framed up

@ gaaawd, i hate frames. why can't we just skip with the html and work with something newer? and of all things, fraaaaames??? who uses them nowadays??? tell me! could've been easier with divs and style sheets. but whatever. html goes way back in highschool (that's 4 years ago for me, wtf). it's sucking up my entire youth.

the only thing i liked about the website thingy is the webserver our prof gave us! haha cool! :) it's new to me, so i find it cool. bwahahaha

@ sheeeesh. everyone's moving to TUMBLR now. blogger is so lonely. :( moving is a hassle, especially with a big archive.

@ i now ship arthur/merlin (bradley james, colin morgan respectively), from Merlin tv series. hot pair grabe. whew.

@ eh grabe naman. it's enough for me to know that people are alive. my friends' FFS purchases are flooding my facebook home page like crazy. LOL. can i screen that? seriously. how much my friends cost at FFS is the last thing i want to be updated with.

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