i'm confused between blogger and tumblr and between having 2 blogs, a personal and an art blog. i'm so used to blogger already that i find it hard to move from one platform to another, though tumblr's features are really cool, makes it easier for us to upload media. i dunno, blogger is running on xml now and i checked tumblr and it's all css. the usual, easy-to-mess-with css. i just spent hours creating my own layout but i'm too sleepy now so i'll continue tomorrow.

what i like now with tumblr is that... i got both BRAINBLAST and BOREDWORK. two new blog names i'm contemplating about using for my soon to be art blog.

buuuuut, something's telling that me it'll be hard to manage two blogs. guess i just have to stick with just ONE blog. ONE personal blog... and DeviantArt for the rest of my artworks. i don't know.

i need a .COM, for this.

fail. i saw my crush with a girl this morning. probably having breakfast. it huuurts. >:'((( what is it with TALL MEN and they're certain fancy for PETITE GIRLS??? like they're all programmed to find short girls attractive and dismiss anyone who runs an inch or two over their shoulder. wwwwhhhhyyyyy???? >:((

i found something cute (and rather alarming) about my parents. they're each other's FIRST boyfriend/girlfriend.

k, cut!

....which means, hereditarily speaking, chances are i won't have any exes (much to my frakking dismay) and then i'll only have a boyfriend for 3 months, then we'll get wed immediately on my order cos i'm already 30 (and my boyfriend is like, 23!) LOL****. it happens right? you know, parental patterns.

this afternoon, saycee and i joined csc-11's english practice to kill time. i actually spotted my crush from afar. okaaaaay, i kinda enjoy watching him from a distance (like usual). 10 yards is a safe distance. shorter than that, i panic... well, inwardly. hahaha so we came in the basic ed department... then i kinda saw that he's headed to where we are pala... aaah kasi may english din yun blah blah blah blah (stalker much?). so pumasok agad ako sa room. naku ewan ko rin sa sarili ko kung bat kelangan magtago. baka raw di ko maitago yung ngiti ko. taena yan o. hahaha tapos sumilip pa sa room parang tanga. wala na.

**** - yaaah. my mom is 7 years older than my dad. but she looks younger wahahaha. pero diba? imagine you're entering highschool and you suddenly learn you're destined to a kindergarten stud? ang weird!

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