because i hate taking responsibility

hehe. i actually didn't want to be part of this but duty takes over, what can i do...?? hahaha, i'm not a good leader, promise. i'm better off working alone so maybe, i'm better off with the technicals. edi yun! technicals. hehehehe ok lang ok lang. sige sige, bahala na. :)

yehey. done with the self-motivation! bwahahaha
it isn't too hard anyway.

eto lang mga major pet peeves ko:

1. i hate, suuuupppper hate, being woken (gm?) up during a sound sound sleep. my mom does this everytime and sucks because i can't throw tantrums at her for spoiling my sleep. it's my reward dammiiiiit!!

2. i also super hate being interrupted when i'm playing on the computer.

3. here's what's currently happening now: i hate being ROBBED of my siesta time. in these time intervals, you shouldn't bother me: 11:30am-1pm (tues,thurs); 11:30am-2:30pm and 4-7:30pm (wed,fri) BECAUSE IT'S THE ONLY TIME I CAN SLEEP WELL.

if you're not aware, I AM AN INSOMNIAC. i don't do well during daytime that's why i get super cranky...sleeping during classes and actually dozing off on lectures. it's the reason why i'm the dumbest student in the university. it's not just a bad habit, it's my lifestyle now.

however, if you're still awake you can go rock my socks weekdays at 8pm-1am. never at 2am-7am though, i'm most probably wetting my sheets already.

that's my sched. oh i don't need respect. i'm probably just pissed off that i'm not getting my most important powernaps during the afternoon... when it's soooo nice to sleep.


don't ask me about my birthday plans

it's still a good 2 months away from now, more or less, and i'm not going to have a mega celebration. i opted for a laptop intstead. :) and i've got my eyes on this good ol Lenovo G410. why Lenovo? what's Lenovo? to those who are new to the brand name, it's a actually from IBM. just like how Compaq is from HP. stuff like that. i know for a fact that IBM's are have really sturdy casings so i went for a subtype of it. and it's really cheap! 28,500. but it doesn't have an OS hahaha, but i could save for that, i mean, i'll let my parents pay for the unit and i'll shoulder the OS. hahaha, eh i want an original vista basic, so mga err... 4-5k. watdahek. then i'll bombard it with fake programs next for all i care.

what i like about it...
- it isn't too big and heavy like thecompaq c700 we last bought which isn't designed for portable use. and i want portability of my gadgets hehehe
- it's looks really simple! ayun, ayoko ng bongga eh. and i feel like the interface of vista won't suit it pero hehe, ewan ko... hehe who knows. :)

excited na ko. gusto ko talaga ng laptop.

wait lang! kaya ayoko rin magdebut kasi... WALA NAMANG NANINIWALA NA MAGE-18 PA LANG AKO EEEH!!!! oo na, ako na ang mukang matanda. haha nakakabwiset kayo. pero may hindi kayo alam... mabilis lang magmature mukha ko pero pag nag18 na ko, magf-freeze na yun! :) looking young na ko forever! bwahaha. beat that.

hehe may sakit pala ko. sa sobrang kain ng sweets, sumakit nanaman lalamunan ko, kaya eto nilalagnat. hehe

actually sanay na ko. automatic na kasi na pag sumakit lalamunan ko, lagnat na agad ang kasunod. haaaay

ang sarap sarap matulog pag may sakit.
ang dami ko tuloy absent. >___>;

what the heck.

among the 500 more or less entries i've made between appril 07 to 08, selecting my 5 best entries to represent this blog at the PBA 2008 WAS TOUGH.

for various reasons:

a) i didn't think i could possibly rank my entries. well, i could... they go through this scale of boring, more boring and most boring + annoying.
b) almost all of them, including this, are full of grammatical errors... which i know would give me lots of demerits from the panel. conscious, aye? i should be. people are reading and i haven't fixed my demented grammar.
c) honestly, i didn't know what to pick. it was hard, though i only did the selecting in less than 30 minutes because i have things to do and today is already the deadline and i didn't want to lose the nomination even though i'm the one who nominated myself. oops. hehehe

well, those could barely be called reasons but, hey, what the heeeeeckkk!

i'm seeing him more often now. though when i saw him awhile ago and saw that he looked like crap, i wanted to ask him what happened (well, i'm kind of a stalker, i already knew. but just for formality... hehe i'd go ask) and just say go get a rest or something but i didn't...we just passed each other by anyway.

