the most frustrating leg of the yahoo purple hunt is the final one! :| yeaaah, i'm still trying to look for the location of that blasted honda jazz, somewhere in intramuros. 4 words. isang baluarte. the shit?! -___-;

anyway, i know i'll be able to get the answer eventually.
as for the other things that hit my nerve this day...

# - exam. i freakin didn't study for it because i worked on the project last night. hahaha, kala mo kung sinong masipag e, crammed naman --- false alarm pa! sabi ko na nga ba sa friday pa e. yung exam, uhm, mahirap! hahahahahaha we'll see. -_____-

# - for someone who likes stuff like that, napaka-ironic naman at sobrang sensitive mo. it's not even ironic, it's irrational. and fck! don't pull off shit like "that's what i hate about you guys! you don't understand! you're too judgmental!"... for the record, there's nothing we've ever said to you that you took lightly. chill lang pare. you're not yet too great to have the world against you. chillaaaaaaax! you always look like you could kill, seriously.

# - uggh. meeting..... nothing much. dahil sa meeting na to mag-isa kong umuwi. hmp.

# - maria de hesus ba yun? graaaabe, nakaka-asar sya umarte! pota ang landi landi landi nya. what the hell are the mexicans up to?!?!

# - i'm saving up for saturday! i seriously wanna be there for inez (high priority!) lazer tag comes in second! :) in my situation right now (lovelife as an undeclared variable), the best i could do to console a heartbroken friend is to be with her (better yet join her) when she wants to do something crazy. :P i miss BTS.

peraperapera where arth thoouuu????

PS: ang pangarap kong bolpen. masayang discount if i buy until end of august to this schoolmate of mine who can deliver the thing right at my doorstep.

sa kanya 670 ung set-of-20, sa NBS nasa 780 yun eeeh.
hahaha stabilo yung binili ko dati kasi 500 lang hahaha kaso malapit ko na silang mauboooos. as in, mawala...isa isa. -___-;

oh come ooooon, STAEDTLER TRIPLUS FINELINER. malakas ka pa sakin kaysa kay harry potter.

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