please don't stop the music

with my saturday night soulmate, carla. haha we keep on saying the exact things! "overnight guy" ftw. great minds think party alike

kwento kwento kwento

## saturday morning - exam. yehey, 2 mistakes! :D
## saturday afternoon - decided not to go (again!) to the seminar my parents have been nagging me to attend. pumayag naman sila... :)
## saturday night - partied with my friends-- inez (who needs to move on), k.a. (master clubber) and carla (my soulmate for the night)... at the manor superclub, eastwood. (lazertag dpat kaso lugi 4 lng kami)

something more infuriating than funny: daniel (oha. nagpakilala ang maligno). wtf! he just sprout out of nowhere and "danced" with k.a... and for a good half-minute i just gaped at him like a stoned fish thinking, "what the fuck do you think you're doing with my friend?!?!?!" matindi pa dun sa nangangabayo sa timezone. watda.

i was looking at k.a., looking for signs that she needed some saving cos i badly want to snatch her out of that maniac's hands.... but well, she seems to be enjoying it naman so we just let them be. BWAHAHAHA

so after awhile, the guy left. amen! but he freakin came back and sprouted once more... this time behind me! ay wth sarap putulin ng kamay! so i drifted away from him, and my friends pulled me over...thank God. parang tanga kasi e. naka-juts ata yun grrr.

anyway, that's the worst case. :) i enjoyed everything else, sobra! after the party we drove back to k.a.'s condo at the fort.
ligo agad! then sleeeeeeep. :)

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