nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi...tsktsk

status: oh my god, i'm so stupid!? why did i vote for her... i lost my chance... grr.. *stabs herself*

haaayy.. so far iba na mood ko.. super nanghinayang lang ako... for once.. i want to do something na macoconsider kong achievement! kaso.. i'm still waiting... it's my last year na... -_-;;
i wanna do something i'll be proud of...

haayy... so many schoolworks..-_-;;
naiinis ako.. anyway.. happy na rin ako sa mga happenings... oh my...ang labo ko.. bast pagbubutihin ko na lng..


i'm semi-sad semi happy...


haayy... can't get rid of school works... hehe.. hafta wait no time... haya... babooo!! sira ang aming napagandang computer!! kaya nasa net cafe ako..-_-;;

you can't rape the willing - itachi

of course he didn't exactly say that... it's from a fic..
torture. torture. torture...
reverse psychology... blahblahblah...
it has serious descriptions but it's really funny... especially when itachi tries out the reverse psych to stop-slash-stimulate (i know it's contrasting..-_-) sasuke from etching an ambigram on his chest using an overly heated iron rod...

ang labooo koooo....-_-;;
blur blur blur blur...

napaparanoid ako pag mag-isa...-_-;;
shempre minutes ago, i'm surfing the net, researching on naruto, playing with paperdolls, and finishing my econ homework... etc etc... tapos may naririnig akong kalampag sa taas...

gawd.. you should know how i feel... feeling ko may magnanakaw or something? 5pm? how nice...
the clattering of random objects continued, i know it's from this house? but who did it? i checked my brain... doors locked, windows closed, gate bolted.. what did i miss?

i took the sharpest object nearest me.. which happened to be a hairclip (the same thing i used when i foolishly tried to kill myself)... i motioned myslelf up the stairs... making sure that i'm ready for any unexpected attacks... i checked the first floor... kitchen -- the kitchen door was closed, the blinds are open but hell, what's with it anyway, may screen naman behind it...dining area - the sliding door..locked, good.
now the living area.. i swear i saw something moving behind the curtains... it's jabbing the glass window.. i can hear the sounds... then it hit me... it purred..

it's a freakin cat.

oh my... kinabahan ako dun... i opened the main door to let it out.. and it did.. buti na lng hindi natakot or something kasi baka umakyat pa yun sa taas.. mahirap na...

but how the hell did the cat entered our house?

however, that remains a mystery.

what is your drive?

currently i'm thinking (i said thinking) of writing a naruto fanfic... i have the plot na... bwahahaa... and it's going to be on the R side... the M part... the X rating...

y'know what i mean..
i'm not a pervert... it's just that no matter how hard he (the creator of naruto) tried not to put an implied yaoi in the story... people still saw it!... and i'm one of them...

this is not my first time though... it's my second, the first one was pretty good except that i got a little paranoid over my writing and i got guilty writing those kind of i deleted the file and tore the print sheet into pieces... tsktsk
btw, it's a naruto-slash-orochimaru pairing... a gruesome pairing indeed but hell, of course one goes unwilling to do the... the.. uhm.. well... figure it out yourself...

what am i thinking?
if there's BDSM, does it automatically implies rape? *winks*
BDSM- bondage and sodomy


uhm...haayy... the whole house is mine! and mine alone...
no one's around again... my parents accompanied my sister to laguna... haynaku...-_-;;

i wanna eat california maki!!

oh my... what the hell happened to my messenger???
when i chat with someone, our conversation screen is blank... not a word is written...-_-;;


keeping myself busy...

is not a very hard thing to do especially when i'm studying and i'm serious with it!
haha.... who gets a failing grade on a quiz after being serious with studying it?! i bet ako lang...-_-;;

tepai went to school again...and of course... pot sessions! (pot nga ba yun? not even sure of the term!)
we're reading her *bows down* manga! as in comics! and it's really cool! someday, i'll buy one... when i have enough money! haha...
aww... i really like Saint's Ave. by Tepai.. hangkkooooll... lupet nya talaga magdrawing!