but after that i contemplated on the feeling (of crush and bit more) and asked myself if i still like him even in his crappiest form. this is what everybody is asking from their potential-slash-delusional-future-partners in life, ACCEPTANCE.

to love is not just to love someone in his best form. i've always known that.
how come i'm being judgmental?

and so what have i to say with that? is this feeling only temporary and conditional?
i'm afraid not. because, damn, i accept him in whatever form he takes. thing is, acceptance doesn't always equate to love. so i'm not sure. i don't even want to mention it because i hate sounding cheesy and so teenbopper theymakemewannapuke.

wooot. artwork due tomorrow. i have to work on it now.
hehe bye. :)

yet again

oha. my tears worked, hehe my parents promised me my own laptop on my 18th birthday. we had a little argument last last night but it was cool because we're all okay afterwards. i mean, me and my sister finally made-up. i kind of quit hating her then she kind of quit hating me as well. haha, i even sabotaged the internet connection before that so she would kill me for it but whatever. she's learning! she fixed it alone! haha, next time i should remind myself to put more internet hassles for her when she's up for a research. yeah, btch. >___>;
anyway. it's really cool, one of the rare times i cried really bad because of guilt. hahaha, you know, i hate myself sometimes for not acting mature enough to cover up for my supposed-to-be more mature older sister. that's what mom's been yelling me at, i should always be of cover to her shortcomings. okok, reliving things like this is not a good idea. i know. haha
but you know, i never said sorry to anyone. i just let my tears work. it was hardest to apologize to my dad because he was all pumped up during the argument that he lost control. really, it was bad. but what's cool is that i knew he'd forgive me no matter what. it was damn hard for me to follow him in the other room to apologize, but i did. only i didn't say sorry, instead i walked in the room, jumped him on the bed and just wailed, crying on his back. must've looked silly but i'd do anything to save my pride. that's just how bad i am about 'sorry' issues. doesn't mean i didn't apologize either, did i?
but you see. we're all cool now.
in fact i believe i should still be sleeping right now.
turn-off points update:
i think i'm doing good with harboring enough turn-off points to push him away. and i got a sort of signal that my assumptions were all wrong so i'm happy. :)

white and nerdy

i badly want my OWN laptop. my one heck of a sister won't let my hands on OUR (supposedly) laptop. which brought me to decide that she can fuck with it all she wants, i won't be borrowing it from her anymore (she'll reject me anyway)... i'll be saving for my OWN laptop. i've already calculated the amount of time it'll take me to raise around 30,000. 8 months, taking into consideration everything that will mean no allowance for me like the sembreak, christmas break, holy week and other uncontrolled factors. yeah. and you know, it sucks because i've been meaning to save for a digicam and a travel gear and some decent rubbershoes... but the need for a laptop is becoming unbearable and also irrational, if you come to think of it. but i am one of the most materialistic people in the world. i shouldn't care, per ce.

it's hard to save for your pleasures and your future at the same time without living the present in poverty. haaaay.

and my mom is mad at me for being so distant with my sister.
honestly, I DON'T CARE.

in this one week that i haven't spoken anything sisterly to her... i realize it doesn't bear much difference having her close by. i could happily take ourselves as two mutually exclusive universes, regardless of our only intersection ---- blood.

and it doesn't pain me at all, not to have her around. not that i wish she were dead but what i mean is that, i don't get that much from her anyway so i think... i could live without her.

the drama:
she was never like an older sister to me. and i hate it because i want to have someone to take care of me, for once. oh right! i'm supposed to understand that she's undergoing hell through her thesis. yes, yes, right... and she can trade everything for that fucking peice of research.

and because it's finally taking its toll on me, i want nothing to do with it anymore. i'll continue shutting myself off to her. well, except that i'll still be texting her some totally uncool and sarcastic updates... but nothing sweeter of the sort. just some words like 'bye', when i'm finally going home. just to let her know. because that's what mom's been nagging about since i came home.

and another thing.
our apartment seems more homey than this house.

and i'm scared because that's not how it should be. :(

normally, i should be excited to go home every week but happens now is that it has become a tedious chore for me to go home during fridays (or saturdays).

oh right, i hate my sister. :)

cool lang daw

oo nga dapat cool lang daw.
grabe, ang cool cool ko nga eh.

