5-day Drawing Workshop este Java SE6 training

the best thing about wide post containers is that it's so fun to post pictures! but i won't for now hehe

anyway, this entire week i was at a 5-day Java SE6 training by Oracle University. my expectations were high for this, but they kinda got crushed when i first came in the room and saw that the free notebook and pen they had for us is not from oracle. grrr. i already let it pass that we're not taking the class at Pacific Star Bldg., where oracle u's at, cos you know it sounds cooler when you're at the real place, with real freebies and legit oracle peeps all around. yeah that's my habol (sortof), the oracle feeling, and the red notebook! just because it looks cool hihi. the pen isn't even working! >:P

so what happened? honestly, come day 3 and i'm all sabog. i thought i could use this week to escape from work (which i did! haha) but haay i still had to come back after office hours to practice for the christmas presentation. in the end, i was home late the entire week and never felt completely rested as i had to wake up early to catch the 9am class. to hell with fixed schedules huhu.

well i still thank God cos the food was good, it wasn't 5 star good but it's free! and because i was not expecting any food to be served, ya get 5 stars from me! yeheyy! >XD

the lesson was jam packed, i lost it at Class Design. whatever you are, you got me lost grrrr. but hey i learned something new! MAHJONG TITANS ohaaaa andali lang pala mag mahjong hihi and no, it's wasn't a class exercise... it was my personal exercise hahaha.

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