and the characters are based on real-life, but of course don't expect it to be the realistic art... it's comics mehn!

she's sooo greeeaattt! sisikat ka!!! someday!! i mean, malapit naaaaa!!!

grabeee... i haven't finished reading angels and demons... i have the book for almost a month!
nooO!!! i HAVE it for the whole month, but not the literal 24hours X 30days = number of hours i've been sitting and reading...
haha.. di naman ako slow reader... lazy reader lang...

as i scanned the whole classroom to see the books my classmates are going to read for their report, soopeerrr gusto ko basahin lahat...
da vinci code, digital fortress, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, the 5 people you meet in heaven, elegance, drama queen...etc...

oh my...-_-;
nkkinis talaga... i want to read them all!
in reality, i haven't read a lot of books... kaya if you ask me, alam mo ba yung 'blah blah by scooby blah'?
shempre ssbihin ko "no"...
pero if it's by meg cabot or dan brown or by some famous writer...
ssbihin ko, "narinig ko na pero di ko pa nababasa...-_-;;"
and most of the time i use the second line.. kasi nga ang dami kong gustong basahin!

i remember our 1st year nursery rhyme that we sang...

books, books, oh i love to read
many things you'll learn
if you just read
wisdom you can earn
nobody can get it
if you just read books!

i didn't write what's partially down there...

Some thoughts on blogging

My younger daughter was curled up on my bed yesterday afternoon. I was half lying beside her with my arm thrown across her in a loose embrace. We were having one of our girl talks. Waistline, actually, and exercising. Somewhere in the long conversation that drifted from one topic to another, I took the time to tell her how happy I was to be her mommy. She’s 11 and she’s growing into a thoughtful and generous adolescent. She would often pop into the bedroom to ask if I was thirsty or hungry or wanted a cup of coffee. She would offer her savings if I run short of cash in the house. She often does little things that, taken together, touch me in a big, big way. I guess I wanted to let her know that I am aware of them and how much I appreciated her gestures.

I’m lucky, I guess. I have two wonderful children, an equally wonderful husband, friends whose company I enjoy and, yes, even friends in the blogging community. I never really thought I’d have real friends in the blogging community. Not with the kind of blogging culture that I was exposed to during my first months of blogging. There was a time when I thought that each and every blogger looked at one another as some form of competition.

When I started blogging in 2003, there was no Filipino blogging community. I frequented a blogging community called Wanderlust ( I was one of two Filipinos active in that community. From there, I got acquainted with a lot of American blogs and bloggers. This was just a few months before the Iraq War began and the impending war was the primary content of most of these American blogs. At least, the ones I found worth reading. Apart from the war, there were two other major concerns: linking and not getting into the “worst blogs list.” I remember a very popular American blog, a young woman’s diary, that was cited in the “worst blogs list” and it was the buzz for a few days. Others were saying, “thank goodness it wasn’t me” and some such stuff. But what really struck was how so many bloggers seemed to be experiencing some kind of delicious shudder over the inclusion of some but not one’s own. I thought it was something about the American culture.

I was to realize later on that it was not about the American culture. It was actually one very real aspect of the blog culture. Competition (for readers, traffic and popularity) can be so stiff that a bad thing said about one blogger would be glorified by others. Even when the ‘bad thing’ was nothing more than a subjective statement. It seemed funny that no one thought that the only real winner under the circumstances was the owner of the site with the “worst blogs list”. It was that site that really got the traffic, readers and popularity because many of those not included in the list were only too happy to link to it to show that it was not they, but someone else, who made it to the list.

Those who are not too fortunate only experience that part of the blogging culture. Those of us who are more fortunate make contact with people who will not assess us as being either an asset or a liability in the blogging community but simply as us. But whether or not we’re lucky enough to be among the fortunate few, we cannot ignore the nastier aspect of the blog culture. How should it be addressed?

