do you want a money spell?

awhile ago my dad and i went to fcm to have my picture taken. i'm so late for the ust requirements damn... then we fetched mom's cl othes in metropole, bought ice cream from the ice cream store sa regalado and went home. =)
i'll be doing a lot of things later! haha... but currently i'm thinking of some other flattering words to put in my profile write-up.

this what i got from =)
money spell
What you need for this spell:

5 old pennies, 5 dimes, 5 quarters (or, five each of three denominations of your
country's coin currency, if outside the United States), 5 kernels of dried corn, 5 sesame
seeds, 5 cinnamon sticks, 5 cloves, 5 whole allspice, 5 pecans.

Place each item into a thin, tall bottle, such as a spice bottle. Cap it tightly. Shake
the bottle with your receptive hand (the one you do not write with) for 5 minutes while
chanting these or similar words:
“Herbs and silver, Copper and grain; Work to increase my money gain”

Place the money spell bottle on a table somewhere in your house. Leave your
purse, pocketbook, wallet and/or checkbook near the bottle when at home. Allow
money to come into your life. It is done.

a big "sigh" to end the day

we had another practice awhile ago. it was damn tiring... i actually want to sympathize with the eco song singers for they have another practice to attend...

buti na lang hindi ako pumasa...-_-;; gayon paman... malungkot pero bahala na si Lord!

after ng practice... sumabay na lang ako kina k.a. ... baba sa convergy's para mag starbucks.

=) haay... di nyo alam kung gano ka therapeutic sakin ang kape...
pagdating sa bahay... bihis. tapos gawa agad ng project. kumusta naman ang project ko? 80% done!

kakapagod. ngayon nga di pa ko tapos sa ibang homeworks eh.

off topic tayo mga tsong.
hehe.. eto nanaman ako sa achilles-patrocolus fandom ko.
i'm being observant pag eksena na nila sa troy eh...

instead of taking notes i['m quoting 'fishy' lines like...

"play with my tricks but not with my cousin (patroclus)" achilles to odysseus.

they also said something beetween these lines...

"i told you how to fight but i never told you why!" achilles
"i fight for you." patroclus.
"but who will you fight for when i'm gone...." achilles.

"...i wouldn't be in this battlefield if i'm not concerned for you. now, guard the ship." - achilles to patroclus. uhm... according to my keen eyes they're both at the near-edge of the ship with achilles holding patroclus' face with both of his hands.

now isn't that tooo... sweet?
and to think, it's obviously implied that they're an item (with hints of oxymoron-ism) but people want to stay oblivious to the fact that, hallelujah!, they're gay.

bwahaha.. they're gay! they're gay! they're gay!
i'm not paying too much attention to the story cos i've read a lot already but i do pay attention to achilles and patroclus!

go gays.

meet emerson spartz

try reading this

he is just unbelievable. that's why i like him.
i've never known a fan being greatly recognized by his idols. and FYI, through a website.

how comeeee???
i'm getting envious but then, he's just way better than i am in expressing his devotion.

someday... i will be successful in creating a fansite!!!!
i want to go and ask him, "what kind of spell did you use to create such a website?"

come on... look at him. he doesn't look like a nerd stalker. he's got the looks... a not so fan-ish look.

but he's a fan!
and now i'm a fan of a fan!!!

i seem to sound a little furious in here.
i'm half envious and half amazed.

what now?

i'm bored. i want to do something!
no, not that project! i'll finish it tomorrow cos i have too much grudges to hold against our teacher that i certainly DON'T want to follow any of her instructions even if it risks my grades! if only i'm working alone then she would feel how much i loathe her though my project! ha!

grrr... no! i'm not saying i don't want k.a.'s partnership! i'm also concerned about her grades! the thing is if i pursue with my rebellious plans then her grade will also be in danger.

it's very simple, you see.
i'm not enjoying her subject.

what? you gonna blab?
i'm not the only one who finds her utterly senseless and boring it's just that i'm one of the few who finds it necessary to tell the world i dislike the subject with her teaching it.

