another question! yehey! hehe

#1) what would you do to save the world? :)
- honestly, i'd rather rule the world or rule the internet! then again, if i were to really really answer your miss universe question, here's what i'd probably do: first i'll observe what in the world needs saving. if it involves ending world hunger, warfare, racial discrimination or global warming --- I REFUSE. LOL, i mean realistically speaking, i can't end any of those cos i'm a freaking contributor to the world's largest problems. hmm, maybe global warming. i'll save up for a hybrid car? T_T; anyway, uuuhhhm, sorry i'm too much of a villain for this wahahaha!

i bought another jacket. =____=
i can't say if it was impulsive of me, cos it has been on my wishlist for a couple of months now... but, i didn't really plan to buy it today, it just happened that i saw it, liked it, then bought it. anyway, it's a UP jacket. hahaha no regrets! heheheheheeee

but it also meant having NO MONEY FOR DIVI (LOL just how much is that jacket?!?)!!!
aaaahm, it's only 795, but i only allotted 1000 for divi thinking it's enough since i don't need to splurge. and err, i only want a new wallet (kipling or nothing) and dvds. i think 500 would be enough na nga eh. yaaah, like what else do i need?

onga pala, your gifts. hahaha

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