How Are EIN's Assigned?

When you submit your application to the IRS through the IRS-EIN-Tax-ID website, the IRS provides you with a nine-digit number that you can use to run your business.  Social security numbers, which are personal identifiers, are also nine digits, but the two are set up a bit differently. EINs use the format of 12-3456789 while social security numbers use 123-45-6789. What Do the Numbers Mean?

Your EIN number stars with two digits. Until 2001, the first two digits, which are known as the prefix code, referred to the geographical area in which your company would operate. Since 2001, the first two digits now refer to the IRS office that processed the application. The rest of the digits do not have a specific meaning. They are randomly generated and assigned, although the IRS takes measures to ensure no EINs have consecutive numbers.

What About Old Numbers?

Unfortunately, businesses close their doors and stop using their employer identification numbers every day. Even if you never use the EIN again, it is still yours, unless you contact the IRS directly to deactivate your account. In that case, your account is closed, and the number could technically be used by another company. However, the chances of this occurring are very low statistically.

How Do I Apply for an EIN?

Applying for an EIN online is easy. Simply take a few moments to fill out some information about yourself and your company, and then submit the application along with the one-time processing fee. Many applicants receive a response and their number the very same day. If you submit your application after hours, you will receive a response the next business day. Your employer identification number comes directly to your email inbox to make the process as easy for you as possible.

Are you ready to make your business look more professional? Let IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service help you put your best foot forward. Contact the company today.


Airbnb stay: Megatower Residences at Baguio

When we decided on a whim to go to Baguio, the first thing I wanted to settle before arriving is accommodation. Of course. Something clean and simple, affordable, and near SM Baguio. Being near SM is comforting because I know they've got it all for me lol. Since we're arriving the next day, there weren't much options that fit our budget, but thank God I found one at Megatower Residences. The room is spacious enough, clean, no hideous furniture, and it's walking distance to SM Baguio. Just right.

When we touched down at Baguio, I was in constant communication with the host. But when we arrived at the condo building, things started to get worrisome. I couldn't contact her. She wouldn't respond to my messages. Her phone cannot be reached. We didn't travel six hours and paid 4k just to get scammed. I double checked her Airbnb profile, and was alarmed to realize that the unit had zero reviews. Why the heck didn't I check that?! We inquired at the lobby guards, saying we were booked at Unit 1B-51. They said that they didn't receive any key for turnover. They asked for a name. I can only give the first name of the host. Finally, they decided to accompany us to the basement to check the room if someone's there. Maybe the signal is poor. Maybe the host is busy. Maybe. When we were about to board the elevator, a miracle happened. THE HOST RESPONDED AND SHE'S ABOUT TO GO UP NA DAW. 

JUSKO! And that ends our stress. Poor signal is the culprit. Next time I'm not booking a basement unit anymore.

Anyway. Here's our room. 

Spacious enough for two. Bed mattress isn't that thick though and doesn't seem sturdy. To be honest, the room looked underwhelming compared to the Airbnb photos. But it's clean enough so it's okay.

Ref, kitchen, dining, check!

TV is very small and they forgot to provide us with the remote control. Too bad, sayang cable! There's wifi but it's not fast. Keri lang. We tried downloading a universal remote control app, but apparently none of our phones are IR equipped. Whatever happened to that feature?! 

Kitchen counter is small. There's barely enough room for cooking, but kebs, we weren't gonna cook anyway. I love the deep sink and the pull-out spray kitchen faucet! 

The CR is nice and clean as well. Glass-enclosed shower, yehey! 

The room kinda feels stuffy, understandably so because it's at the basement. Yun nga lang, will take note not to book basement units anymore haha. It's too dark in the morning, I'm not used to it! LOL I need my sunshine haha.

We got the room for around ~2,000/night, after applying my Airbnb credits. Not bad for us. :) Will probably book at Megatowers again, but definitely not at the basement next time hehe. :D We really liked the place, it's near SM baguio, bus terminal (to Manila), and the ground floor of the condo has a convenience store, pharmacy, eatery, and bakery. Perfect! Pluuuuus, there's Victory Church on the next block so we didn't miss out on service that weekend. :)

Still not on Airbnb? Man, you're missing out on tons of beautiful and affordable accommodation! If you want to sign up, please do so using my referal link so we'll both get free travel credits! Yeyy!


Late update: Biglaang Baguio Trip!

Late update! Some three weeks ago, hubby and I decided to go to Baguio on a whim. By that I mean we booked an Airbnb 14hrs before our estimated arrival, and bet on slim chances that we'll get bus tickets for a 6am trip the following morning, which we didn't. The terminal was packed with so many people and there were so many chance passengers like us waiting for available slots. We failed to leave early but thank God we were able to secure tickets for the 9am trip. The entire ride took around 6 hours with 1 stop over. We rode a regular a/c bus with Victory Liner and I'm not doing it again haha. It was okay but I'm too fat for my seat and I couldn't sleep properly because of the noise (TV, people). Reason why we took the first class bus on our way back. Bigger seats, less people, and no stop overs.

