DIY Masquerade Mask (with template!)

finished product!
oh, i could hardly call myself crafty but this tutorial made me! our department christmas party is coming up soon with the good 'ol masquerade theme, and i didn't like the masks i saw out on the stores so i searched google for possible tutorials on how to make your own, and voila! said DIY tutorial came up! it's so simple that i didn't have to shell loads of creative juice for it, seriously! why? because the instructions are so easy, the materials very accessible, and well... the only physical requirement you need for this is to have STEADY HANDS.

this is basically just a reiteration of the abovementioned tutorial... so let's start!

What you'll need:
1. a print out of the mask template to be found here
Print it as is, no scaling needed as the image is set to the actual mask size. >:D
2. scissors/cutter and tape
3. tulle or sheer fabric
i used white tulle fabric. half a yard cost around 45 pesos at local fabric shops. i bought mine at Carolina's Glorietta. the size is too big but that's the smallest they offer so yeah. hehe
4. textile/fabric paint in tube (see pic below)
i had a hard time looking for tube paints so i settled with Pebeo Touch Deco Glitter (noir black). it costs 99.75 pesos at National Bookstore. they have a variant for fabric called Touch Textile but it wasn't available at the time so i thought this could work naman. haha
5. cling wrap
from the tutorial it says saran wrap, i didn't know what saran wrap is so judging from the pictures i thought it's just plastic cover haha. it's cling wrap pala. but we didn't have one so i just used the regular plastic cover.


1. tape the template down on the table

2. put plastic cover/cling wrap over it

3. then put the tulle fabric on top, make sure it covers the entire mask.

4. using your fabric paint, in my case glitter paint...

... trace. this is where you'll need your steady hands for. whew

5. when done, let it sit and dry overnight

6. when dry, cut it out including the eye holes. if you used cling wrap, i think it would be easier to peel off the tulle from the wrap. but since i used plastic cover, i had a hard time peeling them apart so i just cut the thing with the plastic cover hehe

aaaand done. :)

my next problem is probably how to make it stick to my face (not a ribbon fan). for the purpose of that shot i  used tape. haha

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