yun o!

illustrated by: me
colored by: kevin

aww shocks, buti na lang kinulayan ni kevin! ngayon ko lang naappreciate! crush ko na nga yang ballerguy na yan e. tsktsk

sori sa kamay a. i did my best to hide it HAHA di pa proportion. turo nyo kung ano ung mali! pag nakuha mo...

wala lng.

confirmed. k, i die now.

2nd...3rd... i dunno. maybe 2nd. i didn't really die the last time it happened cos i was too jealous than heartbroken. and too quiet for my own good. something ironic for my sign. weh. astrology is cool eh.

eto, by observation tlga.

scorpio ♥ virgo

most of the time, yeah?
or not. who knows, really. i'm not in the right position to impose sign marriages. ewan ko rin, nagkakataon lng na virgo sila lahat... plus mangilan-ngilan na scorpio.

boysen 21 FEU 8

today, i skipped class to watch our friends' basketball game. nakooo matouch naman kayo :P

met up with dan and yeth this morning at fcm, ang aga aga magpa-call time ni kuya dan. sure na sure syang maliligaw kami. well hindi naman. madali lang pala puntahan yung san andres gym na yun. hahahahahaha

yung laban. nakow, puro laughtrip lang. :D plus pogi points kay brian dahil sa bonggang 3pt shot nya. plus plus pogi points kay kuya santos 12 (12 ba?), dahil ang swabe nya maglaro. ano nangyari kay eulfred? di nabuo araw ko dahil dun a. :\ piso pisong pustahan pa naman kaming talto, haha.

ayos din si kuya boysen 21. ang loser ng jersey nila dahil walang surname na nakalagay. plus loser points dahil may nakalagay pang "basketball" sa harap ng jersey nila. ano yuuuun??? wtf pare. aonga pala, da best sya dahil astig sya. kalbo, negro, at mukang import. hahaha

oyan! :D

madami pang nakakatawang nangyari...hehe wag na lang.

after the game...
sm manila.
harry potter 6 at laaaast! woooooh. natunaw lang ako kay harry potter. at mejo ang taas lang ng BP ko dahil mukang horror potter yung film. kashit.

k, goodnight. di ako naka-siesta e antok na ko. :)

dami mong alam

if i weren't blogging too much, you wouldn't know anything about me, would you?

random memory

i was tracing my stats and landed on my december 2006 archive (because someone went there, may nag-aarchive hopping kasi dito sa blog ko e hahaha hello to you!)... edi i reread all my stuff.

so according to this, 3 years ago palang, i've already considered a future in CS. bat parang hindi ko alam? whenever people ask me, "Why CS?" ang sagot ko lang, "di ko rin alam, gusto ko lang ng malapit na school."

oh yeah, dec2006 was all about christmas and my NF (new freshman) crush.

the random memory goes down there

PE1. we were asked to measure our seatmate's (or whoever is near) pulse rate. i panicked, cos i was seated beside my crush and he's already talking about it. weeeell, lam nyo naman, every time he's around i get a towering heart rate. and when is that??? 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. we freakin have the same schedule. we live in the same neighborhood here at QC. and our student numbers are 40 units away. uhh, whatever. i was stalking him, wtf.

anyway, la ko nagawa. when i handed out my results to my teacher, she was laughing at me. apparently, i got the highest pulse rate in the class. crap.

reputation to protect

tell me what did you expect?
have you got not self-respect?
reputation to protect
soon you'll be a nervous wreck

friend of mine - lily allen

just a requote. her album is playing in an infinite loop in my head.

crap. i'm doing our c++ finals. one of the rare times i do something productive with school (but i'm sure, i'll be cramming this yet again the night before it's due).... uhh, pero break muna cos i don't know the right concepts to use yet. have to scout for tutorials. i realized i can actually learn without going to school, the amount of resources available online is overflowing. for an internet potato, there's no excuse to be completely dumb.


cos seriously, I DO. no matter how much she sucks in picking out her subordinates, i always find a way to forgive her. like the roadworks.

guess her SONA is still running right now, but during the short while i listened to her i realized that she's done so much already. i appreciate her efforts now more than ever.

