3rd entry for the day!

## - the manner by which you found your way to my birthday in my planner says a lot. weh. kanino ba tlga tinitingnan mo? sorry, di ko pa nauupdate planner ko e. hahaha :) you even checked back o. don't worry, i didn't draw frilly borders and hearts over his date. bwahaha gusto mo? ano ba tlga gusto mo malaman? i won't hold back. :) hahahahaha it was fun observing you.

## - what's with the number? seriously, nothing! the way you reacted to it was so funny, i could almost read your mind. don't fret too much, if you think we think it has something to do with him, you're right. but we make you think that way for fun, and to hopefully get something out of you. in truth, we know it has nothing to do with him. obvious naman e. you're email address was made eons before you met him. i take context clues kasi. haha

## - i know you were smarter than that. with your level of intellect, confused with mainstream youth complexes --- na i know you will grow out of in time, i applaud you for finally getting into your senses. :) you look sooooo smart pa naman, don't disappoint me.

## - what?! you've discovered a pattern in my online habits kaagad?!?! nako, adjust stealth settings na talaga to. either busy forever, or invi forever. take your pick! i won't talk to you either way! you dump a lot of workload on me.

## - even if you don't say anything, i know what you're thinking. it will hurt me if you ask me to help you with it, but i don't mind (and you wouldn't know). haha

## - haynakooo you're so confusing and hard to read. but seriously, if by chance we're on the same wave, don't hesitate. i won't disappoint you. :D

my dreams pens are coming this saturday! :)
blenz! tomorrow afternoon. :D
pksht, 3 pending seminars to attend. ayoko!!!


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