di pa ko nag-aaral.
mamayang 7 na ang exam.
time check: 1:20pm

kaya pa?

oo naman!

aabsent lang naman ako sa physics, bahala na si july quiz ko. pare, salamat! i owe you a lot... kaw lang nahihingian ko ng mga ganitong pabor. haha :)

nakuuuuu... kailangan ko magsaya ngayong gabi! :D

anything to help me sober up

i think i drank too much last night. :) i apologize for being such a pain in the ass to my roomates who carefully escorted me from the square to my room. see, i still remember! the thing is, i'm not sure if i WAS really drunk. i mean, doesn't the fact that i remember things makes being drunk null and void? or is it something along the lines of aware-but-not-in-control thing? oh, i'll take the latter.

i know, i know. i was tipsy. i felt that. i felt my head go super light, my perspective moving round and round and damn was it nice.

to tell you honestly, it was my first time to feel that way... to feel almost drunk and in denial. and again, it was nice.

it's exactly the kind of feeling problematic people seek. and it's just about the best thing i felt in this whole week. i laughed a lot. and i realized that even though you can get a few good laughs for free, the best laughs always comes with a drink or two.

i don't want to sound like i'm morphing into an alcoholic but man, i appreciate alcohol now... more than ever.

and you know what?
i threw up a couple of times at home and i couldn't sleep and it sucks (in a good way) because i am aware of what's happening, of what i'm doing, yet i seem out of control.

but you see, me being out of control isn't really the 'out-of-control' thing you'd expect from other people, i'm not violent, i guess i'm talkative but my being out-of-control was tolerable. at least during that time i think i am kind of tolerable. i'm not a hardcore drinker after all, and you cannot subject me into haing wild tendencies. ;)

and i have a fckdmt math midterms the day after and i have another freakin exam the day after that.

i can't explain how i felt last night anymore, but i don't regret what happened. :)

and noooow?
i just came back from our midterms, it was so-so... i am expecting a passing grade. well, i know i will pass. hopefuly, i mean... i wasn't able to get more than 2 hours of review! wtf! :|

and tomorrow will probably be the crappiest day of my life.
you got my next exam to blame for that.

secondhand serenade

lol. emo!
i hate the word. it sounds cheap. i'm gravely sorry but the word emo, doesn't appeal to me that much. it seems overrated, overused, abused... yeah, mainstream, for a lack of a gentler term. -___-;

i just got back from lb square with itchel, i had to convince her to go with me because she didn't want to eat dinner, and i wanted to drink but what the hell is one company? and someone who doesn't drink, on top of that? but good grace, i enjoyed this night. :) after our blasted laboratory exam, i already planned that tonight i'll be having a glass of beer to quench my crave.

and it did yeah, though i kind of have to budget even this stupid drinking allowance because i'm living in poverty for the whole semester. i couldn't even lay my good ol hands on a redhorse, or something harsher, something...

well, i need something that kicks hard, aside from failing grades and the stupid reality in general.

i'm not drunk. well, i was never.

ok for the most part, i liked this day because i got to laugh a lot... during lab and after the exam. it waaaas nice. :)

haha, oh... here is my only major grievance about the org. i don't seem to find enough people whom i can just party and drink with... WITHOUT all the bullshit acads. oh come on, i'm not up for a study group. but give me a break, i need REAAAAL friends. who party.

another org perhaps?
gosh, that's like trailing off of my league because i'm reserving varsity for next sem and i can't probably divide myself into fractions with all the load. :)
but for once, i want to do something i'm inclined to! swimming! drawing! menial sidelines that mean a lot... oh damn it. i don't belong here in the first place.

back to the title: i got a few songs from SHS and they were nice... they're very emotional... emoooo. hehe

btw, it's the second time this sem that i encountered something i could trade a passing grade with RIGHT before the exam. on a note, that's quite phenomenal, to actually be THAT shallow to trade a passing grade with something that doesn't amount to any ordinal value... but you see, i was too happy while taking the exam awhile ago that i didn't care of the right answers.

last time it happened (rather, the first), i DID fail that exam. but because i was toooo happy to care, i let it pass. now it's up for the second time.

strike two.

let's evaluate:
i contradict mysef by dicussing too much acad stuff in this blog (and i did say i'm not a very acad-conscious person nor someone who dwells on her scholastic performance too much). i am, afterall, trying to build a better study habit... without sounding too nerdy and grade-conscious and all those stupid crappy things i see with my batchmates.


