congrats kuya michael && ate myla!! >XD

it's my cousin's wedding today yeheeey! congrats kuya michael! welcome to the family ate myla. both of them look so stunning that it sucks cos i don't have a decent picture of them. grr, my dad is such a candid freak, he wants everyone's unguarded moments to laugh at in the future hahaha.

i caught the bouquet (my freaking second time, now i have 2 garters in my drawer haha)! it was probably the dumbest moment of my life, when i was looking so careless and unassuming, that the bouquet found its way on my hands. LOL my cousin recorded it on video so you could see how it fatefully rejected everyone at first, then just flew right at me, i was even shocked. i never thought it was funny until i watched the video. wahahaha!

i also caught the bouquet on the last wedding i attended. and it was sheer luck, just a matter of pulling the right string where the bride's bouquet is tied to. hahaha

let's try lotto wahahaha

wahahaha it my first time to participate in a wedding ceremony, as cord sponsor. yehey! >XD hahahha

everyone's got one, and i don't. why is superstition so depressing? hahaha i could only think that catching a bouquet means you're bound to catch next one... and the next one, and never be able to throw one yourself. HAHAHA



today was both fun and exhausting LOL, my first time to host a house party. sobrang nakaka haggard pala yon? HAHAHA we're supposed to hold it at KA's house pero may party pala sila ngayon so we had to look for a different place, i offered mine... mostly to save money and to put up for not being able to host 2 years ago cos i was confined in the hospital hehehehe.

it's really really amazing to be with my friends. my highschool friends. my ever legitimate and original barkada. it stays that way right? highschool friends are the most solid people you'll ever get in your entire life. nothing could ever replace that awwwwww.

AND MY BED BROKE. hahaha ang bigat ba natin??? haha japanese style nanaman ako ulit! well i actually prefer no bed cos the underside gets dusty and it's hard to sweep wahahaha.

ok, it's 1:30am. i'm dead tired and i have to sleep well because i'll be attending a wedding tomorrow, in 9 hours. i forgot to fast for it, deeeym. =____=; i need a push-up strapless bra, a binder and a girdle to create an illusion that i'm thinner that i actually am. whew. hard task. :)

i love BTS.

quantum pendant faaaaiiil.

LOL it's not too bad, it's just that i didn't feel particularly stronger when i was doing my workout awhile ago at the gym. and i did try the weights (i quit doing weights for a month now cos i'm afraid of becoming too muscular LOL i just need to slim down, and tone a bit but not too much muscles please T_T) and uhm... it's still the same. i can't get past 15lbs in any of the machines in there. haha anyway, at least i did more in the gym today than i usually do! i walked at the treadmill, did weights, and had sauna. usually it's just the treadmil and the sauna. hahaha aaah yes, and coffee!

^ was supposed to publish that yesterday but the connection died on me hehe.

so today: went to celebrate mika's birthday at banapple katipunan! hehehehe yummy yummy pancakes but daaamn they're too big @_@ wasn't able to finish all 3 of them hahaha XD

rode the taxi til tandang sora... no jeepneys... faaaaiiiil. that's 70 pesos! haha

oks! now i shall wait for my friends to arrive! were holding the barkada christmas party here at home!! yeheeey i ♥ BTS.

// there's still hope for me to become a registered voter! haha til the 31st i guess? ok. will research now. k bye! >XD

the quantum pendant and that freakin scalar energy thing, bogus or what?

after church we did a bit of shopping (not really) then went to commonwealth market to buy a sack of rice. mom called me for this demo thing she wants me to witness. mr demo-er is demonstrating how his product works! cool huh? like, duh? and his product is something like an anting-anting or an agimat --stuff ramon revilla passes on as heirlooms to his children and grandchildren-- only, it's backed up with quite a scientific research and various experimentations. the cost, 9000 pesos.

so the the product is called Quantum Pendant (yes, you can click on it, it's not advertised text) and it claims to energize you (give you super strength!) and reduce health risks using Scalar Energy Field (SEF). well, SEF, as it is now is not a even a fact and many people (well, intelligent sounding forum users) are contesting its being a theory. it claims to get energy from NOTHING, so we're kind of dealing with extreme physical impossibilities here (actually when i read that, i felt oddly stupid. so many fckn scientific jargons i could only think is meant to confuse me and make the article sound smart and credulous), though researches are (probably) ongoing.... but as far as my googling took me, i never read anything saying it has been proven... which sucks because my parents already bought two of them. that's a depressing 18,000 for something that is based on unproven Science. i'm not skeptic about the SEF part (in fact, i am supportive of it -- the people behind this are our modern Einsteins and Newtons), but i am about the pendant producing SEF.

anyway. mr. demo-er says the pendant gives you extra strength, i believed him easily because he had me on this 'body balance test' and i failed miserably, but when i held thy-mightly-SEF-powered-pendant, he wasn't able to topple my balance at all! that amazed me, thought i could use it to show off at the gym LOL.

until i read about Placebo Effect just now (using search strings 'quantum pendant scam')... you know, asking someone with a headache to drink this tablet saying it can cure all sorts of head problems haha, then the sick person expectedly gets fine afterwards and thanks you for it. then you tell him the truth, that the tablet is just a piece of candy. hehehe and the now-fine person gets sicker thinking how stupid he is to fall for such a psych trick. yessss, that's the freakin Placebo Effect. it's all in the brain. in the brain. in the mighty brain. you can even convince yourself that you're decapitated just by concentrating on it (though what's the point?), yeah, but that's a different story hahahaha

and so, i'm left with a huge amount of disbelief, but i'm not completely losing faith in it because the whole Scalar Energy research thing is entirely new and interesting to me (i read something about time and space warp, so that tickled a geek nerve in me), so might as well be assertive about it. so far, my short google trips didn't give me anything concrete. some people say it's real, some don't

i think...