good thing there are no classes tomorrow!

dead tired

so tired. grrr.
anyway.. i wish i could post some screenshots from the int'l trailer of harry potter i downloaded, unfortunately i don't know how to...
don't suggest the 'print screen', it won't work.

it's kai's birthday today!!!
happy birthday! i'm really sorry that i can't have the day off for your birthday treat.
happy birthday!

oh, today is the rumored appearing of mars in the night sky. according to some could-be unreliable sources, it should appear by midnight and by the size of the moon (something i think is very unbelievable unless there really is a reported orbital change on mars)

uh.. whatever. i wanna sleep again.
hehe, i did something good! i gave away a prisontale top-up card for free! i did it the promo style. like whoever emails me first with this subject and this content will get the top-up card. and minutes after posting the announcement, i have a winner.

LoL. it's nice making people happy!

tall dark and never mind!

it suddenly feels like i have to post something but i just can't figure it out YET.
oh yes, i remember i just want to say pansy parkinson is very pretty in the HP4 movie contrary the the 'pug-like face' description of her in the book.

and cho-chang according to the book is pretty and popular and this is, on the other hand , contrary to the movie where cho chang looks exactly like how pansy should look like, pug-faced!

i mean cho should be genevieve gaunt (minus the asian descent) and pansy should be katie leung.

but anyway. since Malfoy is with her, i can bear with that. malfoy, really, should be surrounded with decent looking wizards-- include harry there.

i hate katie leung!

i'm currently reading chamber of secrets (since sorcerer's stone us under circulation)... for the sake of completely reading the whole hp series. so far i've just read goblet, order and half-blood... all of which came from the library. =)

ayoko na mag english.. sa susunod na lang... naiinis kasi ako kay sir flores eh.
akalain mo magtawag ng audition for eco song - instruments kaninag 5pm!
eh usually i get fetched by 4:30 so tinext ko pa daddy ko na sunduin ako by 5:30...

i waited there kasi may gumagamit pa ng music room...
quarter to 6 na and obviously walang audition!
pu*(@%^$ U#)&%^@
eto pa... bagsak ako sa physics, pinoi, and health!
ang saya ng buhay ko diba?

profile pictorial

we just had it awhile ago... =)
my creative shot didn't go as planned but i'm guite satisfied about it... =)
er... instead of being an artist i decided to wear angel wings...hehe nothing unique but quite bearable.

i'm kind of regretting that i didn't think of playing a hogwarts student or something like that since i have some of the uniform parts except for the robe and the pleated skirt. hhe i want to be a witch!

LoL... if i like my picture then good for me but if not.. err... there's always a photoshop around!

my ideal job is

arianne, your ideal job is a Goal Scoring Superstar Hero!

lOl, it's not even a job! haha

then i also tried my full name...
it says... your ideal job is a Ping Pong Ball Inspector.
well that could be a job but i guess i have to settle with my first 'job'.

then again, i tried the ideal car generator and it says the ideal car for me is a Rolls Royce..yeah!

try it HERE!

hmm this week will be our profile pictorial... i'm not ready. -_- i really don't want my hair to be loose, i want it tied or something like that. i don't even know what to do with the creative shot..
maybe i'll just wear a
painter's hat
white shirt with paint splats under a
denim jumper and
rugged shoes...
then hold a sketchpad on the right arm
and a pain brush on the other hand then...

err... *winks* weird. i won't look like an artist.. i'll look like tom saywer fishing with huckleberry fin.

oh my... i don't even paint. i draw so maybe i'll replace the paintbrush with a pencil and turn my peasant clothes to... a gown perhaps?

grr... what's with me? nah, of course i want to look good. =)

oh... i quite happy today... i drew 'adrian creed' =)
who? he's an original character and he's based from draco malfoy.
actually i intended to draw draco but in the end it didn't look like him so i decided to turn him into a semi-original character to at least lighten the SHAME of not drawing a draco malfoy properly.

and i put him in slytherin while i stay in gryffindor. i haven't done my character yet! haha.. but sooner...just wait.

oh, i'll scan adrian sometime later...

wother folks!


