#4 ftw?

read: 7 Things "Good Parents" Do (That Screw Kids Up For Life)

#4 says: Starting them in School Early

A study by the National Foundation for Educational Research in the UK has concluded that children who start schooling before the age of six are more likely to drop out from higher education facilities, smoke weed and play guitar badly.

LOL, really now?

i didn't really start school early, i got accelerated so i skipped prep, err i guess that counts? and when i stepped to grade 1, i am probably the dumbest, most incapable kid around. i didn't know how to write (cos they start teaching that at prep stage) and i was oblivious to the fact that i'm actually left handed. maybe that's why i sucked at writing, my mom would fetch me and find me alone in the room copying the writings on the board. then she'll do it for me, and erase the board after. wahaha. i survived highschool without any formal introduction to proper grooming, after all, what's the point in grooming in an all-girls school? college came and i was extremely undecided about my future, how can a 15 year old decide what to specialize at for the rest of her life? and so college was all about survival for me. it was only after 3 years and a hundred thousand++ bucks wasted that i came to my senses and realized what i must 'really' do to compensate for those three utterly dispassionate school years. SHIFT.

in a way, some parts of my schooling were a mess and sometimes i blame being too young for all the wrong decisions i've made. like i'm faced with adult matters that require at least 1 year of experience. it's only now that i'm trying to really 'fix' myself. so maybe Cracked is right, starting school early can screw up a kid, but not for life. >;P

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