it's expensive.
damn expensive for a piece of cooled-down lava from some Japanese volcano.

any suggestions on this is greatly appreciated. i like how the pendant looks, it looks...uhm, tribal and very agimat-ish. and it also gives me hope, though it could be a false one, that i could be stronger. i mean, as long as i strongly and firmly believe in that, i could hold on to any piece of odd looking jewelry and be as strong right?

when it comes down to it, it's all in the mind.
as long as SEF has not been proven yet, the pendant is just an object you put your faith into. kind of like religion, yes.

and so we were sold an occult item for 9000 each. one for my mom, one for my dad, hey that's 18 freakin thousand pesos. should i use the placebo effect to calm me down?

no quantum pendants nor scalar energy junk needed: 5 Superpowers You Didn't Know Your Body Was Hiding From You


i promise to finish The Graveyard Book before tuesday which is Mika's birthday, because i feel guilty not being able to give time to read it! i figured that in a week, if i actually spent my facebook hours reading instead, i'd be able to finish 2 books. which is sad because, as much as i love books, it's hardly ever as addictive as facebook. and i'm maarte when i read, i want to be in a really comfortable position with instrumental music in the background. in this house, i can only read peacefully on one specific couch, and that couch is on the basement so nevermind. i'll convince mom to transfer it to my room wahaha. ang arte!

i'm thinking of ways to cut off on expenses without missing out on barkada activities. you always need money for that, money for fare (the tricycle sucks up most of my fare budget) or for dinner outside. which is why i think it's better to just spend it at someone's place than go malling for movies, food and arcade. same fun for a lesser cost. LOL and it's 2010 already! i need to get serious with saving.

oh, i was typing a paragraph about how i'm confused with the YEAR you enter when you input your college, cos basically there are two significant Years in your college life, the year you entered, and the year you graduated. so which is which?

uhm, and while typing that i also came into a conclusion. when you're asked for Class Year (like in facebook), you're asked for the year you graduated. when you're asked for batch, it's the year you entered. i mean, Class of 2010 means the batch of people graduating on 2010. Batch 2006 is the batch of students who entered on 2006. then again it could mean the same thing. i'm confused again. but i see Class as the graduating year more often so i guess i have to stick with my conclusion... or hypothesis since i'm still unsure. so what if i come across an input field that asks for just YEAR (not Class Year, not Batch)? damn, i'll keep it blank.

right, in real life or when you're finally out of school, who cares on when you entered college? class year is more significant right? you only need your batch year to meet old friends.

lol, why do trivial things sap my braincells out?

I Love You, Goodbye - Juris

Wish I could be the one
The one who could give you love
The kind of love you really need
Wish I could say to you
That I’ll always stay with you
But baby that’s not me

You need someone willing to give their heart and soul to you
Promise you forever, baby that’s something I can’t do
Oh I could say that I’ll be all you need
But that would be a lie
I know I’d only hurt you
I know I’d only make you cry
I’m not the one you’re needing
I love you, goodbye

I hope someday you can
Find some way to understand I’m only doing this for you
I don’t really wanna go
But deep in my heart I know this is the kindest thing to do
You’ll need someone who’ll be the one that I could never be
Who’ll give you something better
Than the love you’ll find with me
Oh I could say that I’ll be all you need
But that would be a crime
I know I’d only hurt you
I know I’d only make you cry
I’m not the one you’re needing
I love you, goodbye

Leaving someone when you love someone
Is the hardest thing to do
When you love someone as much as I love you
Oh I don’t wanna leave you
Baby it tears me up inside
But I’ll never be the one you’re needing
I love you, goodbye
Baby, its never gonna work out
I love you, goodbye

saddest OPM lyrics i've ever heard so far. >:"(

Wishlist nanaman???

here's my wishlist for the coming year hehehe >:D

#1. Red Dell Inspiron 14" laptop

#2. Bike

#3. red long kipling wallet (i prefer immitation hehe, unless you can shell out 3k for it shoooorrr)

#4. book: Train Man by Hitori Nakano

#5. books: Harry Potter Box Set

#6. Harry Potter 1-6 dvd (pirated, shoooor)

#7. Samsung Corby

#8. Philips Aria mp3 player, or just a new mp3 player. 8gigs up.

#9. Sony digicam. rechargeable lithium-ion bat

#10. drawing tablet

#11. new rubbershoes

#12. red low-rise chucks

#13. faster internet connection. uhm, My Destiny broadband + cabled TV? shoooorrr

#14. office chair with wheels >:D

#15. red altis || vios || jazz || getz >:D

#16. sofa for my room.

