on Blogger's Jump Break and the all-new Friendster

Here's something I only picked up right now. Blogger Draft is now offering my favorite blogging feature more commonly known as 'Selective Expandable Posts' --- in the form of a Jump Break (you know, the 'Read More' link that cuts my entries), well I'm gonna have to redirect you cos I'm too lazy to explain it. Credits to Ysabel, for if i hadn't hopped on to her blog, I wouldn't have known about it. Thanks! Now instead of enclosing my entries with

which i learned from Hackosphere, now i only use

to mark the start of the cut. Smart!

Now, Blogger Draft is really spiffy, as I've recently discovered and I'm glad they included it AT LAST. I remember taking a survey from them which asks what features I want to see at Blogger in the future and it's my #1.

So, what's up with FRIENDSTER?

Friendster has turned green (with too much envy i guess?)!!! It's cool though, but that's just about my favorite part of the all-new Frienster --- the Login page (+the logo) --- cos the background is really cute and artsy. HAHA they've installed pretty much the same features as Facebook but I DON'T REALLY think that people (especially the whole flock of Filipino net addicts) will jump back to it. Not when they're already Livestock Lords at Farmville. >;P

Now that i'm on Blogger Draft, I kinda lost my Yahoo and Onion emoticons.
Wait, i'll work on that. >:)

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