WIP: 50%

when someone says you suck, and the entire world knows and can testify that you don't, then that someone is clearly a pathetic, under-aged, not to mention corny piece of fucker who can't even spell her name right. smart people know when something hits them. and above all things, they know how to react wisely to it. i don't have time for kids who have no eye for talent and lacks the right words to use when they're calling for a bash war. words that hit the nerve. her's just don't. and it's fucking pathetic. trying hard much? funny, really! haha

tip: look for another blog, one that says the owner is 12 yrs old. ok? you're more likely to get what you want there. good luck on your quest! i wish you all the best! peace out! >:D

kids, really. tsk tsk tsk.

// meanwhile, i'm sort of 50% on this artwork i'm doing. will post later this night because I MUST submit it before midnight. whew. pressure.

// i just heard this from the radio... it says there that there have been numerous studies that claims the whole Global Warming issue as a HOAX. probably  used to obscure a top secret government funded mission? i dunno. maybe there are people who create artificial global warming agents (like artifical rain? or tsunami catalysts?)  to convince us the world is heating up in a ridiculous scale. i have yet to read a lot on this. hahaha

// excited for tonight's PBB. lol melason ♥ ♥ ♥

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