#17. square wooden table


would you believe i didn't eat a lot this day considering we had so many food?! our relatives came earlier by the way and it was really fun! well, the fun part went to entertaining my little nephews and nieces, i was physically drained but everything was worth it because everyone was happy! yeeeey! >:)

so now, i'm back to slimming tea, gym, and saving up for the following Christmas parties and meetings to come! i really wanted to save for a divisoria spree but everytime i reach, say, 1 thousand, i always end up buying something (like a jacket, or a book). so it turns out that i buy one item at a time, when in fact i wanted to really saaaaaave, and go on a one time big time shopping spree... at divisoria, when the season is over so i wouldn't have to worry about dying of suffocation and stampede.

anyway. i'm back to reading teen flicks. they're the first books i've read and even though people say chick flicks are books for the dumb, i don't really care because i owe my blogging history to it. :)

hehe, right! it's never late for a wishlist so i'm making a material wishlist right after this entry. haha >:D

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hi guys! Merry Christmas! i hope you enjoy your day! i'm using this e-card i made last year hahaha recyled, yes because i lost my christmas brushes so i couldn't do anything haha. >:D

my greeting goes to everyone who reads this! Godbless and enjoy this daaay! >:D

Let's all eat heartily! >:D

who's vainer?

narcissus, who drowned in the lake because he kept looking at his reflection on the water? or the lake, who mourned for his death for all it ever saw in his eyes when he died was the beauty of its own reflection?


ano nga kaya?

ano na kaya mangyayari sakin kung lahat ng manliligaw ko ay pawang mga mr. paramdam lang? e ako pa naman si ms. unassuming (sometimes manhid). hahaha

Lord, i'm always praying na sana sya na. kasi sya si mr. ideal man ko. nasa kanya na lahat ng gusto ko! matangkad, matalino, nakasalamin at higit sa lahat, Christian. uhm, and our signs match! hehehe pero deeeeym, alam kong malabo dahil.. hmm... dahil hindi kami close, and we never really talk. T_T; uhm, Lord, in love na ba me? well, it's deeper than a crush. kasi if you ask me, crush ko parin si majorcrush at gusto ko parin magtago pag malapit sya kasi naa-alter ang blood flow ko, sa muka ko lahat pumupunta. eto namang si ideal man, kebs lang kung magkatabi kami. mas komportable nga eh, pero lagi akong masaya, as in masayaaaaa. parang... friend (well, hindi rin)? HAHA so in the end, maybe i'm just fascinated by him because of his qualities (because he took me by surprise when he said he'll help me rule the world over a handshake which seemed like a seal of alliance). pero hindi pa yun love kasi nga hindi ko pa sya kilala. diba diba? oks. fine. hindi ako in love. hindi pa ko in love. hindi parin ako naiinlove. haaaaaay. when kaya? hehe

sometimes, i think ideals are just meant to be that way forever, never realized. wala lang. kasi, ideals are our personal perception of perfection and perfection can never be achieved. kinda?

k, goodnight. :)

Blog This! Extension for Google Chrome Beta

Guys, i'm back to Google Chrome! and this time i'm using the Beta version, because i got lured by this Blog This! extension i saw at Blogger Buzz.

The Blog This! extension basically gives you faster access to creating blog posts at blogger. by installing the extension, a small blogger icon will be added to your browser toolbar that when you click on it, the post editor will load on a small pop-up window... then you're good to go (or blog).

now that's really cool. makes blogging easier. :)

note that the Blog This! extension is only available for Google Chrome Beta.

so what's missing?

- the formatting options are pretty limited (bold, italics, forecolor, link, blockquote and spellcheck). i'm looking for the image uploader, jump break, and text alignment. they're pretty useful for me.

- labels field. i can't add labels with this which is too sad.

- preview.

.:: since it's a fresh release, i'm hoping it'll improve as time flies by or as users demand. then again they probably made the extension for people who want to be able to blog in a jiffy, unlike me and a lot others who are so OC with their entries. hehe

(blogged via Blog This!)
(edited via dashboard just to add Label)


another question! yehey! hehe

#1) what would you do to save the world? :)
- honestly, i'd rather rule the world or rule the internet! then again, if i were to really really answer your miss universe question, here's what i'd probably do: first i'll observe what in the world needs saving. if it involves ending world hunger, warfare, racial discrimination or global warming --- I REFUSE. LOL, i mean realistically speaking, i can't end any of those cos i'm a freaking contributor to the world's largest problems. hmm, maybe global warming. i'll save up for a hybrid car? T_T; anyway, uuuhhhm, sorry i'm too much of a villain for this wahahaha!

i bought another jacket. =____=
i can't say if it was impulsive of me, cos it has been on my wishlist for a couple of months now... but, i didn't really plan to buy it today, it just happened that i saw it, liked it, then bought it. anyway, it's a UP jacket. hahaha no regrets! heheheheheeee

but it also meant having NO MONEY FOR DIVI (LOL just how much is that jacket?!?)!!!
aaaahm, it's only 795, but i only allotted 1000 for divi thinking it's enough since i don't need to splurge. and err, i only want a new wallet (kipling or nothing) and dvds. i think 500 would be enough na nga eh. yaaah, like what else do i need?

onga pala, your gifts. hahaha

answers! XD

yehey! someone asked me something via the form on the right LOL

#1) anything you wanna ask me?
- void! haha

#2) are you going into law school?  you sound like a lawer to me.  please take that as a compliment.
- wow! thank you! but no, i'm not going into law school. no plans to. >:D

Atty. Lorna Kapunan on The Bottomline (with Boy Abunda)

i was trying to look for a video but failed. :( by far, it's one of the most intelligent interviews i've ever watched. mind that i don't really listen to interviews because most of the time the questions are crap and the interviewer lacks proper feedback or is just reading out the questions and staging a reaction AND the interviewee's answers are all scripted.

anyway, Atty Lorna Kapunan is Hayden Kho's lawyer. her being a woman stirred up a lot of intrigue as she is fighting against a case involving the violation of women's rights. her sense of feminism was questioned the moment she agreed to handle the case.

the interview tackled a lot of things, not centering on just the Hayden-Katrina issue but basically everything that is touched by her expertise, law. i liked it because they (referring to Boy and Atty Kapunan) talk so fluently, the questions are straight to point and Atty Kapunan's answers where both direct to the point, and intelligent.

in fact i learned a lot from that interview, mostly words of wisdom and political puns... heeeeryugow:

// love is giving someone power over you.