When I was interviewed by the Tech Editor of the U.P. Parser last Sunday, I was asked if I believed in regulating the Filipino blogging community the way the city of San Francisco proposes to do to its blogging community. I said no. Regulation is censorship and I’d be the first screaming freedom of speech over every dimension of cyberspace. Code of ethics? I said no too. Why? Because no blogger, or group of bloggers, has the right to impose his or its standards on others. No one has the right to say this and not that is the correct language or style for writing blog entries and this, not that is the proper attitude that a blogger should take.

So, should we leave things as they are and allow some to destroy others for their own twisted reasons? No, because destruction can only happen if it is allowed to happen.

In the same interview, I was asked to give my message to bloggers. I said Go, blog! History should not be written by scholars based on second hand information. Blog about you, what goes on around you and how you perceive events and issues. It is us who should be writing history because it is us who live it. Personally, I consider it as something I owe my children. There is only so much that I can relay to them now. There is much more that I want them to know about even after I am gone.

It is the words in the blogs with enough substance that will survive. Not the petty ones. Not the ones that seek to destroy others. Not the shallow, callous ones that only gain momentary attention. Long after the blogs are gone, the ideas and the ideals will live. Set your standards high, reach for excellence and rise beyond the madness of the petty. That is the way to survive the nasty aspect of the blog culture.

that's a post from House on a Hill
that's exactly how i want my blog to be... in the future! when i'm not being so self centered with telling you what has happened in my life and my life alone. Instead i'll be posting my opinions on various cases in life...

weow. that's my dream blog! a blog that voices out my inter-relational feelings!
a different one of course, not this type...

'this is what happened to me last friday, my boyriend invited me to lunch in Napoli's and the food there is disgusting! (i'm very very sorry, i haven't tried napoli's yet! haha) i swear i won't eat there again!!'

but, instead...

'what's bringing lot's of filipinos in the line of poverty is the lack of food!! i firmly believe in the Malthusian Theory which states the improportionality of population and food supply. So i think, we better not waste the food we eat, just like what i did yesterday when my boyfriend invited me to lunch... i just puked and puked and puked..i know it's very rude to be like that so next time, when he invites me... i'll pick the restaurant.'

something like that...pero hindi ganun....err.. ung.. may relation yung events of your life to another case experienced by LOTS of people... like poverty?

blah... end of post.

minatamis na santol

LoL.. i just know where my friends are right now... they're in lauchu's blowout in gateway! ehehe...
onga pla..

she didn't invite me! =( anyway, even if she did i won't be able to come.. too busy..

LoL.. hndi nman ako galit...^^;;

you know what... naruto's getting into my nerves.. in a not-so-bad way... a lot of stories are building up in my brain which, unfortunately i can't put into stories coz they disappear quickly..=(

i'm so lonely here...-_-;;
i wanna read fics...-_-;;

new layout!

hehe... this is the 8th version of melodic bloggage... what's new? everything's new! except for the colors... you know, i really fancy red-black-white... hehe

so... it's friday once again! supposed-to-be rest day but i have a lot of things to do so i probably won't be able to pamper myself that much...-_-;;

oh, my sister is home from los banos and she just commuted by herself.. achievement! haha... every week she'll be going back home to manila then return to school on sundays...

you know what i hate with most CL teachers? (uhm... in my case the most is equal to 2) they tend to bring up the conclusion that Catholicism is the best religion ever! haha! i doubt that.. although i respect their beliefs (i'm studying in a catholic school anyway, and i never debated my beliefs with them) but sometimes teachers go out of track with their discussions and accidentally compare other religions to them (that sort of thing) which not only offenses me but other people who doesn't belong to their religion as well..

i'm very sensitive with those stuff.. so please bear with me...^^;;

i hafta close this post now.. so goodbye...=)

wishlist update!

wow! i'm slashing two items off my wishlist...
Playing in the Fields - Barbie's Cradle
Still not Getting Any - Simple Plan

thankyouthankyou NEZ! =)

oh.. i'm extremely busy but laziness always gets the best of me and you know what i do when i'm bored or when queen lazy pig snorts... i blog.

