no choice? that's your choice.

some things have changed over the past few days. and i bet it has something do this with this one issue. petty if you ask me, but i have an inkling suspicion it was mouth twisted into a prejudice. i'm affected because i'm an incredibly sensitive, in short -paranoid-, and also a ridiculously jealous person. i take hints on every odd behavior. specially with my friends. whatever happened to, for a lack of a better term, chicks before dicks? oh i miss my friend.

on a different note, i'm just wondering. to what extent should you not care about what other people think of you? some people say that as long as you're sure you're not doing anything wrong in the eyes of God or whoever/whatever your preferred deity is, you are not accountable to other peoples' impression of you. but in reality, whose eyes really matter? that one big eye, or that vast multitude of smaller, sinister pairs?

i think is alright to consider both. after all, where we are today is also a fruit of other people's judgment. you see, just now i realized that i hate it when people say they don't care about what other people think of them. freaking hypocrites. i gathered that they only say that whenever they are being judged negatively. yun lang naman. haha

on yet another note, i believe there is no such thing as 'no choice'. perhaps some people only use it to better explain the situation they're in where the best choice is sadly, an unbearable one. but to use it as a reason to blame, as if the purpose of every option is to oppress and that you were cornered to decide against your will, i think that's unfair. for every unbearable option you choose, remember that at the end of the day, it's still you who decides for yourself. it you think the choice you made was intended to pull you down then that's your choice, not theirs. if you will let that unbearable choice pull you down, then that's your choice, not theirs. it's all a matter of perspective.

similar to choosing the lesser between two evils, having 'no choice' is simply an excuse. you always have a choice. you're blessed enough to have one. so be man enough to put that blessing to good use.

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