

// next project... Dear Lord, this is what i've been saving my money at mutual funds po. HYUNDAI TUCSON!!! >XD in Jesus' name! in Jesus' name! kinikilig ako grrrr >XD .... and also a Lenovo Ultrabook... whichever comes first... ay pero super first pala yung Lenovo P700i na white HAHAHAHA 

// sige lang Yan, dream big. dream big. >XD AMEN!

Drawn to a still world

I've never really thought much about it, but there are times when I want to own a kick ass camera and shoot landscapes, hold shoots and capture every perfect moment in my life! Every time I see some of my friends updating their facebook timelines with photoshoot albums, I always wonder if it's really that hard to take nice pictures. I know a lot of people are underestimating photographers, saying their services are only overpriced because of their overpriced camera, and that photography is as easy as point and shoot, but really... you know a photo is skillfully taken when it captures not just the moment or scene, but also a fragment of your heart, leaping into that frame, wanting to be part of that still world. 

I've come across of a lot of photography and art showcase sites just for appreciation and just recently I found ArtStar, an online gallery full of artworks for sale at very affordable prices; illustrations, photos and everything else. It's nice to look around a lot of photos and see where it takes you. It's also cool to discover other artists too, like this one I saw: Guenter Knop who enjoys experimenting in nude, black and white photography and has a penchant for shooting Parisian scenes. Paris is beautiful and it's amazing how, even in black and white, his photos exude the same vibrance as with colored ones.

It's a really good way to unwind, looking at beautiful photos and letting yourself drown in the scenery. Life is full of wonderful things!

Start your own business for just 200 pesos!

hey goys! here's a really good opportunity for you to earn on the sides and turn your cellphone into a source of income! for more details, you may comment on this entry or whatever. i'll be in touch :D

i'm an authorized LoadCentral sub-dealer under 1BRO by the way :)

DIY Masquerade Mask (with template!)

finished product!
oh, i could hardly call myself crafty but this tutorial made me! our department christmas party is coming up soon with the good 'ol masquerade theme, and i didn't like the masks i saw out on the stores so i searched google for possible tutorials on how to make your own, and voila! said DIY tutorial came up! it's so simple that i didn't have to shell loads of creative juice for it, seriously! why? because the instructions are so easy, the materials very accessible, and well... the only physical requirement you need for this is to have STEADY HANDS.

this is basically just a reiteration of the abovementioned tutorial... so let's start!

What you'll need:
1. a print out of the mask template to be found here
Print it as is, no scaling needed as the image is set to the actual mask size. >:D
2. scissors/cutter and tape
3. tulle or sheer fabric
i used white tulle fabric. half a yard cost around 45 pesos at local fabric shops. i bought mine at Carolina's Glorietta. the size is too big but that's the smallest they offer so yeah. hehe
4. textile/fabric paint in tube (see pic below)
i had a hard time looking for tube paints so i settled with Pebeo Touch Deco Glitter (noir black). it costs 99.75 pesos at National Bookstore. they have a variant for fabric called Touch Textile but it wasn't available at the time so i thought this could work naman. haha
5. cling wrap
from the tutorial it says saran wrap, i didn't know what saran wrap is so judging from the pictures i thought it's just plastic cover haha. it's cling wrap pala. but we didn't have one so i just used the regular plastic cover.


1. tape the template down on the table

2. put plastic cover/cling wrap over it

3. then put the tulle fabric on top, make sure it covers the entire mask.

4. using your fabric paint, in my case glitter paint...

... trace. this is where you'll need your steady hands for. whew

5. when done, let it sit and dry overnight

6. when dry, cut it out including the eye holes. if you used cling wrap, i think it would be easier to peel off the tulle from the wrap. but since i used plastic cover, i had a hard time peeling them apart so i just cut the thing with the plastic cover hehe

aaaand done. :)

my next problem is probably how to make it stick to my face (not a ribbon fan). for the purpose of that shot i  used tape. haha

