read: UPLB Professor Sacked Over Sex Harassment Case 
i just heard some shocking news minutes ago, that Prof Fulgencio 'Pol' Mojica got kicked out of his teaching post upon being found guilty of sexual harassment. i knew it was in his nature to harass his hot male students MENTALLY, but i didn't think he'd go overboard materializing his fantasies.

so, sir Mojica was my english2 teacher. quite frankly, he isn't my favorite teacher but yeah, i learned from him naman. hehehe he's the strictest most meticulous teacher i've ever met. have i mentioned he's gay? that should be obvious if you read the news. LOL

last paragraph of the news article says he can still appeal for the decision, i guess he would do that... just so he could file a formal resignation after. sounds better than having a 'fired' record on your resume. anyway. best of luck to him.

my grade would've been 2.00 on that demanding subject but he marked me absent one time when i was actually present, so i didn't get my attendance incentive. i almost cried out to him but he was too mataray. maybe if i were a tall, mestizo and handsome guy, he'd cave in. haha bitter.

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