it's the good-afternoon-i-just-had-banana-q look.

devId by ~melodia04 on deviantART

it's my new DA avatar too. lol, i don't even think it looks like me so i had to show you the reference pic i used. wahahaha

// rar. i came to class 2 hours late because i overslept... well, i forgot to set the alarm last night hahaha. because of that, i missed our practical exam but thanks to Dan, i have a grade... along with benjie (who's also tardy) and jona (the serial absentee). hahaha he kinda talked to sir about it. really small talk, our teacher is lazy, it's easy to convince him about anything as long as it means leaving early. lol

// i had banana-q so i'm quite in a good mood. yey

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