"if you want to become President, just do it...blah blah blah, and don't say bad words in public."


she's also right about her point on helping the "masisipag na Pilipino". it's good to have a distinction right there, not all the Filipinos can be helped. at least you know what you should become to merit help from the government.

"good news to our people, bad news to our critics."

it's so cool of her to know and still not care how the opposition perceives her. after all, the opposition will always be there, no matter who becomes our excellency.

most entertaining SONA ever. and also the first ever SONA i wasn't required to watch because of school (but still watched anyway haha).

kickass speech (though i didn't finish), madam President.

midnight scan

it's no wonder why i'm still awake. :\

i just named this one "1 of 20" (at DA) to remind myself of the progress i'm making. haha crappy title, so much for being creative awake. anywaaaay, i'm still not sleepy! what to do? T__T

random thoughts right under the cut.

oh right. i'm looking forward to buying geeky dvd series tomorrow. chuck season 2 perhaps... and the one mika recommended, big bang theory. i've been missing out on my geeky side lately.

hmm, i came across a photo of adam sevani (moose of step up 2) while browsing awhile ago and damn, my feelings for him were revived! ♥ i remember seeing someone who looks like him at the manor superclub last time. yeaaah, i want to marry a nerd. or just someone who's smarter than i am. (not that i'm smart) that shouldn't be a problem, i'm dumb most of the time. :) hahaha

gaaawd, the issue with patrick sicat is getting worse (i guess?). his multiply account was cancelled and university jackass keeps on putting his content on and off the web (to teach him a lesson DAW). i dunno why, but it's starting to look like child's play to me. who is university jackass anyway? and to whom should patrick's apologies be delivered? hehe, irresponsible blogging really stirs up a bad crowd. cyberbullying, ftw. i pity the guy.

hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. i might have plans for the afternoon.

ohkaaaaay, it's actually getting frustrating that i don't get to study more about the arts. computer science is pretty cool too, and geeky haha --- but hey, i'm afraid i'll stray faaaaar from it someday... one way or another. it doesn't pay to JUST KNOW what you want to do.

when i get the time, i promise to experiment with illustrator and flash.
internet here is too slow to load tutorials. darn.

still not sleepy! wtf.

goose fraba

@ my dad did a system restore without my permission. all my upgrades went poof, gone. ~__~; no more yahoo emoticons. will reinstall next time. hmp.

@ mike. ang lakas mo, napa-unli mo ko. langya ka. :P first unli ko yan in 10 months. oha. maiyak ka naman tsong. pero la ka parin pagasa... :P ang joketime mo kasi! pakyu i don't hook up. umayos ka. :P

@ is in love with lily allen's album, "Alright, Still" the songs were so cool. so all this time, pop pala trip ko. hahaha

@ ooooooonga pala. yesterday, dapat HP6 with ate bubbles kaso mejo naligaw dapat ngayon...kaso umulan ng bongga. so next time na lang. awwww. :( bili na lang ako ng dvd, pajama party na lang kami.... next time. haha

@ weeeeeeh! UP won against ADMU. watda, bago yan a!

@ strawberry banana ice cream. i ♥ DQ

@ open na imax sa sm north! @__@; wala lang. kunyari nagulat ako, hahaha. not a movie person. :\

Ooooo deary me,
My little brother's in his bedroom smoking weed,
I tell him he should get up cos it's nearly half past three
He can't be bothered cos he's high on THC.
I ask him very nicely if he'd like a cup of tea,
I can't even see him cos the room is so smoky,
Don't understand how one can watch so much TV,
My baby brother Alfie how I wish that you could see.

alfie - lily allen

haha. fuck, why was i still able to understand THC?!?! it's kinda stuck in my brain...tetrahydrocannabinol fuck you. i hate organic chemistry. they make us synthesize drugs and drown us with ninhydrin (it dries up the brain). nostalgic ba?

but i like that song! hahaha

Tell me what did you expect?
Have you got no self respect?
Reputation to protect?
Soon you'll be a nervous wreck.