To justify our biglaang lakad, aka biglaang gastos, we said it's to celebrate his birthday and his finally getting a new job. So there. We got an Airbnb at Megatowers and spent two nights "exploring" Baguio. We didn't really do much. We happened to arrive before Panagbenga festival ended so Session road was still closed and infuriatingly impassable due to the thick crowd. Traffic was terrible and the crowd is intolerable. I personally would rather hole up in our bed. But that's not the point of going to Baguio right? And besides, our room is super basic. The TV is too small, the wifi is slow, and they forgot to give us a remote control so there's essentially nothing fun to do in our unit. Add to the fact that we're at the basement so signal sucks and the room feels stuffy. I did drop a positive review at Airbnb in light of it being a good value for money, but yeah, could've gotten a better place. Anyway. We ate at 50's Diner and Ahmad Brothers, looked around Mines View Park, bought pasalubong from Good Shepherd, and finally tried strawberry taho (love it! but I still prefer the classic). We had fun, overall hahaha. And that's about everything we did on our 2 nights there lol.

I have memories of being to Baguio but I don't remember enjoying it. I just remember it being too cold haha.

For sure I'm going back! I'd be riding Genesis Joybus to and from, and will get an Airbnb at Outlook Ridge or book a hotel room at Azalea Residences hahaha. I just realized, being an asocial homebuddy, I'm not too big on outdoor itineraries. If I do travel, I want to make sure I'm getting a big airconditioned room with fast wifi, cabled TV, and a nice view. I'm too much of a city girl I'd rather admire nature from afar.

While I just confirmed for myself that spontaneous trips like this is not really my thing, it did help that I was with my husband and we're both in a come-what-may mood. Anything goes, good or bad, as long as we don't die or lose our pocket money. It was a good celebration, and I thank God for allowing us to experience it all.

I can finally stop nagging him to get a job hehe. And I on the other hand, can stop blaming him whenever I get tired from my sidelines because 1) it was never his fault, it just feels unfair when I see him at home doing nothing while I cram article after article to meet deadlines, and 2) it's really my personal choice to stress myself out - on everything.

So yeah, following this post I plan to make separate entries for our Airbnb home, 50's Diner, Ahmad Brothers, Pik a Pot, and Victory Liner's first class bus. :)

Hey blogg what is upppp

For the life of me I can't seem to find time to update this blog anymore! I've been soooo frkn busy with work lately and while I'm constantly craving for some me time, I'm also constantly craving for potato corner, and I only have the luxury to accommodate one, and food wins - as usual. So what's up? Right now I'm working on 2 articles, 2 invitation suites, and a long long overdue brand design guidebook. I'm so bombarded with work and I can only make up excuses as to why I'm not delivering as pronto as I'm used to. My usual excuse would be the truth, that I'm also working on other projects so please bear with the delay. But the truth is, every time I go home I just want to rest and play Clash Royale, Design Home, and Mad Skills BMX till the break of dawn. I suck at time management and it sucks lol hahaha.

My writing job employer renewed their guidelines and gave a maximum of 48 hours turnaround for a single article. I'M GONNA DIE. And as if I'm not employed enough, I applied at Livingston Research as a freelance academic writer. I took their online test - a 45 item grammar test, and a writing test - a 200 word position paper about a random social sciences topic - all within time pressure... and I passed. I can't believe it huhu. I just really wanted to test myself, see if I'm cut out for it. A day after I completed the exam I got a frkn call from Livingston UK delivering the good news. For the most part I didn't understand the accent, but I heard congratulations and we'll email you the next steps blah blah blah and your success manager will call you in a few days to follow up on you. Like... what the heck. All that formality for a freelance position?!

So I checked their portal, read the notes, yadda yadda and went to their site to check for any open assignments I can try. BUT MYGAHD IT WAS SO FRKN DAUNTING. If being an academic writer means doing somebody else's homework, I'M OUT. No, I'm kidding. I'll check it out again to see if I can do anything haha.

I'm glad I took the test, passed, and got to see the type of work they offer. I've always been mentally complaining about this writing job I have, that I feel like I'm being underpaid, that they're too strict, that there's too much work, blah blah blah. But upon seeing Livingston's offer, I'm actually very lucky. I'm not even writing academic papers and I'm getting paid twice. Super sorry Lord for complaining too much. And you know what, I've learned a freaking lot writing for my current employer, and I've improved too. My bosses are all very kind as well. I hope I don't get fired before June though cos that's going to be my 1 year milestone with them! Gotta work harderrrr!

On the other hand, I can't thank God enough for putting me at White & Case naks naman. HAHA. I mean, besides the HR thing (which still makes me feel super duper bad just thinking about it), I'm enjoying the work and I'm not feeling stupid. Or maybe because jusko ang tanda ko na kasi diba hahaha. I'm learning a heeeeell lot and it's super exciting. I'm surrounded by super admirable people too and everyone's just super nice and friendly lol. To be fair, I've always been around great people. I've never had to complain about the people I work with. And swerte ko lang. Thank you Lord! <3

Okaaaay, so back to work! 

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