Harry Potter fan in JAIL

Keep an eye on your credit cards - there is a traitor among us! The News and Observer reports that a Harry Potter fan was jailed Monday for using a stolen credit card to buy more than $200 worth of Harry Potter books, including two copies of the newly released Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The 24 year-old fan, Lucius Steen, was charged with a felony count of unauthorized use of a credit card and is beind held in jail in lieu of a $25,000 bond. - Veritaserum

uhm.. pathetic? well, of course!
i'm wondering what kind of fan he is... he looks desperate. but then, he's a fan! and we're both citizens of the HP fandom... what a shame.

not to rub the whole matter in, i'll just jump to another topic... which is still a subtopic of harry potter

Potter Ships!

well. the term 'HP ships' is still unclear to me but i know it has to do something with Hp couples... both homo and hetero...

and you know who i like =)

i can't get enough of harry draco!!! fics and pics and rumors and stuff. and let me remind you that harry and draco is different from daniel and tom... that i cannot take.
a lot of people hate shipping them because it's obviously gay and their complaining about HPDM's OOC-ness in fics and other derived forms.
to hell with you all!
how else would you make them love each other witout putting the HATE off! that's probably the reason why you can't take it! you don't want malfoy's image of a git to change! and you're just envious that we can make him love harry and still make him act like a ferret!

you see.. i don't oppose to the whole idea of homosexuals even though it's quite unrequited in the scriptures.
but my liking the idea has limitations too

go harryXdraco!

good morning starshine... the earth says hello!

watched charlie and the chocolate factory yesterday.

it was nice... willy wonka's a total freak. no that's not an insult.
it was funny, that's all. i don't want to comment a lot about it since there are already gazzilions of comments out there and mine won't sound good enough to pass for a critic anyway.

i'm dead tired before i was convinced to go there but my giddy hormones kept on shouting, "into to mall! into the mall!" so into the mall we went...

ok, i don't know how my hormones did it but i figured out going to mall is a very good idea, i always thought of that.

saw macrise in the cinema! waheheee...

that's all we did!


by the way, i finally fixed the script for the contractible headers.. as you can see. actually there's no problem with the script... i realized that our security software here disabled active content therefore blocking some commands within the script! that's why it won't work but i already fixed that...


good news!
we have our telephone lines back!
bad news!
we don't have water! oh my... that seems to be a little to far from my computer problems but it's still a bad news. =\

exam week is over!

but that doesn't end my stressful year...-_-;;
we're supposed to be on a holiday tomorrow but we were called for a practice in granwood club house, whole day!
sigh... the demands of 4th year... haha
grr... i'm having problems with the contractible headers script... it looks like what i said about me being satisfied with this layout is a lie...
but anyway i've spent a lot on going to this net cafe to update and research on er... stuff, so i think i'll just wait for the $%*(&%@&* phone to return to normal...

stupid PLDT!

whew. i know i don't have the best voice in school but i do hope i'm going to pass the eco song fest audition... ^^;;

i need the extra curricular grades!

the bitch

ugghh.. guess who? what a day spoiler... -_-;;

chris columbus earned over $10 million directing HP while mike newell earned ONLY $1 million as director of HP GoF... wotcher!

new layout!

yay! at last i managed to produce something productive this day. the truth is i prioritised finishing this layout over studying for the tests tomorrow, which is not a good example to kids out there...

it's blue as you can see and so far i'm satisfied. i made it blue coz i really like the beach picture up there and insisting the reds won't do good so i went for it's compliments... what do you think?

i didn't take me too long to finish this one because i just edited my joker layout (if u remember) and changed the image and some properties, but it did take me some time to settle with the image up there... i've made a lot of versions of that already and that was, so far, the best i can manage. =)

that's all.

i'm still obsessed over harry X draco. can't help smiling at their image forming in my head. well.. mind you these are decent images. -_~

tom felton in still stuck in my head, and i love it.

still no phone line!!!!