a lot of my batchmates are online today and i know just why they are online... SCHOOL STUFF!!
thank you technology for giving us instant messangers to help us communicate easier... haha!

wow! i wonder if i'll get a credit from mrs. benitez from one of my comexes sooner... i'm still hoping... unfortunately, her taste is not my style... i'm the sarcastic writer, full of damn fuckin idiotic and stupid words... my writing is oftentimes casual, i'm not the poetic writer, nor the serious one with hyphalutin yet sensible vocabs... i have the simplest style... but that's not my best! so i'll work on it! i want my work on the wall of fame! hehe... ambitious me...

college life!

uhm.. it's not my life... it's my sister's... we'll be accompanying her to UP los banos later.. where her new university awaits... where a new life will be started.. partly without us.. aww..

no more naruto for her!
i can see through her that she doesn't want to give up watching the series, since things are getting hotter and hotter and... nevermind...

she'll be used to it! she'll be commuting from los banos to manila alone!
that's the real life!
haay... i 'll miss her! i'll be the only child here! ahaha...

ngayon nga i'm kinda reluctant if i'll join them to los banos later kasi i haven't started memorizing the latin prefixes for english and there's a possiblity that i'll miss watching naruto! this i cannot bear to happen!
pero my sister is more important than anything else! ehehe...

who will be the next... PINOY POP SUPERSTAR!?
ahahaaa... crush ko dun c Harry Santos! hope he wins... it's his 4th week na!!!! ang galing galing! looks+voice= ultimate PINOY POP SUPESTAR! san ka pa?! pls support him... although i catch his voice making piyok at times... nananalo parin! o diba? bias?! haha.. hinde noh... deserving lng tlga sha.. and he's still 16!

hehe... ^^;;

anyway... i'm really happy that there's only one more burden left for me before i enter class and that is to memorize stuff on latin prefixes...
oh... who knows what suriax means?

vanity kills

women are naturally vain, and so am i, but i keep it in a discreet mode...

awhile ago i just burned my upper lip! wtf?! yeah... literally..-_-;; but you won't see marks kasi naagapan kaagad! haha... right now i'm half-typing and half sticking the icebag on my lip.. hehe... kasi nman... i was looking at myself, my not-so-beautiful self, through a boiling pot... tapos ayun, the predictable happened!

so next time, be sure to be extra careful whenever you're dealing with boiling pots... and be sure to keep your vain side in place...

oh, today is june 12... independence day! raise your flags mga kababayan!

let's all rest...

school is so tiring... i didn't expect our first week to be so stressful! i haven't had any rest... i mean proper rest... our homeworks doesn't require the whole night to be finished, but i don't know what's up with me... i can't sleep early! insomnia?

between 8-9pm, even if i force myself to sleep, i can't sleep...that's why i borrowed a book from the library to spend the remaining hours my eyes won't cooperate... it's Angels and Demons by Dan Brown...

i have a copy of it in my files as an e-book, unfortunately it's not very convinient to print it, and i have no idea how to convert .lit to .pdf (for printability's sake) that's why i borrowed a book... plus! my ID has a barcode! cool!

asenso na ang holy.. i'm excited to get our id's... the swipe thing intrigues me although it's not a new enough amenity in a school, it still sounds cool to have those... =D

my classmates...
i don't know who my classmates are.. -_-;; i don't know some of their names, although i've seen them... but.. who cares! i don't!

i finally have my investi group... at first when i talked to anna if we would still be groupmates (coz the rule says we'd be grouped accdg to residential areas), i admit i'm so reluctant to join them... two reasons. 1) i might be out of place 2) i'm still considering who my groupmates would be...

i ended up in their group anyway. =) uhm... that's pretty acceptable na rin. i mean, i'll just do my part...

... i like vero's title in her comex 1!
the rebellious pink crayon... really cool! i can see the irony but it's still catchy!

