Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes to handle Maguindanao Massacre case

at last, someone brave enough agreed to take on the fearful case. and a woman, on top of that. it's completely understandable that no one would want to handle the case, let alone get involved with it, because the risks are dangerous. even someone with a strong sense of justice would be doubtful if it means putting his and his family's life in evident danger.

that's why at some point, i applaud this woman's courage. news says she agreed to it without hesitation, and even refused to have police bodyguards around her saying she'll just call for it when she needs one. does she understand the situation she's now in? does she know the dangers of being unprotected? or does she not trust the police? thinking maybe these guys would soon turn out to be after her, and not for her? after all, she's faced with extremely powerful people who use only two tools to get what they want: money, and death threats.

why she agreed to handle the case so fast brings in some kind of suspicion too. has something fishy happened between ampatuan and reyes? was this talked over a cup of tea (and a million bucks perhaps?), that's why she's fearless of her life?

we'll wait for the trial then. but seriously, if it turns out to be the latter, i will be extremely disappointed with the world and condemn Philippine politics for life. the entire world knows what the most obvious, most righteous, and most lawful court decision to this case is. and if it happens otherwise, wtf, God bless the Philippines.

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