Drawn to a still world

I've never really thought much about it, but there are times when I want to own a kick ass camera and shoot landscapes, hold shoots and capture every perfect moment in my life! Every time I see some of my friends updating their facebook timelines with photoshoot albums, I always wonder if it's really that hard to take nice pictures. I know a lot of people are underestimating photographers, saying their services are only overpriced because of their overpriced camera, and that photography is as easy as point and shoot, but really... you know a photo is skillfully taken when it captures not just the moment or scene, but also a fragment of your heart, leaping into that frame, wanting to be part of that still world. 

I've come across of a lot of photography and art showcase sites just for appreciation and just recently I found ArtStar, an online gallery full of artworks for sale at very affordable prices; illustrations, photos and everything else. It's nice to look around a lot of photos and see where it takes you. It's also cool to discover other artists too, like this one I saw: Guenter Knop who enjoys experimenting in nude, black and white photography and has a penchant for shooting Parisian scenes. Paris is beautiful and it's amazing how, even in black and white, his photos exude the same vibrance as with colored ones.

It's a really good way to unwind, looking at beautiful photos and letting yourself drown in the scenery. Life is full of wonderful things!

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