my favorite project

uuuuui! :D saw this one lurking in one of my folders! :D haven't shared this one here yet... :)

this is probably the only project i enjoyed making out of all the projects i had in LB. bwahaha shempre! :D hati kami sa credits ng partner kong magaling, si sherwin! :D it pays to have a fellow artist as a parter diba? :) muka raw kaming mag-jowang maga-anniv sa aming project. hahaha weh why not. we're so vain, and creative. :)

lightbox pala yan. you're supposed to put a candle inside and let it sit in the dark. unfortunately, inulan ang aming makulay na project kaya ganito na lang nung nailawan. :(

aww. pero bongga parin yan. . >:D

after class, nadine treated us to karate kid smf! wahaha thanks for the libre dude! :D :D :D

may naalala ako!

kindred spirits! :)

got it from inez's cousin.
grabe it was a very romantic thought.

yun yung matagal ko nang finifigure out.

it's enough to know who your soulmate is, you don't really have to involve yourselves romantically diba.

depends daw. pero bakit ganoooon?!?!

kulit o. bakit kasi ako tinatanong nyo e bobo ako dyan.

pwe. excuses excuses.

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