would you believe i didn't eat a lot this day considering we had so many food?! our relatives came earlier by the way and it was really fun! well, the fun part went to entertaining my little nephews and nieces, i was physically drained but everything was worth it because everyone was happy! yeeeey! >:)

so now, i'm back to slimming tea, gym, and saving up for the following Christmas parties and meetings to come! i really wanted to save for a divisoria spree but everytime i reach, say, 1 thousand, i always end up buying something (like a jacket, or a book). so it turns out that i buy one item at a time, when in fact i wanted to really saaaaaave, and go on a one time big time shopping spree... at divisoria, when the season is over so i wouldn't have to worry about dying of suffocation and stampede.

anyway. i'm back to reading teen flicks. they're the first books i've read and even though people say chick flicks are books for the dumb, i don't really care because i owe my blogging history to it. :)

hehe, right! it's never late for a wishlist so i'm making a material wishlist right after this entry. haha >:D

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