=) i admire one person in class... a very versatile and responsible person... God bless her.

fourth year is really dreadful but we have to remember that we couldn't graduate without stepping on this... who knows a person who was accelerated to college?!
anyway... it's still fun... (;-])>


Your #1 Match: ISTJ

The Duty Fulfiller

You are responsible, reliable, and hardworking - you get the job done.
You prefer productive hobbies, like woodworking or knittings.
Quiet and serious, you are well prepared for whatever life hands you.
Conservative and down-to-earth, you hardly ever do anything crazy.

You would make a great business executive, accountant, or lawyer.

Your #2 Match: INTJ

The Scientist

You have a head for ideas - and you are good at improving systems.
Logical and strategic, you prefer for everything in your life to be organized.
You tend to be a bit skeptical. You're both critical of yourself and of others.
Independent and stubborn, you tend to only befriend those who are a lot like you.

You would make an excellent scientist, engineer, or programmer.

Your #3 Match: ISFJ

The Nurturer

You have a strong need to belong, and you very loyal.
A good listener, you excell at helping others in practical ways.
In your spare time, you enjoy engaging your senses through art, cooking, and music.
You find it easy to be devoted to one person, who you do special things for.

You would make a good interior designer, chef, or child psychologist.

Your #4 Match: INFJ

The Protector

You live your life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity.
Independent and stubborn, you rarely stray from your vision - no matter what it is.
You are an excellent listener, with almost infinite patience.
You have complex, deep feelings, and you take great care to express them.

You would make a great photographer, alternative medicine guru, or teacher.

Your #5 Match: ISTP

The Mechanic

You are calm and collected, even in the most difficult of situations.
A person of action and self-direction, you love being independent.
To outsiders yous eem impulsive, surprising, and unpredictable.
You are good at understanding how all things work, except for people.

You would make an excellent pilot, forensic pathologist, or athlete.

just for fun...
y'know i have gazzilions of workload.. i mean.. shitload =eerybody hates a lot of work! -_-;;

let the chaos begin...

it literally means chaos to me whenever i enter another schoolyear, generally because of the crowd and the noise. i know everyone's excited to meet their friends again, and i admit i'm one of them. but if you pile up all the thrill, we students can be compared to a horde of activists protesting for vat decrease.


ok, i thought there weren't any 'notorious' people in my section (oh, pardon me if i call them that way, but that's who they really are to me, and you know them ^_~) but i'm wrong... anyway, she's just one. a single, tiny, little, minute, number one so if i do things right and stay out of her borders, i'm sure i'm not going to have any problems with her... that is only for constant circumstances but if it changes? then i'm on for a fight...

blah... i'm actually worried... i want our class to be harmless... FOR ME! because i'm a very weak and pathetic creature who does only what she thinks is right but unfortunately not everything i think is right, i'm just human.. and the bad part is everything that i do, bad or good gets noticed by these humpaloompas... and the next thing i knew... i already have a red card!

get ready for more rantful posts... next time.

one more sleep to go

...and i'll be entering the last season of my highschool saga... i'm not excited about it. especially when i learned my section wasn't sandiwa nor bayanihan! (which proved me as a fraud foreteller). but i'm pretty happy about it, since i know i'll be able to pull something off... haha plus!++++ the people that i hate are not in our class which will mean either of this things... 1) my life this year will be less troublesome (compared to my life two yrs ago where i had to ignore every bashful encounter i had with this bitch) or 2) i'll be meeting another nemesis (i hope not, i'm being a good girl so far) =)

i went to school yesterday just to check my section... the bad thing is, excitement took over me and so i first checked the section i'm mostly looking forward to be part of, which was sandiwa. unfortunately my name wasn't there! so i looked at bayanihan instead! but my name wasn't there either! and then.. pananagutan... just then... my world stopped spinning... i'm not in there either!!!!

so i checked the last section in my list which was pamayanan... and i was there... hehe... ^^;;

why do i want to be in sandiwa?
because that's what i saw in my dream, plus it's near the cr..

because beside it is the locker area which has taller lockers and that's what i want

lockers and cr-- just around the corner!

uhm... since this is not on my wished-for sections... i won't be saying a lot about this. let the section itself prove me wrong...


