something's telling me that our java class this morning will be as usual, uneventful. i haven't studied the project in-depth so i feel guilty for my groupmates. and you know, poject-making thursdays are boring because none of us know what to do, and i'm sort of counting on rogelio to help me. ever since we came into arrays, i'm all blank.

if today would probably suck, i tell you, yesterday sucked even more.

i woke up as early as 5 because i was heavily nauseated, ever since, i came to the bathroom to throw up every 15 freaking minutes. maybe because it was too cold. i came to school and it became worse cos our classroom is a living north pole. the CR became my second home. and because i can't take it anymore, i'm feeling so damn sick of dehydration already, i just went back home to rest. i skipped half of filione and the rest of mathlog. and then, everything worsens from there, well, until i woke up this morning. i'm thought i'm gonna be sick for the rest of the week, thank God i'm not. whew.

which brings me to a crucial question, will i go to school??? >:\

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