5-day Drawing Workshop este Java SE6 training

the best thing about wide post containers is that it's so fun to post pictures! but i won't for now hehe

anyway, this entire week i was at a 5-day Java SE6 training by Oracle University. my expectations were high for this, but they kinda got crushed when i first came in the room and saw that the free notebook and pen they had for us is not from oracle. grrr. i already let it pass that we're not taking the class at Pacific Star Bldg., where oracle u's at, cos you know it sounds cooler when you're at the real place, with real freebies and legit oracle peeps all around. yeah that's my habol (sortof), the oracle feeling, and the red notebook! just because it looks cool hihi. the pen isn't even working! >:P

so what happened? honestly, come day 3 and i'm all sabog. i thought i could use this week to escape from work (which i did! haha) but haay i still had to come back after office hours to practice for the christmas presentation. in the end, i was home late the entire week and never felt completely rested as i had to wake up early to catch the 9am class. to hell with fixed schedules huhu.

well i still thank God cos the food was good, it wasn't 5 star good but it's free! and because i was not expecting any food to be served, ya get 5 stars from me! yeheyy! >XD

the lesson was jam packed, i lost it at Class Design. whatever you are, you got me lost grrrr. but hey i learned something new! MAHJONG TITANS ohaaaa andali lang pala mag mahjong hihi and no, it's wasn't a class exercise... it was my personal exercise hahaha.

Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch FINALLY!

wacom bamboo pen & touch (small) 

my dear friends and readers, allow me to savor this moment where i momentarily feel like a real multimedia artist. Lord, thank you for giving me the means to purchase that which i've long dreamed of owning.

now for my next request, please give me the power to get used to this piece of technology. as of now, it's eating every precious strand of my patience HAHA. i've always had this assumption that using a tablet would create better looking art. LOL i just hope so! >XD we'll see... for now... tutorials pleeeeaase >:'(

It's free movie day today! >:D

this day was quite eventful, i accompanied terai to the gym to try out the group exercise she regularly attends. it's called Lose It! a 1 hour fitness module composed of intense circuit workouts. that time, we were quite in a rush to catch the 12nn-1pm sched so i just skipped brunch. when the workout started, not 30 mins has passed and i almost passed out, so i just walked out the studio to rest. i had no energy left to finish the entire session. my vision got clouded and my knees got wobbly after that short exercise. it was a stupid idea to skip eating before heading to the gym. i also didn't expect that module to be that exhausting hahahaha

after gym, i was so hungry i downed an overloaded meal at KFC HAHAHA sayang exercise. then we headed straight to SM North EDSA for the FREE MOVIE DAY!!!

Movie 1: Stolen

the 1 kidnapped daughter. instant crush!
Good movie! that chick alison was an eyecandy hahaha. i just have a few concerns at the end part of the movie where nicholas cage was trying to free her daughter from the trunk of a flaming cab (the antagonist poured gas and ignited the dang thing). what he did was, he started the engine and drove the car all the way to the lake. so the fire was extinguished and they drowned and blah. eventually he found a metal stick to open the dang trunk and release her daughter.

so what's bothering me is... isn't it dangerous to start the engine when the car is already on fire? ain't that riskier for his daughter? also, he was able to start the cab, and based on what i saw he used the car key. isn't that already the same key you need to open the trunk? or not? oh well.

i'm no movie critic so i can't tell if it's that good. but i enjoyed it nonetheless, after all it's free! haha

Movie 2: Step Up Revolution (Step up 4: Miami Heat)

Super cool and entertaining movie.. as usual! Who cares about the plot, i bet most of us were in it for the amazing dance prods anyway. And the best part, Moose was there (oops, spoiler haha)! great choreography! i enjoyed every performance except the first first one with lots of wheels and where the dancers where scattered in most places. i appreciate it best when they perform as a mob on one floor. anyway, for the entertainment value it gives... this one's a must watch. :D

for the love of art

i just pulled up another all nighter to finish the 2nd and final proof of the yearbook. hopefully it'll come out as beautifully as we all imagine it to be! and by God, i have no doubts about it.

no choice? that's your choice.

some things have changed over the past few days. and i bet it has something do this with this one issue. petty if you ask me, but i have an inkling suspicion it was mouth twisted into a prejudice. i'm affected because i'm an incredibly sensitive, in short -paranoid-, and also a ridiculously jealous person. i take hints on every odd behavior. specially with my friends. whatever happened to, for a lack of a better term, chicks before dicks? oh i miss my friend.

on a different note, i'm just wondering. to what extent should you not care about what other people think of you? some people say that as long as you're sure you're not doing anything wrong in the eyes of God or whoever/whatever your preferred deity is, you are not accountable to other peoples' impression of you. but in reality, whose eyes really matter? that one big eye, or that vast multitude of smaller, sinister pairs?

