can't sleep T_T;;

my siesta ran from 2pm to 7pm. turns out i already banked out all the sleep i can get for the day. darn. -__-;;
which is why i decided to just do something productive! oo! like the prog1 midterms! :)

I'M DOOOOOOONE!!!! yeheeeey
even though my friends already did it for

i don't mind, haha pamigay ko na lang sagot ko.
kung tama. :)

e kasi sa wakas, tapos na maginstall yung !@#$%^&^ visual c++ 2008 express edition. hehehe, hello world.

i super hate logic.
as in.
la ako nun e.

currently downloading a 22mb file!
a multi-chaptered adobe illustrator cs3 pdf tutorial.
watda. define dial-up patience.

pag ako hindi natuto (cos i suck at online tutorials)....

hehe, la ko magagawa. :\

magppa-tutor nlang ako kay kuya kevin.

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