friend of mine - lily allen


my set of dream pens has arrived!!! yeheeeey! :) ahahaha, i just started a "Project STF (staedtler tripus fineliner)". will be out in a couple of months. haha career!

this is how google translator made my day.

translated 5 TIMES... as in, english to filipino, tapos i retranslated the translated text...tapos ganun ulit. bsta 5 times cos that's when the words became constant na.

and the core message still remained intact (mejo lang. or so i thought?). core lang, everything else was mistranslated. haha the construction killed me, but if you actually understood the seemingly indistinguishable block of text i pasted below, amen to you! you must really love me. hahaha

is excessive

I sometimes just want to cry because you think though, 'thinking' is the only thing I can do. I am trying to read, and you desperately, even to provide some valid yourself around thoughts.

I say i love you because I have to ensure that when I, my heart is overflowing with honesty and you realize I'm not in it for a joke. many times you've muttered the words to me mean so little because you are all but serious about them. or thinking?

I do not know what love is, but if my reasoning serves me right you can fix my second love. This usually takes a lot of months for me to recover more than an imaginary grief (a self-inflicted one), and that happens to me a lot cos i hardly (barely, rarely, well. .. Never) confess, so all the small things that break my hopeful fantasies.

hay. if only you knew.

when i read this, tawang tawa ako. at awang awa sa makakabasa neto. ang galing lang tlaga ng google translator.

*clap* *clap*

at ang galing ko lang din. leche, why do i have to make things harder for you? why can't i just say it? aaaah, e kasi takot ako e. kaw rin naman a.

may 5-degree translation pang nalalaman, pota.


** ooops, univ jackass hid the entry na pala. sorry, i don't have a copy of it. and even if i did, i prolly won't repost it. **

i was lucky enough to have read the pathetic entry before the equally pathetic writer deleted it. actually, the comments made everything worthwhile. haha buti na lang there's University Jackass. kudos for reposting.sengihnampakgigi

grabeeeee. major laughtrip for the day! gelakguling

he just got himself a free ticket to hell.
hala ka bro, patay ka....takbole

sa magiging ENG1 teacher mo.

ehem ehem

ok, so sabi nga nila...sanay sa hirap ang mga tga UP. true. gagapang para maka tres. totoo rin yan.
siguro, the contrary speaks for DLSU, though not entirely. masyado namang confined and mga pananaw natin sa mga schools.

haynako, pero di nyo ba alam na may panget na complex na nabubuo kapag masyado kang nasanay sa hirap? andun na, SANAY. masasanay ka talaga! as in! you'll feel complacent cos that's what you're trained to endure. kaya hindi rin yumayaman lahat ng tga UP e. panget din yung sanay sa hirap, baka tamarin ka ng umusad.

//start segway

isipin mo na lang, takot maghirap ang isang mayaman kasi alam nyang mamamatay sya ng walang pera so hindi sya papayag na maghirap dahil all or nothing ang lagay nya.

e sa sanay sa hirap na gustong yumaman? k fine, pag yumaman sya... edi ayos! kung hindi naman...ayos parin! e sanay naman na sya sa hirap e so what's there to lose? win-win pa nga e.

mas gusto ko pa yung mayaman kahit pano ipaglalaban nya talaga yung kayamanan nya. haha kahit anong mangyari di sya papayag maghirap kasi alam nyang di sya makakasurvive sa skwaters area. mas matinding driving force ang takot kaysa sa ambisyon. naranasan ko na yan.

yan ang sagot ko kung bakit ang mayaman nananatiling mayaman, at ang mahirap nananatiling mahirap.

yeah roight.


loooooook!!! yahoo emoticons on my entries finally! bwahahahahaha sengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigi

there are just some things (a lot pa nga e) you can't appreciate with dial-up. xpasti


can you see them???? sengihnampakgigi

finally updated my browsers. i have google chrome now and it seems faster than firefox! senyum

ay. it doesn't auto convert :) into senyum

i think i'm gonna die of second hand smoke.

the person beside me is blogging in notepad. oooops. echosera. haha

weh. 5:30 na pla. hahaha di ko napansin.
bye for now

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