Let the Concert Begin

i told you, i'm attending a free concert every week!
but we don't have any popular guests or whoever but i'm sure our performers are waaayyy popular in the eyes of GOD!
you see, everytime we have our praise and worship session (which runs around 8-8:45 am during sundays then homily will follow afterwards), i'm always filled with this certain joy... i can't explain but it's heartwarming and exciting!!

God is really dwelling in our place... and i love it.


i'll be changing this one again... simply stated.. i need more space!
*i'll work on*

naruto won!!!!

huwaw! nanalo c naruto!
if u don't know what im talking about... it's NARUTO.. a japanese anime!
*stop me calling me freak*

naruto vs. neji... i always knew he'll win! haha... my sister and i are cheering for him...

might sound weird pero ganyan kmi sa mga magagandang anime... hehe

parang Slam Dunk.. ang sarap mag cheer... kahit 2D lang ang mga tao at hindi live tulad ng UAAP masarap parin panoorin kasi there will always be something extraordinary na mangyayari!! haha...

you know what... many people consider us freaks from watching a lot of anime but we're learning from it! and we learn a lot! unlike watching spongebob knock gary's eyes off or staring at mr bean's ocassional mumbles while sewing teddy's ears on!

people are just being stereotypical... and count me in.

question box is up!

o cge... put ur questions there... just make sure you leave ur name or just a word that could be addressed to you... whatever.

blah... i have a haloscan, a tagboard and now a question box?
i'm soo pathetic!

you know what i want.... traffic.
and at this point i can say stats are stable... gawwwddd... what's the point of gaining site traffic? buti kung may google site ad ako d2... edi mayaman nku ngayon!

my parents went to tagaytay today... and i'm worried.. wala lng... everytime they're off for a long trip i would pray to God and tell him to give two of my angels to mom and dad for additional protection (coz i know i have 3 or more angels!=])

hehe... ang boring d2.... gud thing i have the computer... and it's mine for the whole dayyy!!!


nights ago... i had a dream...
i was in school... first day of school... tapos i checked the board for my section...
ang weird don... there were more that 4 4th yr sections... for the first four the section names were written right... the next four or kung ilan man yun.. the names are jumbled! bsta eto lang ang bottom part nun... my section, according to my could-be-reliable dream is... sandiwa cn4...
sana 22o...

may isa pa kong dream! isa sa mga dreams na gusto ko balikan after waking up but i don't know how to.. the setting.. sa seed... my elementary school... i was with 2 other friends... basta eto ang summary... i got an invisible broomstick that goes visible only when you mount on it!

and when i did... i flew up up and near the electric lines that broke bcoz of me.. tapos ng panick ako.. nag dive ako sa ground... eh ang bilis.. so i just closed my eyes.. pero when i opened it.. i landed safely pla... ang saya lumipad super!

gusto ko lumipad!!!

a nice breakfast

i made myself the simplest breakfast i can manage since we barely cook anything in the morning, not because we don't have any food to cook but because people here are having herbal supplements which makes them full enough not to crave for any food-- and that supplement sucks..-_-;;.

i just reheated the cinnamon roll i bought yesterday and made a, -_-;;, coffee with ginseng... people here are soo health conscious...

hmm... anyway.. yesterday i went shopping with my cousins... my little cousins... and how many are they?
they're 5! so in the end my sister and i looked more like a chaperone rather than a dear cousin taking them to the mall for a jollibee treat.
unfortunately we have our own purposes for going to the mall... we want to buy our own stuff... but we have to wait since my uncle can't hold five children with 2 hands.

at first it was very displeasing... but after all they're my cousins and i shouldn't be angry with this... plus.. i love them. =)

right now i'm figuring out on how to get your personal voicemail number... help!?

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