keeping myself busy...

is not a very hard thing to do especially when i'm studying and i'm serious with it!
haha.... who gets a failing grade on a quiz after being serious with studying it?! i bet ako lang...-_-;;

tepai went to school again...and of course... pot sessions! (pot nga ba yun? not even sure of the term!)
we're reading her *bows down* manga! as in comics! and it's really cool! someday, i'll buy one... when i have enough money! haha...
aww... i really like Saint's Ave. by Tepai.. hangkkooooll... lupet nya talaga magdrawing!

and the characters are based on real-life, but of course don't expect it to be the realistic art... it's comics mehn!

she's sooo greeeaattt! sisikat ka!!! someday!! i mean, malapit naaaaa!!!

grabeee... i haven't finished reading angels and demons... i have the book for almost a month!
nooO!!! i HAVE it for the whole month, but not the literal 24hours X 30days = number of hours i've been sitting and reading...
haha.. di naman ako slow reader... lazy reader lang...

as i scanned the whole classroom to see the books my classmates are going to read for their report, soopeerrr gusto ko basahin lahat...
da vinci code, digital fortress, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, the 5 people you meet in heaven, elegance, drama queen...etc...

oh my...-_-;
nkkinis talaga... i want to read them all!
in reality, i haven't read a lot of books... kaya if you ask me, alam mo ba yung 'blah blah by scooby blah'?
shempre ssbihin ko "no"...
pero if it's by meg cabot or dan brown or by some famous writer...
ssbihin ko, "narinig ko na pero di ko pa nababasa...-_-;;"
and most of the time i use the second line.. kasi nga ang dami kong gustong basahin!

i remember our 1st year nursery rhyme that we sang...

books, books, oh i love to read
many things you'll learn
if you just read
wisdom you can earn
nobody can get it
if you just read books!

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