the right kind of pressure, realizations and more

i just came back from a short round trip to qc! i ditched our physics lecture awhile ago to leave early for mika's despedida :) i missed her sooo much and she's leaving for sanfo this monday for her JTA :) :) :)

before heading to their house i dropped by megamall first to buy the set of staedtler pens i promised myself but they were out of stock at nat'l bookstore so i just bought a set of metallic pens and 2 drawing pens instead.

but then i felt sorely incomplete leaving the place without having those dream pens with me so i transferred to shang plaza to see if their NBS has them.

sadly they don't.
but instead, the saleslady recommended stabillo bos pens to me, and i found they're just the same! so i bought that set instead and was equally happy. so i strolled more... it's one of the rare times i get to shang anyway. and i appreciated the exclusivity of it, especially the live pianoforte music playing at the lobby. it was a great stroll even though the stalls are not within my price range... hehe oh and i got to discover starbuck's smoking area at the top floor. i never thought there was an open space in the mall... i liked it. :) and for the first time this sem, starbucks at last! i've been holding my money back for too long... especially on things like this. hehe

here goes quite a realization. while i was walking around, i couldn't help but feel out of place... like i'm not wearing enough designer labels to fit in. actually, i look decent enough for the place but still not good enough to look like a regular shang shopper. this is called insecurity.

but for the most part, while passing by super expensive boutiques i felt inspired to become rich one day. i marvelled on the thought and realized that this is the right kind of pressure. though people say we shouldn't let the pressure build up and break us down, i say we should let pressure in to drive us into something.

i mean, if you want to get rich, surround yourself with rich people.
if you want to get smart, surround yourself with smart people and you'll feel the pressure building up, something that tells you you have to be good enough for them. and to be able to do so... you go study. :)

hehe. not quite convincing but that's just one of my new ways of looking past the pressures of life. :)

then there's mika's despedida. :) ding was there and a lot more of her orgmates and blocmates. :) it was fun, well, because i got to see her! :) hehehehehe

then i left at around 9pm and boarded the provincial bus back to losbanos at 930. :)

then i'm here. :)

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