// haaay. java prog finals sucked big time! >:(

// on the other had, i saw my crush so i'm ok! my friends think there's something fishy going on already, how would i know? i'm too busy looking at him (from afar) to notice if he's looking at me too. that's for my friends to observe. LOL i'm cool with one-sidedness, it's not like i'm hoping for something. duuuh, i might end up passing another frakking chance, so better not show it to me in the first place.

// sir marquez wants to talk to us about our project. sorry, but i kinda hate what you did DAN. i'm afraid he's gonna ask about why our codes look so fucking identical. good thing our prof knows who copied from who. now, i'm scared cos i didn't really do our project, MIKA did. so i have to die studying the whole thing TONIGHT (right when i have two exams tomorrow) cos every method she did wasn't introduced properly to me. key: string tokenizer && mergesort.

// i might actually end up re-doing the entire thing just to make myself understand the whole frakking block of codes. i hate arrays.

// no. i don't hate arrays. i just wasn't taught properly about it.

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