// how to deal with negative intrigues. treat it like mud. when someone throws mud at your face, never clean it by rubbing it in cos it'll only spread further. rather, let it dry, then flick it way.

win. >:D

// they also talked about Intellectual Property Rights and how it is so loosely implemented in the Philippines. i learned that IPR is under a treaty that the entire world agreed to, so your works (books, artworks, anything copyrighted and trademarked) are protected even in the US (and all parts of the world).

LOL and being a major pirate that i am, i'm quite happy that we aren't so strict with this rule. talk about the dozens of books and mp3s i downloaded online, and the gross amount of photocopied books i spent so many sleepless nights on. yes, dvds too. >:}

// she said she can't quite relate to politics. well, i can't relate to politicians and their skewed concept of nationalism. but i agree with her when she said some candidates must be lined up against a wall, and get shot.

// BA: Bottom Line, are lawyers liars? Yes or No?
LK: Yes, but i'm lying. :)



read: UPLB Professor Sacked Over Sex Harassment Case 
i just heard some shocking news minutes ago, that Prof Fulgencio 'Pol' Mojica got kicked out of his teaching post upon being found guilty of sexual harassment. i knew it was in his nature to harass his hot male students MENTALLY, but i didn't think he'd go overboard materializing his fantasies.

so, sir Mojica was my english2 teacher. quite frankly, he isn't my favorite teacher but yeah, i learned from him naman. hehehe he's the strictest most meticulous teacher i've ever met. have i mentioned he's gay? that should be obvious if you read the news. LOL

last paragraph of the news article says he can still appeal for the decision, i guess he would do that... just so he could file a formal resignation after. sounds better than having a 'fired' record on your resume. anyway. best of luck to him.

my grade would've been 2.00 on that demanding subject but he marked me absent one time when i was actually present, so i didn't get my attendance incentive. i almost cried out to him but he was too mataray. maybe if i were a tall, mestizo and handsome guy, he'd cave in. haha bitter.

jotter pad

i'm excited for a lot of things!

a) the geek shirt that mika designed! i just ordered one and deposited the payment awhile ago! its says: GEEKS WILL CTRL+S THE WORLD. freakin cooool!!! excited to have it! >XD

b) jotter pad!!! it's a blank notepad i bought awhile ago at national bookstore and it's crazy cheap. 39.25 pesos only!!! you know what, i was supposed to buy the 200 worth drawing journal but i couldn't find it anymore. then i saw this a5 sized sketchpad with a moss green metallic sheen cover that says Jotter Pad and mehn, i fell in love with it! hehehe i'm excited to draw! >:D uhhh, i still have another sketchpad so i've decided to dedicate that one to my staedtler triplus fineliner series (anyway it only has less than 20 pages)... and jotter pad... will be my new drawing journal!!! yeheeeey!!! >XD

c) i'm excited to read this book entitled Search Me: The Surprising Success of Google by Neil Taylor. i also just bought it awhile ago... for 20 pesos. LOL whattasale, considering it's about Google? the writer must be a major flop. but then i'm not really interested with google... i just want to have something to read. which reminds me, i haven't finished The Graveyard Book yet. hehe

d) divisoria. or quiapo in general. i don't care if it's freaking overcrowded there. i need to complete my dvd wishlist this year:
- Ouran Highschool Host Club (because i lost my high-quality-stolen-from-Astra-copy and i miss Tamaki so muuuuch!)
- Gossip Girl Season 1 (yes. latebloomer here)
- Heroes Season 1 (yadda yadda yadda)
- Harry Potter 1-6
- One Tree Hill Season 2-6
- movies, anything actually... i want my own copy District 9.
oh and there's a new cool movie coming up! i forgot the title! something like The Fourth Sign? sort of.  ALIENS. yeah. and milla jovovich. >8D taraaaa!!!!

plus, i want to search divi for a new wallet. preferrably an imitation of that red kipling wallet i saw last week. and i want a new backpack? haha

yesss, where are you $$$$$???

Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes to handle Maguindanao Massacre case

at last, someone brave enough agreed to take on the fearful case. and a woman, on top of that. it's completely understandable that no one would want to handle the case, let alone get involved with it, because the risks are dangerous. even someone with a strong sense of justice would be doubtful if it means putting his and his family's life in evident danger.

that's why at some point, i applaud this woman's courage. news says she agreed to it without hesitation, and even refused to have police bodyguards around her saying she'll just call for it when she needs one. does she understand the situation she's now in? does she know the dangers of being unprotected? or does she not trust the police? thinking maybe these guys would soon turn out to be after her, and not for her? after all, she's faced with extremely powerful people who use only two tools to get what they want: money, and death threats.

why she agreed to handle the case so fast brings in some kind of suspicion too. has something fishy happened between ampatuan and reyes? was this talked over a cup of tea (and a million bucks perhaps?), that's why she's fearless of her life?

we'll wait for the trial then. but seriously, if it turns out to be the latter, i will be extremely disappointed with the world and condemn Philippine politics for life. the entire world knows what the most obvious, most righteous, and most lawful court decision to this case is. and if it happens otherwise, wtf, God bless the Philippines.

april glory

i forgot to post this before. it's pretty crappy cos it's dark hehe. but that's UPLB during april. it's the fall season of the "cotton" tree. the white spots you see on the ground are those cotton like buds that spring off from that certain tree. haha it's not really cotton. just cotton-like. haha and every april? IT'S EVERYWHERE!!! causes a lot of allergies actually but the scene is amazing.

it's pretty picturesque in real life, you know, green field littered with snow-white cotton buds, then the statue of oblation.

i miss UPLB. >:(

ah, it's almost 3am but i'm not sleepy cos i slept the entire morning and afternoon off. hahaha >:D

white flag up!

