EDITED COS I'M TOO EMBARASSED NA. just when i thought i have the right to feel this way without being cautious. >_>; henako

java project? still no progress, if i really wanted to get over with the damned project i have to dedicate AN ENTIRE DAY reviewing everything about arrays, especially populating them, then i'd probably understand what's going on with sir's powerpoint lectures.

blank faces fill the class. though there's someone who impresses me... rogelio! or yow!, as i call him. he gets the freakin thing! i wish i had his programming intellect. he's far better than i am, seriously. galeeeeenng!

ms. tailor, come quick cos i wanna leave the house early. >:\

i realized i have so many things to do tonight and i'm not even worrying about them. T__T;; it's the usual indifference that plagued my entire UPLB life. hehe

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