following the standards of today's harsh 'norms'; no one should be able to get this entry. at least not up to this statement.

i feel awful

i feel bad
i feel ugly
i feel dark
i feel unworthy
i feel like crap

i actually hate that i'm starting to turn emo with this stupid entry but i want to let it out.

not that it's of any help but at least, IT'S OUT. though i'm not someone who would let bad things out COMPLETELY in the public. at least i'll leave you with a vague gist.

it's depressing.
i want to be admired too.
but with these people around me, i'll only end up looking like trash.

i want to hide.


and no, you can't help me with this.

gusto ko uminom kasama ang isang panget.

nothing better to do

on retrospect, i have studied relatively more seriously for my exams this semester than what i did last sem. if ever that makes sense, i should've gotten at least a couple of nice passing grades. but you see, studying doesn't always makes sense. at least to me...

out of the 6 exams i took this month, i passed only 4. hehe, with my standards, that's already good enough. i never used to pass any exam at all. with or without studying. hahahaha, and the two i failed were near the passing grade so i'm totally fine (rocked out) with that.

finally! i'm passing my exams! :| though i shouldn't be entirely happy about it.
you know, i skipped my favorite class to WORK on a caricature due on that day. i forgot about it, good thing my client texted me. i'm fine with it, actually... that i get to 'sacrifice' something for 'work'. but man, this would gradually turn uncool if i go skip important classes next time.

but i won't. promise.
i got only a few orders right now, but i'm not rushing into it because i have exams next week. 2 chems and the math midterm.

uplb tornado, anyone?

oh, i don't think i've mentioned about the tornado here in los banos, have i?
it happened last august 14, that's a thursday. it occured around 4pm. we're supposed to have our physics lab that time but the electricity went off, then people are suddenly screaming and running outside. i didn't know what's up so i followed my classmates downstairs to join the throng of people outside, raising their cam phones and video cams for something that seemed phenomenal.

then there's the brewing tornado -err, it's already around 90% brewed-, the first i've seen in my whole life. i didn't even know it could exist, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES. it was exceptional.

but of course, since this is not a natural occurence in a typically tropical archipelago, we were all, "WHOA! COOL! ASTIG! MAY TORNADO SA ELBI! WAHAHAHA"

aren't we supposed to run for our lives?

key word. supposed to.
but the elbi culture is dominantly thrashing that SOP away.

i got 2 pics of it in my phone (i was lucky i captured it before my phone ran out of bat) but i have no means yet to upload it here. to follow na lang...

however, you can get your pick of the various video covers HERE. there are lots. see how fascinated we are? you don't usally get fascinated with lethargic phenomenons.

that's us, for you. :)


i saw this from a friend's profile

grabe naman o! joketime lang ata to eh... ROFLMAO productions ba naman eh. hahahah :) anyway, so much for the excitement diba... nakaka-asar naman!

more more more!

bagsak ako sa first chem32 lecture exam namin... by 3 points. depressing grabe, nag-aral ako e! alam mo yuuun? define gets ko! e ganon talaga... hahaha

bagsak din pala ako sa stat1 midterms. grabe naman o! hindi nga ako nahirapan eh! pero lagapak parin... pero ok lang din... pasado parin naman standing ko. pero whatever diba? kung san madali dun ako bagsak!

eto, pumasa ako sa lab exam sa physics! well, eto di ko inexpect. hayop naman kasi magpa-exam si sir! ang hiraaaap! pero di nga... masaya naman. hahaha pero di ba, winaldas ko na yung chances ko sa exam na yun eh... imagine, tatlong oras akong nilulumot sa upuan sa kasasagot ng mga bagay na di naman ako sigurado... akala ko talaga bagsak na ko... but no. hehehehe
buti na lang diba... :)

onga pala. may hurricane kanina dito! as in! ang cool nga eh.
nag-brownout then nagkamini stampede... labasan lahat ng mga estudyante para mawitness ang kakaibang phenomenon na nangyayari sa likod ng physci... i was able to get 2 lucky shots before my phone ran out of bat. hahahaha

tapos peste. nawala ko yung payong kong red! yung almost favorite payong ko! naiwan ko yata habang tumatakbo... whatever diba. eh ang lakas ng ulan after nun... haha :\