// the gown came in this morning. it's okay naman. kinda loose. more adjustments pa. hahaha

// i'm giving up with the java project. my brain has completely liquefied already and has seeped out from my nose. ayoko na. stuck with: populating a double array with tokens.

// i added a new widget from response-o-matic. it's like formspring, only... you don't have to open a new page for it. i remember using it years back but removed it... anyway. go ask? lol, what the hell is bandwagon doing to me. hahaha. and i was thinking, why do you need to register for it when you can create your own form? it's just freaking html. roight. hassles.

// i dreamt about something scary yesterday afternoon before i got up to attend my mathlog exam. it goes like this:
setting: maguindanao
so there's this short, white, curly-haired and mustached media man who is surrounded by murderers (the massacre guys, you know). he was shaking terribly, head bent down and hands clasped to a prayer. seconds later, he passed out, and fell back down on a puddle of water. bad guy 1 picked him up by the shirt and slammed him on a cement column. his head bled. then bad guy 1 started punching him on the gut, counting as he did so. he started at 1300!!!!!!!

which probably means he has already punched 1299 times before i got to the dream. i was crying already and out of utter nervousness, i woke up... not knowing where and who i was in the scene... whether i was a media man... or one of the bad guys, or just a witness (but i was too close though) or.. i dunno. T__T;; a nightmare, apparently. still gives me the chills. T_____T

madami pa akong panaginip!!!

// dream #2: awhile ago... maybe in the morning? i'm not sure.
i dreamt that i was playing a grand piano with super heavy keys and lots of foot pedals. i was trying to play River Flows in You by Yruma.

// dream #3: this afternoon. i dreamt about my bestfriend, brian. >:(
in that dream, i got mad daw that he's leaving na. so i walked out and crossed the street (i don't know where). for some reason, i was limping and caused traffic because i walk so slow daw. haha i was making para the jeepneys so they won't hit me. hahaha then i sat on a bench outside a shop (ewan ko rin kung anu yon) and put my legs up. pilay daw ako at hindi makalakad. weird. aaand umpe was laughing at me. hahaha tnx?

then he followed me across the street to tend to my pilay. he brought two cold damp cloths and put in on my legs. galit parin daw ako. oha. >:)))))) o tapos my dad came to fetch me and i walked ayaw na ulit. he said bumalik daw ako libre daw nya ko banana-q. i didn't answer.

when i came to the car, we left immediately, so ittext ko dpat sya na di na ko bbalik. but we kinda met a car accident daw. like we bumped into something on the road edi ninerbyos ang lola mo, tapos gising na ko.


// dream #4: i dreamt about my crush!!!! maiksi lang naman, he just walked in front of me. YUN LANG!!! well, yun lang naalala ko. haha i dreamt about him days ago pero all i remember is him writing my name on a mug... tapos jomari yllana was also there. malay ko ba. hahaha

sorry na

our prof wanted to talk to us about the 'sorting' part of our project. apparently he can't understand the logic of mergesort or whatever it is that mika did. actually, i don't understand it either, which makes things worse cos he's now 100% sure that someone else did our project because the coding is too 'advanced'. actually, i can justify that by saying that i never applied anything he taught us and everything you see there is the fruit of my tireless research. last night i was studying string tokenizer and pretty much got how it works, then i prayed to God that hopefully, our prof asks about string tokenizer instead of the mergesort (cos i don't get it). but he fucking wants us to explain the logic of the godamn sorting code, so we're dead and have to RE-DO the entire thing.

not exactly the entire thing but essentially it is, because i have to touch everrrrything in order to get what's gonna happen next. expect me to be awake for the next 6 hours or more.

you know what, i was unimpressed with his reaction. of all people, he should know how mergesort works and the logic behind it. it's not something exclusive only to atenean cs studs. it's okay if he asks me about it and i tell him the truth just to prove that i didn't do the project, but i can't accept it that the reason he called us is because he doesn't understand and needs us to explain it to him. he even said my friend (who did the work) loves a lot of drama cos there's a completely EASIER way of sorting (namely, the fucking bubble sort aka the-sorting-key-for-average-programmers).

ok, so i can't ask help from my atenean cs friends now cos apparently they're too advanced? gaaawd, that sounds like our school is so pathetic (or our faculty incompetent?). sorry. super sorry.

will do the project now. >:D

frankly speaking, i'm excited to DO it... from scatch. there's a certain fulfillment that goes with learning something on your own. especially programming.

Lord, bless me on this.

on the other hand, i find myself contradicting our mathlog teacher... quite a lot of times (mentally though). and i only consult about 20% of my doubts with her. why do i feel like there's something wrong? like... it's not conventional? whenever i feel doubtful about her lessons, i consult with jec and adrian first before i bring the matter to her. there are times when we three all agree that there's something vague with the definition she gave us, but she'll insist and explain it again, then i still won't get it. and so i'll just temporarily overwrite that part of my brain that screams "THAT'S NOT HOW IT SAYS IN THE OTHER BOOK!!!!" and i would feel uncomfortable about it because it feels like i'm being fed wrong information. that's like the worst feeling as a student, being taught something you know is theoretically wrong, but for the sake of a class convention (and a high grade), i would bend to it. fucking sad life, it is.

