driving all the unsolicited traffic in

i'm not sure if it's because of the code or some retard website i plugged this blog into (i can't remember!)...but! i'm getting super weird hits from across the globe. happened twice now. i remember yesteryesteryesterday i got 80+ hits, and i freaked out when i saw the counter, so i checked my stats and saw a whole junk of random countries and IP addresses.... all referred by the blogger navbar. ~_~; it's freaky cos they all landed here at the same time (3:something AM) ... or like every 2 seconds after 3:something AM.

and now it's happening again. hahaha, why not. just don't spam me.

anyway, why should i care. even if it's weird, it's still traffic. :)

things that excite me:
* tuesday! another blenz afternoon! :D (plus my net agenda)
* staedtler felt-tip pens. set of 20. kamooooown. -___-; terai sumweldo ka naaaaaa.
* next term? aaah, gusto ko magpakulay ng buhok e hahaha. :D

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