yun o!

illustrated by: me
colored by: kevin

aww shocks, buti na lang kinulayan ni kevin! ngayon ko lang naappreciate! crush ko na nga yang ballerguy na yan e. tsktsk

sori sa kamay a. i did my best to hide it HAHA di pa proportion. turo nyo kung ano ung mali! pag nakuha mo...

wala lng.

confirmed. k, i die now.

2nd...3rd... i dunno. maybe 2nd. i didn't really die the last time it happened cos i was too jealous than heartbroken. and too quiet for my own good. something ironic for my sign. weh. astrology is cool eh.

eto, by observation tlga.

scorpio ♥ virgo

most of the time, yeah?
or not. who knows, really. i'm not in the right position to impose sign marriages. ewan ko rin, nagkakataon lng na virgo sila lahat... plus mangilan-ngilan na scorpio.

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