random memory

i was tracing my stats and landed on my december 2006 archive (because someone went there, may nag-aarchive hopping kasi dito sa blog ko e hahaha hello to you!)... edi i reread all my stuff.

so according to this, 3 years ago palang, i've already considered a future in CS. bat parang hindi ko alam? whenever people ask me, "Why CS?" ang sagot ko lang, "di ko rin alam, gusto ko lang ng malapit na school."

oh yeah, dec2006 was all about christmas and my NF (new freshman) crush.

the random memory goes down there

PE1. we were asked to measure our seatmate's (or whoever is near) pulse rate. i panicked, cos i was seated beside my crush and he's already talking about it. weeeell, lam nyo naman, every time he's around i get a towering heart rate. and when is that??? 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. we freakin have the same schedule. we live in the same neighborhood here at QC. and our student numbers are 40 units away. uhh, whatever. i was stalking him, wtf.

anyway, la ko nagawa. when i handed out my results to my teacher, she was laughing at me. apparently, i got the highest pulse rate in the class. crap.

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