it's been more than a week since we last had our telephones working. actually i don't care about incoming and outcoming calls... i care about the internet connection... how sad... =( but anyway... if there's a will then there's a way...
oh lemme change that... if there's a crave then there's a way! haha

whew. right now i wanna eat... cinnamon or maki and coffee. mehn... i'm an addict. yeah...that gave me an idea.. maybe my next layout would be related to addiction...

you know, it's our quarterly exams today... so we're half-day but i'm too lazy to study math, cl (i think i'm failing this one) and computer so i'll guess i have to put them off just for the meantime and try to have some liesure. =)

well well... too many things have happened over the past few days... both boring and wierd...

i have noticed. i'm being fond of a lot of my schoolmates lately. to me it's not a crush... more of i-just-want-to-stare-at-you-coz-you-remind-me-of-someone feeling. gotcha? i know... sounds somewhat serious but it's nothing, really. i think i can't find myself someone to think of... someone i like not because he reminds me of someone... blech... it's hard to admit i'm missing someone... gaaahh stupid.


wotcher. hopeless romantic.

wow.. have a new expression... wotcher!
haha.. got that from tonks! =)

wow. i'm fighting the urge of reading hp6 while studying. big big distraction. but in the end i still read it...=\ hehe...

my my... i'm getting a lot harry X draco lately... love it.

wotcher folks!

pray for me!

tomorrow i'll be taking the UPCAT... my schedule is 12:30 at Palma Hall, it's not like i want you to stalk me! hehe... i just want you to include me in your prayers... i mean, i'm not dead... you know what i want. =)

please pray for me coz i know that's the best you can do... for me =)

i really don't know what tips to take! i've heard a lot already, dark chocolate, peanuts, no meat, sleep early *winks*, mint, mozart... nada blah nada blahh...

you see... i'm actually planning on taking all those... hehe... well not all but a lot of those...

*sigh* should i study now? before going to sleep?
i bet not... i wanna have a good good sleep...
then after the UPCAT... gimik! as if pumasa na diba?

sure we're tired after the test... umupo ka banaman ng mejo anim na oras, nakayuko, sumasagot ng mga tanong...?! we still deserve a consolation!

MALL for me is not just a place where you can buy stuff, spend money and eat... it's a COMFORT ZONE!

soo.... go mall!
getting giddy.

my my... our PC has just been reformatted... not nice! i have to reinstall a lot of programs... i don't have my y!m, my photoshop, my limewire and my microsoft reader!
all i have is this browser....

but the good thing is... we have an antivirus! yay!

how bout... study for the entrance tests?

i'm so bad... i have not taken any serious self-review with regards to the CATs! i'm so... well... lazy!

but you know... i stayed up this late to help finish our project, which is, FYI a cd-format website due tomorrow. cool, huh? well... tiresome, yes.
it's ten... i'm not sleepy! maybe because i drank a mocha crystal shake awhile ago in zagu (i actually prefer caffe latte but they went out of stock and they have no pearls left so they gave me crystals...) and ate nerds and well, forgot to ate dinner.

anyway... i think i'm going to flunk english...=(
my comexes are getting lower and lower and lower and... my grammar is getting wierder and wierder and weirder... like this...

when i talk to someone and im not sure of the grammar...
"hey, what did you win or won?"
how stupid is that?
"you know, it's always... she or her?"
urgghh... i'm annoyed at myself. ~_-

come on, i'd rather die. turn me into a fly and kill me with a flyswatter! *knocks on wood 3x*

i'm sooo.. pathetic.. i don't know what to put in my write-up! i almost failed this comex! like.. who the hell is arianne anyway?
oh yes, i love to draw! everybody knows that, but i'm not the only one who loves to draw!
i want something unique... something that when people read it they'll know that it's me... and the only thing that comes to my mind is...

my short nails, my super duper short nails plus my bad habit of nailbiting.

heh! i don't want to be remembered as a nail-biting freak or the girl who's afraid to do panunumpa and panatang makabayan coz her nails are too short...

oh my... save my sanity please...
now you know why i always want to be in the back during flag cem.

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