wait lang. wala akong karapatang magsaya.
may exam pa ko bukas! :)

promote ko lang ang aking paboritong kape sa ngayon: JIM's 7in1 coffee mix! mahal pero masarap sya... nakaka-adik. hehehe :) mga 150 yata per 12 sachets eh. hehehehe

err, you know me. :)

something i don't quite understand

seriously. i could only imagine myself being WED to this one guy. this is ridiculous i know, were not even close but i can totally picture US together... as partners, with kids! this is freaking me out. :) he's unique! we click! though i haven't proved those yet but he's up to par with my weirdness and because of that i want to know him more! hahaha, yeah, like 'will you marry meeeee?????' crap. it's really rare, you know, me discovering him. that's rare. it's hard to find people like him. :) he's different from my major crushes, he's not even considered a 'major' one even though i kind of indirectly announced that i'm going to marry him someday.

but it's cute, if not downright assuming and silly. but that's life. at least being an old spinster is out of my league. at least the thought of being one... for now.

though if i don't get to that stage of having enough magnetism to attract 'love', the idea of being single forever doesn't scare me big time... given that i'm single, AND RICH.

but still. :)
i got a super duper bad headache right now that i'm not attending our GA. i'm sorry, gosh, i have orders to deliver. >___>;; sorry.

i think i broke my housemate's laptop. when i start the computer, it says "NTLDR is missing... press ctrl+alt+del to restart". and when i do so, it goes back to that stupid line. the only cause that i could think of is a VIRUS.

what else? i'm a virus goddess after all. i've crashed 2 PCs and a laptop before, and now it's up to 2 PCs and 2 laptops. i'm terribly sorry for being so careless when it comes to games. but i have a solution now, thank God. i need her boot disk. :)

i'm tired. super tired.

hey, i had a really good dream... i dreamt of receiving flowers from a secret admirer. and the delivery guy was someone from SELES. actually the flowers are from SELES, i mean.. there's a tag there that mentioned the name. but whatever. the feeling was nice. i almost thought it was real... :)

until i woke up with a torturing headache. :(

really now, good dreams are followed by harsh realities.

because i thought we're losing you

maybe i just missed you too much.

sorry for being selfish. :)
i want you to be happy, so here's your freedom. :)

just don't waste yourself please.
and if ever that happens, just come home. :)
we'll be here waiting.

i believe i did something wrong last night. :(

i have an exam in 4 or so hours. haha, i don't even think i'm prepared enough! bwahahahaha

e pano ba yan... poverty mode nanaman ako this week!
tuna forever! :(

feeling ko talaga nagmumuka na kong lata sa kakatipid... haynaku. >____>

the right kind of pressure, realizations and more

i just came back from a short round trip to qc! i ditched our physics lecture awhile ago to leave early for mika's despedida :) i missed her sooo much and she's leaving for sanfo this monday for her JTA :) :) :)

before heading to their house i dropped by megamall first to buy the set of staedtler pens i promised myself but they were out of stock at nat'l bookstore so i just bought a set of metallic pens and 2 drawing pens instead.

but then i felt sorely incomplete leaving the place without having those dream pens with me so i transferred to shang plaza to see if their NBS has them.

sadly they don't.
but instead, the saleslady recommended stabillo bos pens to me, and i found they're just the same! so i bought that set instead and was equally happy. so i strolled more... it's one of the rare times i get to shang anyway. and i appreciated the exclusivity of it, especially the live pianoforte music playing at the lobby. it was a great stroll even though the stalls are not within my price range... hehe oh and i got to discover starbuck's smoking area at the top floor. i never thought there was an open space in the mall... i liked it. :) and for the first time this sem, starbucks at last! i've been holding my money back for too long... especially on things like this. hehe

here goes quite a realization. while i was walking around, i couldn't help but feel out of place... like i'm not wearing enough designer labels to fit in. actually, i look decent enough for the place but still not good enough to look like a regular shang shopper. this is called insecurity.

but for the most part, while passing by super expensive boutiques i felt inspired to become rich one day. i marvelled on the thought and realized that this is the right kind of pressure. though people say we shouldn't let the pressure build up and break us down, i say we should let pressure in to drive us into something.

