excessive power napping

maybe it's wrong to sleep too much in the afternoon, i'm finding it hard to sleep at night. -__-;

hey, new layout. plainer, as promised. almost no graphics involved hahaha. this isn't mine, i got it somewhere... (see bottom of this page). :) and heck, it was so hard trying to modify this thing according to my preference! really, if you are a blog designer, keep the navbar with only a few recognized primary widgets! grabe naman, super daming unsolicited gadgets, puro 3rd party pa! ang hirap alisin cos it's not on the page elements view, kelangan pang hanapin sa code. tapos walang date stamp?!?! watda! ang daming kelangan ayusin !#@*&(%^$#$@!$ oo, nahilo ako e. i had to go through hell for something this plain?! haha masochist. :) e gusto ko ng plain e! :D :D :D so, yay! but i fell in love with the simplicity of the layout so i guess it's worth it. haha

oi, this day was fun! :) after class, SMF with my classmates --- ewan ko lang, mga isang dosena yta kami, muka tuloy field trip. haha timezone lang naman. brian, sayang o. HAHAHA

ngayon ko nga lang nalaman na may timezone na dun e. haha

come on, friday! :D :D

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