midnight scan

it's no wonder why i'm still awake. :\

i just named this one "1 of 20" (at DA) to remind myself of the progress i'm making. haha crappy title, so much for being creative awake. anywaaaay, i'm still not sleepy! what to do? T__T

random thoughts right under the cut.

oh right. i'm looking forward to buying geeky dvd series tomorrow. chuck season 2 perhaps... and the one mika recommended, big bang theory. i've been missing out on my geeky side lately.

hmm, i came across a photo of adam sevani (moose of step up 2) while browsing awhile ago and damn, my feelings for him were revived! ♥ i remember seeing someone who looks like him at the manor superclub last time. yeaaah, i want to marry a nerd. or just someone who's smarter than i am. (not that i'm smart) that shouldn't be a problem, i'm dumb most of the time. :) hahaha

gaaawd, the issue with patrick sicat is getting worse (i guess?). his multiply account was cancelled and university jackass keeps on putting his content on and off the web (to teach him a lesson DAW). i dunno why, but it's starting to look like child's play to me. who is university jackass anyway? and to whom should patrick's apologies be delivered? hehe, irresponsible blogging really stirs up a bad crowd. cyberbullying, ftw. i pity the guy.

hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. i might have plans for the afternoon.

ohkaaaaay, it's actually getting frustrating that i don't get to study more about the arts. computer science is pretty cool too, and geeky haha --- but hey, i'm afraid i'll stray faaaaar from it someday... one way or another. it doesn't pay to JUST KNOW what you want to do.

when i get the time, i promise to experiment with illustrator and flash.
internet here is too slow to load tutorials. darn.

still not sleepy! wtf.

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