i promise to finish The Graveyard Book before tuesday which is Mika's birthday, because i feel guilty not being able to give time to read it! i figured that in a week, if i actually spent my facebook hours reading instead, i'd be able to finish 2 books. which is sad because, as much as i love books, it's hardly ever as addictive as facebook. and i'm maarte when i read, i want to be in a really comfortable position with instrumental music in the background. in this house, i can only read peacefully on one specific couch, and that couch is on the basement so nevermind. i'll convince mom to transfer it to my room wahaha. ang arte!

i'm thinking of ways to cut off on expenses without missing out on barkada activities. you always need money for that, money for fare (the tricycle sucks up most of my fare budget) or for dinner outside. which is why i think it's better to just spend it at someone's place than go malling for movies, food and arcade. same fun for a lesser cost. LOL and it's 2010 already! i need to get serious with saving.

oh, i was typing a paragraph about how i'm confused with the YEAR you enter when you input your college, cos basically there are two significant Years in your college life, the year you entered, and the year you graduated. so which is which?

uhm, and while typing that i also came into a conclusion. when you're asked for Class Year (like in facebook), you're asked for the year you graduated. when you're asked for batch, it's the year you entered. i mean, Class of 2010 means the batch of people graduating on 2010. Batch 2006 is the batch of students who entered on 2006. then again it could mean the same thing. i'm confused again. but i see Class as the graduating year more often so i guess i have to stick with my conclusion... or hypothesis since i'm still unsure. so what if i come across an input field that asks for just YEAR (not Class Year, not Batch)? damn, i'll keep it blank.

right, in real life or when you're finally out of school, who cares on when you entered college? class year is more significant right? you only need your batch year to meet old friends.

lol, why do trivial things sap my braincells out?

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