i think is alright to consider both. after all, where we are today is also a fruit of other people's judgment. you see, just now i realized that i hate it when people say they don't care about what other people think of them. freaking hypocrites. i gathered that they only say that whenever they are being judged negatively. yun lang naman. haha

on yet another note, i believe there is no such thing as 'no choice'. perhaps some people only use it to better explain the situation they're in where the best choice is sadly, an unbearable one. but to use it as a reason to blame, as if the purpose of every option is to oppress and that you were cornered to decide against your will, i think that's unfair. for every unbearable option you choose, remember that at the end of the day, it's still you who decides for yourself. it you think the choice you made was intended to pull you down then that's your choice, not theirs. if you will let that unbearable choice pull you down, then that's your choice, not theirs. it's all a matter of perspective.

similar to choosing the lesser between two evils, having 'no choice' is simply an excuse. you always have a choice. you're blessed enough to have one. so be man enough to put that blessing to good use.

Meralco: Maliwanag ang Pasko Promo!

Hey goys! here's another promo plug...
Meralco is raffling away 5,000 daily to lucky participants of their Meralco: Maliwanag ang pasko promo!
There are 2 ways to join the raffle promo:

1. by uploading a christmas decorated photo of your home (whether indoor or outdoor) at the Meralco app, you are entitled 5 entries.
2. by uploading a photo from the Liwanag Park with the Maliwanag ang Pasko parol visible in the shot, you get 1 entry.

This campaign by One Meralco Foundation is held in cooperation with the Department of Tourism, to help light up remote schools from the following provinces: Quezon, Palawan, Bohol, Dinagat and also extend help to various charitable institutions in the Philippines.

For more details, head on to THIS LINK or just simply click on the image above.

SM Cinema e-Plus offers FREE MOVIE DAY on December 8, 2012

Free Movie Day voucher
By liking their facebook page and accessing their Free Movie Day app, facebook users may avail of free cinema tickets for 2 for the following movies, at their selected SM Cinema branch:

movie line up!
Movie Line-up:
Anac ti Pating
Ang mga Aswang
Asin: Wala kang Kawala sa Sumpa
Duwaya: Polygamy
Genghis Khan
House at the End of the Street
Huling Biyahe
Limang Dipang Tao
Mga Kidnapper ni Ronnie Lazaro
Step Up Revolution

I was lucky enough to have heard of the promo quite early so i was still able to get slots for Step Up Revolution and Stolen! but it didn't come easy you know, their app was frequently down due to heavy traffic but nonetheless it was fixed so... yeheyy!
free tickets yehey!
and well, you couldn't imagine the hassle of trying to get those tix. We had to endure this painstakingly long line of claimers at SM North EDSA yesterday.

the frakking long line
It was partly my fault for claiming at the last days of redemption, but well, i have work and i'll be hailing from makati pa, and time is gold for these people so i was already expecting this. haha but then, i'm still lucky cos i was able to avail 2 movies! 3 if you count the voucher above... in fact, i only realized that i have another voucher just now when i uploaded the picture and noticed a different movie title in it. haha see, i was looking for ways to get extra vouchers with the same name kasi cos their app kinda disallows that kind of thing so i used daddy's account and just changed the names. blah.

then you know, SM's lack of system during the redemption period is so annoying. just look at the line. they should've added more people at the booth (apparently there only 3 people manning during the peak hours), or made the registration computerized and the customer code barcoded. apparently, they spend around 5 minutes for an entire transaction which includes: verifiying if the ID matches the name on the voucher, writing down details ON PAPER including that alphanumeric customer code with 11 characters, having the customer sign their redemption sheet, and selecting and stamping the right tickets before finally calling on to the next person in line.

that paperful transaction could be so error prone that i noticed how easy it is to get tickets without using the app. i just have to copy the freaking voucher (which is abundant in google images now if you'll just search), put my name and invent my own customer code. they couldn't validate it on the spot anyway, right when they just wrote everything down on paper. and by the time they realized they lacked so much in this department, the cinema is already full of standing people (ETA: which thankfully didn't happen).

nevertheless, thank you Lord for this opportunity! back to back movie date with terai tomorrow! yahoooo! >XD

Anchor Maple Butter Christmas Sampling (gift packs, up for grabs!)

