one of the most striking pictures i've ever seen in my entire lifetime. naiyak ako e! sorinaman. T__T; kahit na nung una, akala ko yung matanda yung lalaki sa picture. BWAHAHA
photo taken by Nadav Dov Borctzki

awhile go, the atm ate my cash. ~_~ wtf.

kaya naman...i don't think i can join my friends at lazertag. ang sama pa ng panahon. gusto kong matulog magdamag kaso kelangan ko pa magaral. haaaaaaynakoooo.


matinding LSS. parang tanga. ~_~
fuck you, fuck you very very much
cos we hate what you do
and we hate your whole crew
so please don't stay in touch

fuck you, fuck you very very much
cos your words don't translate
and it's getting too late
so please doin't stay in touch

-chorus, Fuck You by Lilly Allen
onga pala.
my sister dropped her phone in the bus yesterday while commuting. today, someone called us saying he picked up her phone and is willing to give it back. baeeet! also learned that he was a former pastor! see? God watches my sister. amen.

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