why this day is made of so much epic fail

so i have this doodle that i work with every time we have filione cos i tuck it in the book so the only chance i get to work on it, is when i open it, which only happens on wednesdays. i draw random stuff as usual, monsters, aliens, slimes, letterings... plain doodles, even a rough cartoon sketch of my crush hahaha.

then there's this time (like, awhile ago) when my crush is walking around the room and he saw me drawing and he complimented it and says he wants to frakking see it. shempre oks lng naman but i have to tear one half of the page cos he's face is frakking drawn there and even though it doesn't look a bit like him, it would be obvious that it's him --- and all my frakking efforts of trying to hide my teenybopper admiration for him would go down the stinking drain --- because i drew his jersey too.

now, i'm safe. i tore half of the paper and gave him the other half to marvel on. he returned it after awhile naman and i continued drawing, relieved that he didn't see anything scandalous.

it was only 6 hours later that i discovered my mistake. henako jec, i wouldn't have noticed at all, thank you talaga pare! (sarcastic haha) i told my friends about what happened and when i handed them the doodle, jec pointed out my mistake. i completely forgot that i also drew his frakking name on it!
:galit: whyyyy??? i didn't notice naman eh! AND HOPEFULLY HE DIDN'T!

Lord, pleaaaase.


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