let's all rest...

school is so tiring... i didn't expect our first week to be so stressful! i haven't had any rest... i mean proper rest... our homeworks doesn't require the whole night to be finished, but i don't know what's up with me... i can't sleep early! insomnia?

between 8-9pm, even if i force myself to sleep, i can't sleep...that's why i borrowed a book from the library to spend the remaining hours my eyes won't cooperate... it's Angels and Demons by Dan Brown...

i have a copy of it in my files as an e-book, unfortunately it's not very convinient to print it, and i have no idea how to convert .lit to .pdf (for printability's sake) that's why i borrowed a book... plus! my ID has a barcode! cool!

asenso na ang holy.. i'm excited to get our id's... the swipe thing intrigues me although it's not a new enough amenity in a school, it still sounds cool to have those... =D

my classmates...
i don't know who my classmates are.. -_-;; i don't know some of their names, although i've seen them... but.. who cares! i don't!

i finally have my investi group... at first when i talked to anna if we would still be groupmates (coz the rule says we'd be grouped accdg to residential areas), i admit i'm so reluctant to join them... two reasons. 1) i might be out of place 2) i'm still considering who my groupmates would be...

i ended up in their group anyway. =) uhm... that's pretty acceptable na rin. i mean, i'll just do my part...

... i like vero's title in her comex 1!
the rebellious pink crayon... really cool! i can see the irony but it's still catchy!

=) i admire one person in class... a very versatile and responsible person... God bless her.

fourth year is really dreadful but we have to remember that we couldn't graduate without stepping on this... who knows a person who was accelerated to college?!
anyway... it's still fun... (;-])>

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