i mean, if you want to get rich, surround yourself with rich people.
if you want to get smart, surround yourself with smart people and you'll feel the pressure building up, something that tells you you have to be good enough for them. and to be able to do so... you go study. :)

hehe. not quite convincing but that's just one of my new ways of looking past the pressures of life. :)

then there's mika's despedida. :) ding was there and a lot more of her orgmates and blocmates. :) it was fun, well, because i got to see her! :) hehehehehe

then i left at around 9pm and boarded the provincial bus back to losbanos at 930. :)

then i'm here. :)

ayoko naaaaaaaaa


feeling ko talaga in love na ko sa kanya. though hindi ako sure. haha, ayoko aminin eh... sa sarili ko.

and besides... i guess he's already taken.

i mean, this is crazy i know but i find it hard not to think about him...
kasi ganito yun... parang, ang daming nagpapa-alala sakin sa kanya... as if naman ang dami naming memories di ba? it started out as a crush which unfortunately hindi napalitan over the months... kaya ayun. what do i do.what do i do.




too many midgets in dark blue

i'm totally hating this feeling. no, not exacltly since half of me is actually looking forward to it... but the thing is, when i'm faced with a great probablity of it happening... i panic like a blind mouse. i.don'


help me rule the world. ;)

oh right, i'm not supposed to go home this weekend because i have major exams coming up the next week... but i am! just to see a friend before she leaves for sanfo. and i'm not even staying home... hehehe.

:) :) :) :) :)

hello, chuck

i am gravely fascinated with the american series, Chuck. i love it! i love how chuck looks all geeky even without thick glasses and braces. it's sooo cool.

after immersing myself in geekdom, next i find myself swooning over an almost naked Lucas Scott (one tree hill). extremes, yeah, from the highly technical crime series- Chuck to the complex highschool drama in One Tree Hill. i'm enjoying marathons, apparently... it's the only chance i get to keep in touch with the TV. hehe

i forgot that we have an exam tomorrow at math. well, i haven't studied.. how's thaaat.


before it kills me

i'll try to make this short (but i doubt). i do have a lot of things to say but because a headache's killing me i have to refrain from excessive thinking and probably resume to my Chuck marathon.

so here, my sister and i just came back from a church-mall escapade. it was hard on our part, with the dirty water seeping through our slippers... we just commuted actually. i couldn't quite miss going to church.

i'm a hypocrite of course, i intended to go the mall after. which is 'the' factor.

and because i'm evil, or because i didn't bring in my tithes in hopes of using the money to buy a set of staedtler pens, God punished me. or shall we say, for those who don't believe in him, Karma worked its rounds on me. i got a really bad headache now, right now, and it throbs in pain with every letter i type on the keyboard. now, how hard is that? me having to endure all this just to feed you an entry?

anyway. i thought the mall was going to console me with my dirty feet, a broken umbrella, and a very useless super absorbent jacket but no it didn't. i actually forgot that it's a SUNDAY and it's AUGUST 3. it's actually the last day of SM's 3-day mall wide sale. it's freakin suffocating inside, i regretted stepping foot on it. and you know, the set of staedtler pens i was hoping to purchase was out of stock according to a seemingly unreliable sales clerk of NBS. is there anyway to know if a sales lady is lying about their stocks? i think they're just too lazy to
attend to us. bitch.

i'm not in the mood anymore.

but i love Chuck.

so this is how it feels

to be happy with what you're doing even though you get very little money for it.
it's becoming more confusing for me now, doing things i should've pursued for the sake of my happiness just as a sideline and doing the less dramatic stuff in hopes of getting enormous monetary kickbacks in the future.

in the long run, people will always choose the path to happiness, and they hardly ever notice. and it's not even a choice, it's a gradual change of heart. sort of like a reaction that adjusts to stress to achieve exquilibrium. people will always feel most secure, jailed with their passions and money will never be a deciding factor.

for now, let me be practical and put happiness at second priority and money at the first slot. if only we could make both elements work in unison, that would be great. -___-; ehh, i know we could. i just don't how to make it work in my case. >____>;


i felt incredibly awkward at first pero buti na lang na-confirm ko na wala. haha, sayang ang friendship pare! :) let's stick to that.

grabe naman ako, hindi ako maka-get over sa kanya e last sem pa yun eh. nakakhiya naman. bwahahahaha. natataranta ako pag nakikita ko sya, lol. and just the mere thought na baka makasalubong ko sya, naloloka na ko, hindi ko alam ang gagawin.


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