Here's a short plug:
Anchor is raffling away Anchor Maple Butter gift packs to lucky winners of their raffle promo! Just tell them which dish you would want to make better with Anchor Maple Butter by answering in the commend feeder on their page!

Head on to their facebook page for more details by clicking on THIS LINK or on the image above. :)

amused + wish list

someone called me earlier, recruiting me to be part of their team as an i-don't-know-yet. she says, compensation is big and i can do it part time. the project has something to do with GENETIC TECHNOLOGY, the parent company is based in the US but the project is philippine outsourced. then you know, the call dropped. network bluff grrr. i'm only interested about the nature of their job though, not exactly the offer. sounds really kewl. like superhero cool. are they brewing something that will contribute to the advancement of genetic studies? she wasn't clear about the company name, so it could be like top secret. is it something evil? like a virus that turns people into zombies when they die (like this series i forgot)? are they orchestrating a biological warfare to end the world on the 21st? and will offer immunity only to those involved in the development of the project? LIKE ME (possibly)! hahaha

oh well, nevermind >:)

ETA: just so you know, i added a wish list at the side bar! >XD for your *ehem* reference LOL

thank you Lord!

i haven't thanked God enough for all the blessings i've received since... i don't know when. haha all i know is that i've been thoroughly blessed, that God never failed to provide me even with my pettiest needs, even though i know i haven't been exactly in touch with him lately. see, i've been slacking off... failing to make time for my devotions because every time i reach home i'm already too physically drained. sometimes i feel distant already, and i feel guilty and ashamed. it's not even an excuse that i was tired, when did exhaustion ever stop Paul from praising God?

but really, one of the best learnings i've just recently, errr, internalized is that we should be thankful for EVERYTHING that we are receiving. whether it be pain or suffering, it's nothing God gives for no reason. everything we encounter adds up to a life learning God wants us to realize each day. which is why it's important to take a break every once in a while, breathe in, relax, pause and assess our lives. what have we been up to lately? have we learned something? lest we learn that message God wants to impart to us, he's never gonna stop giving the same trials. if we think history is repeating itself, then we haven't learned our lessons yet.

and really Lord, i'm on the verge of tears cos i'm overwhelming with thanks. my head (or neck, i'm not really sure), still hurts but grarrr. dsfhaksdhaskhkchkferuyvih. thank you for putting me where i am today. work is tough, and there are plenty of times i wanted to give up but looking back at your promise that you'll never give me anything i can't handle, my hope revives HAHA. and you know me well, i'm someone who (most of the time) doesn't believe in herself but HAHA i'll try. i'll really try. if it's too big to handle, then i'll be big enough for it. grarrr, i'm babbling aren't i. huhu. nakakaiyak kasi huhuhu

i thank you for giving me such awesome, considerate and wonderful teammates, it makes the daily stress bearable. and seriously, i haven't had this much side income... but thank you for making my loading business prosperous, because of it i'm never out of cash. thank you for fuego's fansign <3 <3. also, thank you for my last payslip, because of it i was able to finally buy new gym socks and foot socks for me and terai (pending dream finally slashed off the list!). i also was able to fund an outing for the family. and mommy was super happy about the rice allowance too, that means more rice for lugaw! hahahaha aaaall that while still managing to set aside money for savings, tithes, gym and the phone bill. thank you Lord! my OT finally paid off, like literally... yeheyyy! thank youuu!!!

i still have a loooot of pending stuff to buy but that could wait! and reallyyyyy now, thank you for giving me one of your servants as my boyfriend. he's totally into you, much more than he's into me pa nga eh, and that's perfect! you answered not just my prayers but also my parents'. he's the one responsible for bringing me closer to you and i couldn't cry more. i've never felt this complete.

from my reading of 2 Chronicles 19, i saw the importance of having a spiritual leader to guide us along our life journey. no matter how much we think we can just meditate on our own and find the Lord in our midst, it's different having someone physical to share your spiritual concerns with, like a fellowship. this wasn't exactly emphasized in the reading but Jehoshapat appointing judges to administer the law of the Lord and make sure his people doesn't go spiritually astray is like telling us that leaders are important to constantly remind us of what's right and wrong in the eyes of the Lord.

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