i feel so weird about my life right now. i feel scared that i'm starting to protest about academics this way like i'm some genius who knows everything. but the thing is, her top students agree with me (count me in). it sucks because i hate losing faith with our faculty because my learning relies on them. and you know, i want to learn so much. >:( i also want to get into the dean's list but my status won't let me. last time i checked i can only get 5 subjects next term. :(

crush talk: it's our last filione meeting and i forgot to do our project. hahaha i came to school and checked the room and he's already there but i fucking can't come in cos he's the only one there. nyeee. but i'm happy! on count, today is the day we talked the most. like... more than 1 sentence. mga 2!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA first is when he asked me the coverage of our exam. and second is when i was typing our project outside on a comp shop, he bent and said something like, "di mo pa nagagawa yung project?" sorinaman diba??? HAHAHAHA


// haaay. java prog finals sucked big time! >:(

// on the other had, i saw my crush so i'm ok! my friends think there's something fishy going on already, how would i know? i'm too busy looking at him (from afar) to notice if he's looking at me too. that's for my friends to observe. LOL i'm cool with one-sidedness, it's not like i'm hoping for something. duuuh, i might end up passing another frakking chance, so better not show it to me in the first place.

// sir marquez wants to talk to us about our project. sorry, but i kinda hate what you did DAN. i'm afraid he's gonna ask about why our codes look so fucking identical. good thing our prof knows who copied from who. now, i'm scared cos i didn't really do our project, MIKA did. so i have to die studying the whole thing TONIGHT (right when i have two exams tomorrow) cos every method she did wasn't introduced properly to me. key: string tokenizer && mergesort.

// i might actually end up re-doing the entire thing just to make myself understand the whole frakking block of codes. i hate arrays.

// no. i don't hate arrays. i just wasn't taught properly about it.

throws IOException

yes! it's finally the last corpo day!!! no more planning on what to wear every monday!! yeheeey! :D

// thanks to mika, we have a project! >XD LOL i love you so much, if you're reading this, i owe you coffee next time we meet! i dunno, Planet 51? ALIENZZZZ!!! >XD >XD gawd, i love aliens. and cacti. don't ask me, i myself find it a mystery why i'm drawn to such... err, green creatures.

// awhile ago could've been more epic for me and my crush if i didn't have my friends around. see? i can't act normally if they're around, ready to tease me. even if they said they won't mind, thing is, I WILL -- and that alone changes everything. i wasn't able to even say hi cos i can't look at him, right when everyone around me is looking at him like 'yiiiieee. yan! crush mo o!!!' hmp. why are you so tall? you don't even dress properly. lol. and on top of that, you don't have freakin eyeglasses and and... sorry na. >:(

// my appetite is back. i find it unfortunate that i'm back to not being able to hold myself when i'm hungry. i buy everything that looks yummy without thinking if it could fit in my stomach. see, i just spent 200+ on dinner awhile ago. AND I WASN'T FULFILLED. i was full, but not fulfilled. there's a biiiig difference. full is when i dine in a cheap but scrumptious looking eat-all-you-can buffet and throw up afterwards. fulfilled is when i buy a mcsaver's meal at mcdonalds and take home lots of ketchup.

// i have three exams tomorrow. none of which i'm worrying about, except maybe java prog cos i'm afraid their finals are frakkin hard like last time (with c++). haaay.

// aaaah! i know what i want to learn now, MULTIMEDIA ARTS. damn. new dream course.

crash override ♥ acid burn

it's from the movie Hackers which i got from chamel. and old film starring angelina jolie as a hacker... who kinda looks like an alien with her make-up. but i still love her! she's looks so awesome as an i-come-in-peace alien. seriously. hehehe

anyway. java project update, anyone? still in fucking hell hole, my friends. when rogelio touches the keyboard and adds in the codes, i just go blank and think that i couldn't mess with his code lest everything crashes.  if you wanna see how messed up my life is right now, see this, just disregard the br's:

* To change this template, choose Tools | Templates
* and open the template in the editor.

package javaapplication6;

* @author Compaq
import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
public class Main {

* @param args the command line arguments
private static final int STRING_NOT_FOUND = -1;
private static final String SEQ = "A";
private static final String ASC= "B";
private static final String DES= "C";
private static final String EXIT = "X";
private static final String VALIDCHOICES = SEQ + ASC + DES + EXIT;
private static final String MSG_INSTRUCTIONS =
"Welcome to the Final Grade Report Generator.\n\n" +
"Choose the Report you want to run:\n\n" +
"(a) Final Grades by Sequence\n" +
"(b) Final Grades from Highest to Lowest\n" +
"(c) Final Grades from Lowest to Highest\n\n" +
"(x) Exit\n\n" +
"Enter your choice here: \n";
//Message when the User enters an invalid choice
private static final String MSG_INVALIDCHOICE =
"Invalid choice.\n\n" +
"Valid choices are (a), (b), (c) and (x).\n\n" +
"Please click OK and try again.\n\n";
private static final String Exit =
"Thank You!";
private static final String DELIMITER = ":";
private static final int NDX_FIRSTNAME = 0;
private static final int NDX_LASTNAME = 1;
private static final int NDX_NUMBEROFNAMES = NDX_LASTNAME + 1;//2
private static final int NDX_NAMEORDER_01 = NDX_FIRSTNAME;//0
private static final int NDX_NAMEORDER_02 = NDX_LASTNAME;//1
private static final int NDX_MT = 0;
private static final int NDX_QA = 1;
private static final int NDX_FE = 2;
private static final int NDX_FG = 3;
private static final int NDX_NUMBEROFGRADES = NDX_FG + 1;//3
private static final int NDX_GRADEORDER_01 = NDX_MT;//0
private static final int NDX_GRADEORDER_02 = NDX_QA;//1
private static final int NDX_GRADEORDER_03 = NDX_FE;//2
private static String gDatastr;
private static int StartNdx = 0, EndNdx;
private static String Name[][] = new String [1][NDX_NUMBEROFNAMES];
private static double Grades[][] = new double[1][NDX_NUMBEROFGRADES];
private static final int Column = 14;
public static void main(String[] args){
String theChoice = GetUsersChoice();
if (theChoice.equals(SEQ)) {
else if (theChoice.equals(ASC)) {
else if (theChoice.equals(DES)) {
else if (theChoice.equals(EXIT)) {
else {
public static String GetUsersChoice() {
String theChoice;
boolean choiceIsValid = false;
do {
theChoice =
choiceIsValid = theChoice.length()== 1 &&
if (choiceIsValid)
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, MSG_INVALIDCHOICE);
} while (true);
return theChoice;
public static void ReadDataFromFileSetA(){
String numStr;
String dataStr;
String fileStr;
int ktr;
FileInputStream FIS_file = new FileInputStream("C:\\Users\\Compaq\\Desktop\\ab.txt");
DataInputStream DIS_file = new DataInputStream(FIS_file);
BufferedReader BR_file = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(DIS_file));
for (ktr=0;ktr

