wanten ey em

@ earlier i got a pretty ridiculous LSS with Lily Allen's Fuck You. so ridiculous that i had to search for chords, and call up the band. oha. :\ i was planning on uploading the thing but thought it would be too cruel of me to punish the blogosphere with my voice imeem won't let me, and last.fm only accepts mp3s with a minimum play rate of 128kbps....so nevermind. maybe next time! so when i tell you to cover your ears, you should know what i mean. :D

lily allen is one of my favorite artists, ngayon ko lang ulit sya narinig! :) brings back memories.

@ i maaaaaaade another tamaraw head doodle, as requested --- with semi-bigger details and more relevant content. ewan, for the pin yata. haha puro mura at mga hinanakit kasi yung dati anobeyennnn. hmm,,,,, will not upload the thing because the scanner is 2 floors below (plus it's dark, raining and already 1:30am). katamad.

@ ay! my classmate gave me a microwaved CD. astiiiiiiiiiiiiiig. wala kaming microwave e. haha, sabi ko na nga ba e -- as long as it fits, it's microwaveable.

hmm...wala na kong antok e. pero sige na nga. goodnight. :)

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