reputation to protect

tell me what did you expect?
have you got not self-respect?
reputation to protect
soon you'll be a nervous wreck

friend of mine - lily allen

just a requote. her album is playing in an infinite loop in my head.

crap. i'm doing our c++ finals. one of the rare times i do something productive with school (but i'm sure, i'll be cramming this yet again the night before it's due).... uhh, pero break muna cos i don't know the right concepts to use yet. have to scout for tutorials. i realized i can actually learn without going to school, the amount of resources available online is overflowing. for an internet potato, there's no excuse to be completely dumb.


cos seriously, I DO. no matter how much she sucks in picking out her subordinates, i always find a way to forgive her. like the roadworks.

guess her SONA is still running right now, but during the short while i listened to her i realized that she's done so much already. i appreciate her efforts now more than ever.

"if you want to become President, just do it...blah blah blah, and don't say bad words in public."


she's also right about her point on helping the "masisipag na Pilipino". it's good to have a distinction right there, not all the Filipinos can be helped. at least you know what you should become to merit help from the government.

"good news to our people, bad news to our critics."

it's so cool of her to know and still not care how the opposition perceives her. after all, the opposition will always be there, no matter who becomes our excellency.

most entertaining SONA ever. and also the first ever SONA i wasn't required to watch because of school (but still watched anyway haha).

kickass speech (though i didn't finish), madam President.

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