i couldn't populate the arrays, i can probably sort but cannot take reference without fucking populating the arrays with data from the text file FIRST. and wait, did i tell you it was damn hard??? all my current program does is display the joption pane with the instructions, then READ the txt file. just damn READ and not sort... or anything else. now if our prof would be as kind to just give us an EASIER project, one that fits our tiny little brains. our school doesn't have enough geniuses! and our project is probably just his UCLA seatwork. maaan, i need more time and more lectures (more CLEAR LECTURES) on this. anyone help?

i want brownies. >:(

hello love!

of the 5 times i fell almost (but not quite cos i just fucking can't admit it to myself) in love, nothing ever happened. it's just me and my blog talking, me and my dormates giggling, and ultimately just ME. the reason why i can't label it as love is that... I FEEL THE SAME WITH EACH OF THEM, doesn't that make it less special? and love is supposed to be a unique feeling. something you don't feel with every other person whom you allegedly fall in love with. or am i just missing something that's supposed to be unique with each of them?

the way i feel with my majorcrush right now is exactly how i felt with ryan agoncillo 8 freakin years ago. it's also the same feeling i got with my 5 foot majorcrush 2 years ago. and nothing's different with my first ever college crush either, who faired top 2% in Math and Science during the UCPAT. so what gives? nothing.

sometimes i think love is an overstatement, or at least the way i perceive it to be. that's why i frakkin can't get out of my comfort zone and take risks. it's like, i won't enter into a non-serious relationship so i guess i'll just have to wait till i'm out of college so that the chances of meeting a young immature guy gets narrowed down. i admit it's a totally narrow view point but, yes, i am conservative. and also, i think the people around me are too young? or maybe i'm just too old. either way, they're still too young.

my psychology prof once said that college is a good marriage market. she may have said that because she's in UPLB, where, in terms of braincells, you won't have problems producing a smart child so the only thing you have to look for are other qualities like looks, # of cars, personality, lol.

but with me, intellect goes first on the list. and i can only look back at LB for probable prospects. sorry for being painstakingly prejudiced. but it's totally impressive if the guy is an intellectual who is good at math and has wide viewpoints on philosophy. just someone smarter than i am. i'm not that smart if you get to know me, really.

lol what's happening???

i can't concentrate. whew!

i have to finish our webdev project tonight so i can do java tomorrow.

lol this isn't the first time it happened! teka let me count, since highschool... 1,2,3,4,5! errr, i'm talking about my majorcrushes. damn. hala i miss my crush! pwede makita? yun lang! then i'll probably hide when he notices me... as usual! nubayan. hahaha and i want coffee! and i'm also wishing for biofit to take effect NOW NA, so my stomach would lighten up kahit pano.

webdev. webdev. i have no idea what to put in the website. hmmm...
java. java. rogelio where are yooouuu??? =__=;

come to think of it, i had so many chances i blew just because i'm too shy, or scared... or uuhhm, weird. hehehe

oo at dahil dyan, i'll quit swooning (for a while) over jacob and continue with the damned project.

i'm hungry. =___=;

booooring -__-;

this is an extremely lazy day for me. i still get nauseated every once in a while like when i smell cold food but i don't throw up anymore. headache's gone too. wait, sounds like i'm fucking pregnant but no, i'm too much of a sinner to be granted immaculate conception. and even though my stomach is really big, there's no child in it, cos i'm 100% sure it's because i take too much afternoon naps and sit after every meal. k.

that's why i'm bringing back the biofit habit cos i think the food in my stomach hasn't been well digested for days. i also think my metabolism has gone slower than usual. hehehe

hey. last time i checked, NO ONE in our class is close to submitting the final project in java. sucks big time. rogeliooooo, i'm counting on you. hehehe

anxious much?

