thank you Lord!

i haven't thanked God enough for all the blessings i've received since... i don't know when. haha all i know is that i've been thoroughly blessed, that God never failed to provide me even with my pettiest needs, even though i know i haven't been exactly in touch with him lately. see, i've been slacking off... failing to make time for my devotions because every time i reach home i'm already too physically drained. sometimes i feel distant already, and i feel guilty and ashamed. it's not even an excuse that i was tired, when did exhaustion ever stop Paul from praising God?

but really, one of the best learnings i've just recently, errr, internalized is that we should be thankful for EVERYTHING that we are receiving. whether it be pain or suffering, it's nothing God gives for no reason. everything we encounter adds up to a life learning God wants us to realize each day. which is why it's important to take a break every once in a while, breathe in, relax, pause and assess our lives. what have we been up to lately? have we learned something? lest we learn that message God wants to impart to us, he's never gonna stop giving the same trials. if we think history is repeating itself, then we haven't learned our lessons yet.

and really Lord, i'm on the verge of tears cos i'm overwhelming with thanks. my head (or neck, i'm not really sure), still hurts but grarrr. dsfhaksdhaskhkchkferuyvih. thank you for putting me where i am today. work is tough, and there are plenty of times i wanted to give up but looking back at your promise that you'll never give me anything i can't handle, my hope revives HAHA. and you know me well, i'm someone who (most of the time) doesn't believe in herself but HAHA i'll try. i'll really try. if it's too big to handle, then i'll be big enough for it. grarrr, i'm babbling aren't i. huhu. nakakaiyak kasi huhuhu

i thank you for giving me such awesome, considerate and wonderful teammates, it makes the daily stress bearable. and seriously, i haven't had this much side income... but thank you for making my loading business prosperous, because of it i'm never out of cash. thank you for fuego's fansign <3 <3. also, thank you for my last payslip, because of it i was able to finally buy new gym socks and foot socks for me and terai (pending dream finally slashed off the list!). i also was able to fund an outing for the family. and mommy was super happy about the rice allowance too, that means more rice for lugaw! hahahaha aaaall that while still managing to set aside money for savings, tithes, gym and the phone bill. thank you Lord! my OT finally paid off, like literally... yeheyyy! thank youuu!!!

i still have a loooot of pending stuff to buy but that could wait! and reallyyyyy now, thank you for giving me one of your servants as my boyfriend. he's totally into you, much more than he's into me pa nga eh, and that's perfect! you answered not just my prayers but also my parents'. he's the one responsible for bringing me closer to you and i couldn't cry more. i've never felt this complete.

from my reading of 2 Chronicles 19, i saw the importance of having a spiritual leader to guide us along our life journey. no matter how much we think we can just meditate on our own and find the Lord in our midst, it's different having someone physical to share your spiritual concerns with, like a fellowship. this wasn't exactly emphasized in the reading but Jehoshapat appointing judges to administer the law of the Lord and make sure his people doesn't go spiritually astray is like telling us that leaders are important to constantly remind us of what's right and wrong in the eyes of the Lord.

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