fresh from the scanner

pending: adidas

just that.

oh wait! i organized the navbar! :D i created a dropdown menu for the artworks and sorted them out by year. hahaha

next hack i want to use: yahoo emoticons on my entries! :D
aaaand, i also want to learn how to disable the date stamp on specific entries only.

oo, i want a .com but i don't know how it works or how much it would cost.
might as well make this look like one. :)

okaaay, i'll save that when i'm going pro na.
yun yon e! :D

blenz tomorrow is malabo. >___>; it's raining e. -__-;

me attending the meeting tomorrow is more malabo. simple lang, ayoko. -__-;
depends on the people i know who's going. but most likely not. hahahahaha

katamad ba.

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