// ID FAIL: they got the spelling of my name wrong and Computer Science is spelled COMP\UTER SCIENCE. fucking typo. and i waited months for that. wait, where's the 'barcode'??? weeks ago they're preparing this ID swipe terminal at the gate and now it's goooone. haha and picture is too big! 2x2 WTF?!?!

buti pa yung ID sa UPLB!!! may barcode kahit walang swipe swipe thingy! HAHAHA >:D

// mathlog fail. i skipped a LONG quiz. what's gonna happen to my grade? it's my lowest subject (webdev too). =___=;


something's telling me that our java class this morning will be as usual, uneventful. i haven't studied the project in-depth so i feel guilty for my groupmates. and you know, poject-making thursdays are boring because none of us know what to do, and i'm sort of counting on rogelio to help me. ever since we came into arrays, i'm all blank.

if today would probably suck, i tell you, yesterday sucked even more.

i woke up as early as 5 because i was heavily nauseated, ever since, i came to the bathroom to throw up every 15 freaking minutes. maybe because it was too cold. i came to school and it became worse cos our classroom is a living north pole. the CR became my second home. and because i can't take it anymore, i'm feeling so damn sick of dehydration already, i just went back home to rest. i skipped half of filione and the rest of mathlog. and then, everything worsens from there, well, until i woke up this morning. i'm thought i'm gonna be sick for the rest of the week, thank God i'm not. whew.

which brings me to a crucial question, will i go to school??? >:\

WIP: 50%

when someone says you suck, and the entire world knows and can testify that you don't, then that someone is clearly a pathetic, under-aged, not to mention corny piece of fucker who can't even spell her name right. smart people know when something hits them. and above all things, they know how to react wisely to it. i don't have time for kids who have no eye for talent and lacks the right words to use when they're calling for a bash war. words that hit the nerve. her's just don't. and it's fucking pathetic. trying hard much? funny, really! haha

tip: look for another blog, one that says the owner is 12 yrs old. ok? you're more likely to get what you want there. good luck on your quest! i wish you all the best! peace out! >:D

kids, really. tsk tsk tsk.

// meanwhile, i'm sort of 50% on this artwork i'm doing. will post later this night because I MUST submit it before midnight. whew. pressure.

// i just heard this from the radio... it says there that there have been numerous studies that claims the whole Global Warming issue as a HOAX. probably  used to obscure a top secret government funded mission? i dunno. maybe there are people who create artificial global warming agents (like artifical rain? or tsunami catalysts?)  to convince us the world is heating up in a ridiculous scale. i have yet to read a lot on this. hahaha

// excited for tonight's PBB. lol melason ♥ ♥ ♥

in fairness, i'm awake.

i'm supposed to be sleeping cos it's ardy my power siesta time but strangely though, i'm awake. ah because i didn't eat lunch so... yun.

finally, it kinda dawned on me that i have to accomplish quite a lot of things this week! 2 projects, 2 homeworks and an art piece i'm supposed to pass TODAY.

my friend larz also recommended me to this webdesigning racket thingy but no calls so far. that's quite relieving cos even though i agreed to it (cos of $$$), i'm never sure of how reliable (and professional) my webdesigning and coding skills are. why don't you tell me?

my cruuuusssshhh. i'm losing it, but i'm not in love. happens every semester.

speaking of! someone just called me about the freelance webdesigning thingy. i'm super tensed, seriously. @_@;

God, help me! >:D

melason ♥ ♥

// since ate theresa is nagging me to watch PBB Double Up, i watched it this evening to see how melason is progressing. hahaha super kilig talaga ever!!! >XD grabeeeee like, whew! ang lakas! but then, it's still unclear whether jason is really 'courting' melai like he loves her or something cos last time i heard, he just misses her so much that he went over the bakod just to see her and set up a 'picnic date'. and that's what melai is being paranoid about, does he always do sweet stuff when he misses someone??? kamooowwwn, jason! just tell her if you love her or not. i feel for melai kasi it's still vague. mahalaga ka sakin. hindi ako magsasawa sayo. masaya ka kasama. eh fuck naman eh, why can't u just tell her you love her then before she disfigures herself making funny faces with confusion. LOL ang hirap aminin diba? e duh mahirap talaga aminin ang love (lalo na sa sarili), especially for SERIOUS people.

// this afternoon i tagged along with ate theresa to UN blah blah, i was supposed to buy a drawing journal at national but it's not available... anyway, soon enough i figured why God didn't want me to have that notebook.

we dropped by this ukay ukay near fcm to check and i saw this supercool black jacket hahahaha e ang gandaaaa... blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comso binili ko na. hahaha i'm impulsive when it comes to jackets eh sorinaman. lalo na black? tapos 161 pesos lang? hahaha yehey. parang nalugi tuloy ako dun sa huli kong binili na jacket... 1,400. >X|


EDITED COS I'M TOO EMBARASSED NA. just when i thought i have the right to feel this way without being cautious. >_>; henako

java project? still no progress, if i really wanted to get over with the damned project i have to dedicate AN ENTIRE DAY reviewing everything about arrays, especially populating them, then i'd probably understand what's going on with sir's powerpoint lectures.

blank faces fill the class. though there's someone who impresses me... rogelio! or yow!, as i call him. he gets the freakin thing! i wish i had his programming intellect. he's far better than i am, seriously. galeeeeenng!

ms. tailor, come quick cos i wanna leave the house early. >:\

i realized i have so many things to do tonight and i'm not even worrying about them. T__T;; it's the usual indifference that plagued my entire UPLB life. hehe

ultimate love is found in friendship

the very first flag of the Philippines contrary to popular belief, isn't the revolutionary KKK red flag, but instead I I I (Alibata for Ka Ka Ka --- which is essentially just KKK).

now, Ka -- in the more ancient part of the Filipino language -- means 'pinaka', or the ultimate. So what KKK stands for, Kataas-taasan Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan, is literally the highest, most respectful, ultimate gathering of Filipino revolutionaries.

Filipino words were most probably coined that way, with meaningful suffixes.

so KAibigan, could mean ultimate love! at least in this country's linguistic sense. hahaha

awww, i love you friends! >:D

LOL new set of Onion emoticons!

i've updated my emoticons! wahahaha! they're really amusing like crazzzzyyy!!!


and of course... my favorite! hohoho

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